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Appeal Submission Guide

Discussion in 'Rules & Information' started by JuicedBananas, Jul 3, 2018.

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    Have you been banned from the Wynncraft server? Do you want to be able to play again? Do you not want to lose all the time you've put into playing this server, and all the friends you've made? Well worry not, because this guide will show you what to do to get unbanned!

    First off, please keep in mind that we only give one extra chance for players who have broken the rules. This means that, the first time you are banned, you can appeal and potentially be unbanned. However, if you get banned again, your appeal will most likely be denied. Therefore, you should be careful not to break the rules again!

    To create a ban appeal, go to the ban appeals section and click the "Create an appeal" button in the top right corner. This will give you a prompt in which you should enter the username of your banned account. Be sure to enter your full username, including any numbers.

    Ensure you spelled your full username correctly. If it still finds no bans, it is possible you already have an appeal posted for your ban, which will prevent you from posting another appeal. You can look for previous appeals by going to your forum profile, clicking the "Postings" tab, and clicking "Find all threads by Your Username" at the bottom. This will list all the threads you have posted, which will include any ban appeals. If you find your appeal here, check what the final message was.

    If it says the appeal was closed due to not being responded to, send the moderator who posted the message a conversation by clicking their username, going to the "Information" section of their profile, and clicking "Start a conversation" at the bottom. Ask them to re-open the appeal.

    If the deny message says to not continue to try to appeal, this means your appeal was denied and your ban is permanent. Do not try to appeal again in this case, your adventure is over.

    If your username is found, you will be presented with two boxes to enter text in.
    In the first box, you should explain why you did what you were banned for. In the second box, tell us why you think you deserve to be unbanned.

    Here are a few pieces of advice for writing your appeal, and what to expect:
    • Tell the truth about what you did. We do not ban players unless we are absolutely certain of what they have done. Trying to lie is the easiest way to get your appeal denied.
    • Take your time and make sure your appeal is properly thought out. You shouldn't be writing it in less than a minute.
    • Use correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation. If your appeal is easy to read it will be responded to faster.
    • Use English if you are able to. If you cannot speak English, use your native language and we will translate it.
    • Do not post about your appeal anywhere else on the forums, such as by making threads in other sections, or on the moderator's profile. If you are worried you are not being responded to, post a message on your appeal tagging the moderator.
    • Purchases from the Wynncraft store do not help you to be unbanned.
    • Chargeback bans aren't dealt with in the Ban Appeal section. For that, you must e-mail [email protected] and explain what happened along with the transaction ID.
    • Your Minecraft account is your responsibility, therefore, you are responsible for what was done with it, whether it was you or someone else using it.
    • If a staff member will not unban you, accept it. It's a game, and your life isn't over.
    • If a staff member tells you to stop trying to appeal, listen to them.
    • It can take up to two weeks for staff to respond to an appeal. This usually only happens if we're busy or if your appeal is complicated, most appeals receive a response within a few days.
    Here are some examples of ban appeals that are good, and some examples of ban appeals that are not very good. Please do not copy these, but you can use them as examples.

    Here is a good appeal:

    Here are some examples of appeals that probably won't get you unbanned.

    No mention of what you did:
    Too short:
    The fanboy/fangirl one:
    Blaming someone else:
    Getting mad or being rude:
    When your appeal is accepted, you will usually have to wait a few days before you are able to join the server again. This is an additional penalty for what you did to be banned and also gives you time to remove any hacks you might still have.

    That sums up what you must do ( and must not ) to get unbanned. If you see someone who has been banned, and doesn't know how to write an appeal, please send them here. We would appreciate it.

    I, and the rest of the Moderation Team, wish you luck with your appeal.
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