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Guide Announced Items As Wd Custom Items ( Updated To 1.19.6 )

Discussion in 'Wynncraft' started by Madkurre, Nov 18, 2019.

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    hello this thread lives once more. this time literally all the work was done by @Bart (MC) and @Druser and i waited for literally over a month for them to make a thread on their own while threatening to steal their work. now i did
    items are based off the official item team thread, third post.

    anyway here are all the announced 1.19.6 items as wynndata custom items
    dragon horned helmet: https://wynndata.tk/ci/700723347 now a quite nice raw-based damage pure fire helmet.
    pilot light: https://wynndata.tk/ci/420269441 nerfing hpr% to allow for a more balanced raw and % hpr. not the amazing buff it was hoping for, but it's still pilot light.
    eradian full helm: https://wynndata.tk/ci/774566709 respectable damages, although it might not matter much considering we tend to prefer extremes nowadays
    dragon hide plate: https://wynndata.tk/ci/413146107 THANK YOU for making this an actual, proper pure fire chestplate, with even some cool mana regen to boot. will get beaten by master's gi in a handful of levels, but really nice while it lasts.
    smoldering apron: https://wynndata.tk/ci/770119551 blessed change, now it's all about those spell damages baby
    white-hot leggings: https://wynndata.tk/ci/939090435 won't reach flummox power level, but looks like an interesting raw-based item for EWF.
    ardiente: https://wynndata.tk/ci/812737982 neat bit of poison, and the spell + fire damage is really good.
    sano's care: https://wynndata.tk/ci/696097587 like many other changes, just really deserved. it's still really awkward to use due to its gimmick not being very great, so maybe a bit f damage later on is deserved- still a really nice change.
    the stokers: https://wynndata.tk/ci/285214332 surprisingly spicy rework. i don't see people using it very quickly, but it should be really good for EFA.
    sizzling shawl: https://wynndata.tk/ci/846103452 req change is very deserved, the extra raw spell for the 300 max raw is a nice touch i guess.
    albacore: https://wynndata.tk/ci/477227151 now a WF item! quite like the design, it's pretty much a less extreme sizzling shawl, but the mana regen gives it that extra little oomph that i can see this being used occasionally.
    cranial panel: https://wynndata.tk/ci/690358481 really nice use of a merchant item for this kind of design. big fan.
    sunshower: https://wynndata.tk/ci/686673573 nooo killed a cool numbering gimmick it's a fine change, probably quite good at-level as well
    ophiuchus: https://wynndata.tk/ci/949581562 me when spell conversion still exists
    shell of genbu: https://wynndata.tk/ci/290605504 not sure why i'm hyped for a shell of genbu buff but here we are
    steamstone: https://wynndata.tk/ci/225564581 lol not a good item, it's basically like tophet except this didn't really get any kind of meaningful change, or anything to start off with
    curador boots: https://wynndata.tk/ci/122939064 pretty much as far as an item like this could go, looks really nice.
    scaldsteppers: https://wynndata.tk/ci/365620679 wow this item looks depressed as fuck
    centennial: https://wynndata.tk/ci/206892047 nice little buff, still would never be used at proper endgame but that's fine
    frenzied mockery: https://wynndata.tk/ci/803707645 deserved nerf, pretty much.
    flummox: https://wynndata.tk/ci/657945064 life steal nerf deserved although i'd like to see it even lower, other changes are small but i get them
    ex nihilo: https://wynndata.tk/ci/309432905 like three consecutive nerfs and still being really good just goes to show how amazing ex nihilo was.
    sparkling plate: https://wynndata.tk/ci/356289302 it hadn't even occurred to me how good the sustain on this was, nerf definitely deserved.
    third eye: https://wynndata.tk/ci/309606998 bless
    caesura: https://wynndata.tk/ci/892180045 Holy Moly (would've preferred the focus to lay a little more on spell % rather then elemental, but otherwise a really cool rework)
    speaker: https://wynndata.tk/ci/286059383 wow using speaker is actually going to be useful while leveling, ty!!
    seagazer: https://wynndata.tk/ci/429183432 this item is kinda wild and i like it, although the damages might be a little high
    moonbeam: https://wynndata.tk/ci/230494947 pretty neat.
    ornamental plate: https://wynndata.tk/ci/783701744 im cryigm thank you
    ley lines: https://wynndata.tk/ci/202744906 low level, probably really good at level, not particularly at endgame, cool though
    seipodon: https://wynndata.tk/ci/736150952 really don't think this buff was needed but sure
    condensation: https://wynndata.tk/ci/388047888 lol
    bubbline: https://wynndata.tk/ci/669340739 it's.. fine, you probably can't load a ton on a level 81 unique boots anyway
    ionosphere: https://wynndata.tk/ci/963974714 simple buff, although ionosphere is kind of that third place winner if you get me
    facedown: https://wynndata.tk/ci/359707565 hey this is pretty cool
    golden scarab: https://wynndata.tk/ci/690187547 worse beetle aegis for TWA, or something. dex req is still painful but it does deliver somewhat now
    thermosphere: https://wynndata.tk/ci/623393967 an.. interesting sp w/ damage chestplate.
    asphyxia: https://wynndata.tk/ci/832881794 relentless bullying from cinderchain and dark channeler has inspired asphyxia to become actually quite good
    fulmine belt: https://wynndata.tk/ci/817083698 barely endgame unique, isn't and probably shouldn't be very good
    updraft: https://wynndata.tk/ci/980042630 it's a bit drafty in here, must be the well-designed thunder air item being open again
    storm brewer: https://wynndata.tk/ci/306608252 thanks this is a really deserved buff
    sine: https://wynndata.tk/ci/879985214 genuinely disappointed this is the nerf we ended up with.
    soul signal: https://wynndata.tk/ci/906230500 you know how it goes, just casually catching up with the power creep
    deux: https://wynndata.tk/ci/504974086 deux! deux ms deux mr! love the change!
    resistance: https://wynndata.tk/ci/646644359 if it weren't for trench scourer, this would be incredible. now it's "just" a really useful item.
    myelin: https://wynndata.tk/ci/402522699 coming from the one person who used this here and there, amazing buff. health feels too low, though.
    neuron: https://wynndata.tk/ci/969650937 from awkward TW helmet to a fucking force, this is meta right here.
    info visor: https://wynndata.tk/ci/107363270 ah yes trapped between third and aquamarine, i do not see this getting used nor does it even really fill a niche
    polyphemus: https://wynndata.tk/ci/500340124 not sure it needed a nerf, to be honest. eh.
    logistics: https://wynndata.tk/ci/711895401 maybe it does something really interesting at-level with visionary's vice but really- this is not a good item.
    umbral mail: https://wynndata.tk/ci/546466481 it's pretty decent, might actually become the third wheel to anima-infused and medeis.
    galvanization: https://wynndata.tk/ci/717171280 me when lower level unique and dark channeler exists
    enduzskam: https://wynndata.tk/ci/530725026 read above except sine and probably both of the TW boots
    green helmet: https://wynndata.tk/ci/594009930 green helmet (green helmet)
    gaze of the snowbank: https://wynndata.tk/ci/378072885 i like the direction, but i feel like it could get this buff another time
    earthlink: https://wynndata.tk/ci/976030782 is still earthlink but people might use it at level now that it doesn't have an insane req anymore
    lichenwal: https://wynndata.tk/ci/261693720 looks quite nice now, especially for the level
    crater print: https://wynndata.tk/ci/646758354 two words: ex nihilo.
    brackwall: https://wynndata.tk/ci/660809039 neat buff.
    the rupturer: https://wynndata.tk/ci/678301814 sp with damage!!
    caterpillar: https://wynndata.tk/ci/598861937 really cool heavy poison
    heura: https://wynndata.tk/ci/319000117 wtf heura gets an actual use no way
    aquamarine: https://wynndata.tk/ci/701753663 yeah, that's fair.
    alkahest: https://wynndata.tk/ci/131760962 another awesome heavy poison item.
    anti-static: https://wynndata.tk/ci/187357854 so why didn't the thunder defense go up if it's anti-static hmm?
    molten flow: https://wynndata.tk/ci/200254110 interesting item, both being defensive
    argos: https://wynndata.tk/ci/450193215 looks fucking rad, probably useful as well
    conrupt: https://wynndata.tk/ci/416764076 yeah, sure
    crown of suzaku: https://wynndata.tk/ci/316536158 i love you so much
    bete noire: https://wynndata.tk/ci/693067672 lost a little coolness, but made up for it in being even better.
    delirium: https://wynndata.tk/ci/150757585 the fastest man alive
    sequencer: https://wynndata.tk/ci/149866588 cool item made even cooler
    latency: https://wynndata.tk/ci/419147126 pretty cool change, although the air defense might hurt latency more than it should.
    corruption seal: https://wynndata.tk/ci/374824334 pretty much conrupt on your feet
    brass leg plates: https://wynndata.tk/ci/388579614 stalactite so stalactite could go and do its own thing
    shawl of gaea: https://wynndata.tk/ci/532621540 deserved
    grillface: https://wynndata.tk/ci/248455099 deserved
    Guillotine: https://wynndata.tk/ci/489944839
    Phantasmagoria: https://wynndata.tk/ci/941577705
    Paradox: https://wynndata.tk/ci/748701665
    Ophiolite: https://wynndata.tk/ci/724245861
    Dragon Dance: https://wynndata.tk/ci/477823328
    (the above were processed by bart. the comments are also bart's as i straight-up copy-pasted their replies to the IM thread. the rest will be work done by druser)
    Nether's Scar https://wynndata.tk/ci/977398065
    Renda Langit https://wynndata.tk/ci/306253864
    Tisaun's Honour https://wynndata.tk/ci/920779793
    Tisaun's Valor https://wynndata.tk/ci/136392859
    Gale's Sight https://wynndata.tk/ci/837080270
    Ensa's Faith https://wynndata.tk/ci/925866853
    Cerid's Ingenuity https://wynndata.tk/ci/450858995
    Ohms' Rage https://wynndata.tk/ci/578609036
    Darkiron Aegis https://wynndata.tk/ci/816973231
    Cracklers https://wynndata.tk/ci/951437106
    Cinderchain https://wynndata.tk/ci/614989219
    Darksteel Full Helm https://wynndata.tk/ci/748986886
    Shaggy Boots https://wynndata.tk/ci/799180101 press F to pay respects
    Struggle https://wynndata.tk/ci/971879637
    Writhing Growth https://wynndata.tk/ci/947934500
    Blind Thrust https://wynndata.tk/ci/400425602
    Earth Breaker https://wynndata.tk/ci/153151458
    Freedom https://wynndata.tk/ci/218502426
    Collapse https://wynndata.tk/ci/816324107
    Fantasia https://wynndata.tk/ci/188295608
    Singularity https://wynndata.tk/ci/365532395
    Stratiformis https://wynndata.tk/ci/933280305
    Spring https://wynndata.tk/ci/348503583
    Divzer https://wynndata.tk/ci/118442384
    Ignis https://wynndata.tk/ci/516640995
    Grandmother https://wynndata.tk/ci/815466473
    Warp https://wynndata.tk/ci/535258219
    The Evolved https://wynndata.tk/ci/693842515
    Infilak https://wynndata.tk/ci/228454640
    Skien's Paranoia https://wynndata.tk/ci/836995158
    Grip of the Land https://wynndata.tk/ci/191307246
    Exhaustion https://wynndata.tk/ci/523128813
    Adder Stone https://wynndata.tk/ci/769778718
    Harmony https://wynndata.tk/ci/342929944
    Fallbreakers https://wynndata.tk/ci/137717391
    Efteling https://wynndata.tk/ci/767872352
    Ehoole Drakeskin https://wynndata.tk/ci/395127930
    Wooly Long Johns https://wynndata.tk/ci/905826772
    Albedo https://wynndata.tk/ci/807106858
    Skyfloat https://wynndata.tk/ci/771539318
    Skywatcher https://wynndata.tk/ci/691374240
    Mistral https://wynndata.tk/ci/318260306
    Ski Mask https://wynndata.tk/ci/795822008
    Soarfae https://wynndata.tk/ci/206927792
    Powder Snow https://wynndata.tk/ci/544220287
    Starglass https://wynndata.tk/ci/908156569
    Wind Mimic https://wynndata.tk/ci/778379142
    Ensa's Ideals https://wynndata.tk/ci/106945167
    Virtuoso https://wynndata.tk/ci/712706091
    Capricorn https://wynndata.tk/ci/932760121
    Conduit of Spirit https://wynndata.tk/ci/479508167
    Ex Nihilo https://wynndata.tk/ci/309432905
    September https://wynndata.tk/ci/806817142
    Signal Flare https://wynndata.tk/ci/216594157
    Dizzy Spell https://wynndata.tk/ci/227182711
    Dionaea https://wynndata.tk/ci/374857978
    Rodoroc's Guard https://wynndata.tk/ci/271523870
    Achilles https://wynndata.tk/ci/881379007
    Ashen Helm https://wynndata.tk/ci/287927226
    Nether's Reach https://wynndata.tk/ci/279628964
    Calidade Mail https://wynndata.tk/ci/607197518
    Barbarian https://wynndata.tk/ci/469949424
    Azure Halo https://wynndata.tk/ci/168670130
    Nuance https://wynndata.tk/ci/103841040
    Heat Sink https://wynndata.tk/ci/600111863
    Wavedash https://wynndata.tk/ci/169114046
    Cloudwalkers https://wynndata.tk/ci/939062310
    Turbine Greaves https://wynndata.tk/ci/786572861
    Tailwind https://wynndata.tk/ci/302471800
    Bantisu's Approach https://wynndata.tk/ci/921631066
    Dust Skaters https://wynndata.tk/ci/159462905
    Windshear https://wynndata.tk/ci/896381904
    Filter Mask https://wynndata.tk/ci/416826587
    Dune Storm https://wynndata.tk/ci/263470294
    Heroism https://wynndata.tk/ci/407375298
    Nightvest https://wynndata.tk/ci/103724899
    Coat of Byakko https://wynndata.tk/ci/649001806
    Sprintguard https://wynndata.tk/ci/337246519
    Canyon Strider https://wynndata.tk/ci/360508489
    Burnout https://wynndata.tk/ci/206501242
    Cardiac Arrest https://wynndata.tk/ci/719896384
    later additions cus i missed some shit
    black catalyst https://www.wynndata.tk/ci/899490191 (with the new set bonus. leave other ring slot empty when using)
    leo https://www.wynndata.tk/ci/701427363
    electro mage's boots https://wynndata.tk/ci/561207003
    conflagrate https://wynndata.tk/ci/726589349
    rainbow sanctuary https://wynndata.tk/ci/338368798
    draoi fair https://wynndata.tk/ci/191425333
    smack jacket https://wynndata.tk/ci/725816136
    scorpio https://wynndata.tk/ci/122364168
    centipede https://www.wynndata.tk/ci/374056572
    toy maker https://wynndata.tk/ci/124372482
    necrosis https://www.wynndata.tk/ci/275719473

    hf building
    do let us know if there are any mis-inputs on the items so we can fix the links
    also bart has a very peculiar reply right below this post but it refers to the items in his spoiler, not the items listed here.
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  2. Bart (MC)

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    All of these are outdated! Don't use them!

    ========================I am Division Line========================
    dawnbreak: https://wynndata.tk/ci/505127759
    stardew: https://wynndata.tk/ci/485532674
    moontower: https://wynndata.tk/ci/893923142
    resurgence: https://wynndata.tk/ci/337701501
    revenant: https://wynndata.tk/ci/125075620

    time rift: https://wynndata.tk/ci/108156069
    blind thrust: https://wynndata.tk/ci/276071809

    obsidian-framed helmet: https://wynndata.tk/ci/420959837
    gaping cavity: https://wynndata.tk/ci/128791410
    anima-infused cuirass: https://wynndata.tk/ci/757707399
    taurus: https://wynndata.tk/ci/950165353
    writhing growth: https://wynndata.tk/ci/382956200
    ex nihilo: https://wynndata.tk/ci/490985178
    virgo: https://wynndata.tk/ci/960378681

    sparkweaver: https://wynndata.tk/ci/420053434
    whitecap crown: https://wynndata.tk/ci/238099753
    darksteel full helm: https://wynndata.tk/ci/822974556
    ambertoise shell: https://wynndata.tk/ci/701556956
    pride of the aerie: https://wynndata.tk/ci/162118167
    sparkling visor: https://wynndata.tk/ci/858417267
    soulflare: https://wynndata.tk/ci/613608522
    chestplate of ineptitude: https://wynndata.tk/ci/780017589
    stillwater blue: https://wynndata.tk/ci/621590639
    beetle aegis: https://wynndata.tk/ci/390670510
    darkiron aegis: https://wynndata.tk/ci/817057227
    gale's freedom: https://wynndata.tk/ci/674983792
    insulated plate mail: https://wynndata.tk/ci/509430441
    coal duster: https://wynndata.tk/ci/626231886
    trench scourer: https://wynndata.tk/ci/596981057
    elder oak roots: https://wynndata.tk/ci/279039287
    earth breaker: https://wynndata.tk/ci/363784376
    turbine greaves: https://wynndata.tk/ci/237999985
    mantlewalkers: https://wynndata.tk/ci/397138082
    shaggy boots: https://wynndata.tk/ci/750195296
    silt of the seafloor: https://wynndata.tk/ci/338386561
    humbark moccasins: https://wynndata.tk/ci/577450842
    flashstep: https://wynndata.tk/ci/118998038
    thunderous step: https://wynndata.tk/ci/853068268
    big arm: https://wynndata.tk/ci/281503021
    golemlus core: https://wynndata.tk/ci/155059696
    lightning flash: https://wynndata.tk/ci/849299834
    bottle thunderstorm: https://wynndata.tk/ci/525306635
    clockwork: https://wynndata.tk/ci/976374268
    subur clip: https://wynndata.tk/ci/658583452
    vortex bracer: https://wynndata.tk/ci/195639274
    moon pool circlet: https://wynndata.tk/ci/708254084
    coral ring: https://wynndata.tk/ci/900182714

    ogre faceplate: https://wynndata.tk/ci/273849933
    struggle: https://wynndata.tk/ci/953810704
    cracklers: https://wynndata.tk/ci/821005008

    ========================I am Division Line========================

    we have heavy melee buffs
    i repeat
    heavy melee buffs

    obsidian-framed helmet: https://wynndata.tk/ci/497351616 now has 5000 raw melee!
    necrosis: https://wynndata.tk/ci/141825872 lost many tiers, druser must be really happy
    taurus: https://wynndata.tk/ci/358617938 i wish i could be as cool as this taurus one
    tenuto: https://wynndata.tk/ci/495697842 atlas inc. affiliate: tenuto corp.
    synapse: https://wynndata.tk/ci/882785659 it's a nerf but abyss-imbued mages will be happy

    silkweb mail: https://wynndata.tk/ci/594209448 personally not a fan, but it's a nice change
    bete noire: https://wynndata.tk/ci/531341628 still agressively oppressed by taurus, but maybe the extra skill points will wilow for something
    cinderchain: https://wynndata.tk/ci/799562166 i've used cinderchain on tierstack builds that started with a faster attack speed before, could be really strong
    efteling: https://wynndata.tk/ci/329358463 frequently overlooked item will sadly probably stay overlooked
    riverflow: https://wynndata.tk/ci/835732331 it's now within reason to use riverflow with thunder items, nice
    voidstone recteps: https://wynndata.tk/ci/439930567
    voidstone arpes: https://wynndata.tk/ci/535929518
    voidstone esbald: https://wynndata.tk/ci/756675618
    voidstone lensing: https://wynndata.tk/ci/544472940
    forest aconite: https://wynndata.tk/ci/449220426 and just like that, probably pretty good

    rapids: https://wynndata.tk/ci/584229740
    no longer inferior dark channeler!

    ========================I am Division Line========================

    ok kurre reminded my i haven't put the customs of the new cur / eo items here yet
    Gaping Cavity

    The Evolved

    The Exploited

    The Nothing

    Black Amaranth

    Yellow Rose

    Orange Lily

    Dying Lobelia

    Forest Aconite
    Keep in mind that this raw spell is not the standard raw spell.

    Flashfire Gauntlet
    Flashfire Knuckle
    Set bonus is, if I remember correctly, 8% walk speed and an attack speed bonus.

    ========================I am Division Line========================

    new changes! (i think) these are all that aren't either skill point or life steal changes.

    aphotic: https://wynndata.tk/ci/757118492 removal of -100% thunder damage means assassins can now safely use this, which is really great
    gaze of the snowbank: https://wynndata.tk/ci/657219728 gaze got some really nice buffs, and it's going to be a really good item for builds that don't need +6 tiers or can use the mana steal (like mage and a certain someone's crafted items).
    centipede: https://wynndata.tk/ci/210676072 got nerfed pretty hard, you're probably not going to use it for fire tierstack at all with nephilim change (getting to that) and a defense-focused tier helmet coming as well. centi mostly just looks like it was made to be used with twilight-gilded cloak but let's be honest you were going to do that anyway
    aquarius: https://wynndata.tk/ci/496893835 really glad it lost its spell damage, now it's finally just a mana regen item. good. defense change from -100 thunder to -100 fire is cool i guess, probably will incentivize gaea-hewn boots and not using unravel aquarius haha
    conduit of spirit: https://wynndata.tk/ci/412259059 conduit losing mana regen is kind of sad, but i'm glad it gets a bit more damage in return. looks to be really good with abyss-imbued leggings.
    physalis: https://wynndata.tk/ci/572219554 gained damage, lost health. probably to fit the glass cannon idea of eta better, i guess.
    virgo: https://wynndata.tk/ci/804041218 got its elem revamp change. it's now a really powerful tier boots with big damages and strength.. but at what cost? (good luck fitting a 5 health item on your tierstack build that already struggled with health without accelerator/warchief)
    memento: https://wynndata.tk/ci/322054118 base 3 to base 2, what a move. could've just taken away the spell damage % to make it different from capri, but instead we're all going to suffer
    accelerator: https://wynndata.tk/ci/558123517 now more geared towards thunder/air and lost a bit of damage, which is fine.
    broken balance: https://wynndata.tk/ci/895428990 when you think it don't be like that but it do- guess it fits the name now

    nephilim: https://wynndata.tk/ci/481357641 really interesting change, not sure if it's enough to make it used though
    anamnesis: https://wynndata.tk/ci/279822920 poor anam, what did it do to deserve this
    plague mask: https://wynndata.tk/ci/846054561 does it get plague major id though
    dondasch: https://wynndata.tk/ci/621251398 mostly health buff, it might get used now i guess
    legend guard's plate: https://wynndata.tk/ci/278530933 yet another boss altar item buff that's mostly a health buff- i assume they're getting a rarity increase, and this is them getting legendary health (health baselines haha)
    marius' prison: https://wynndata.tk/ci/772625074 see above
    obolus: https://wynndata.tk/ci/448690106 hoping this isn't going legendary because it's one of the few items from early boss altars that's actually useful for a long time
    leictreach makani: https://wynndata.tk/ci/880887028 (actually has 15/15 skill points but that's impossible to get with id ranges) nice change, leictreach really needed some more reasons to use it
    horizon: https://wynndata.tk/ci/211670325 one of the few tierstack items usable with efa is now more geared towards it (still figuring out if that's a good thing though)
    tera: https://wynndata.tk/ci/921654916 just a health change, 1 emerald to whoever figures out why (that's a joke i do not have emeralds)
    static-charged leggings: https://wynndata.tk/ci/900710613 might actually be a decent alternative to physalis now
    quick-strike leggins: https://wynndata.tk/ci/953714101 actually a pretty gamer item now ngl, massive dexterity could be really useful
    electrocharge greaves: https://wynndata.tk/ci/107351222 rare to legendary pt. whatever
    burnout: https://wynndata.tk/ci/293216345 bit of damage loss but overall nice >:]
    riverflow: https://wynndata.tk/ci/839341149 bit sad about the water damage but otherwise riverflow is gaming holy fk
    shadestep: https://wynndata.tk/ci/896915856 why would people use this again

    ========================I am Division Line========================

    (partially from item info thread)

    ok i'll try to list all bigger (not lifesteal) changes and maybe some commentary on it
    infused hive bow: https://wynndata.tk/ci/969736929 mana nerf is really all i needed from hive weapons, they're not as all powerful for spell anymore even if they're still really useful for certain elements that don't really have a good spell-based weapon
    infused hive wand: https://wynndata.tk/ci/398404531
    infused hive spear: https://wynndata.tk/ci/137488083
    infused hive dagger: https://wynndata.tk/ci/943052721

    cluster: https://wynndata.tk/ci/729391465 not a hive bow for people that haven't done qira hive yet anymore, and also won't have the struggle of spell conversion, also just a really solid thunder bow (which we did kind of need)
    gale's force: https://wynndata.tk/ci/904304535 which is just a general buff, lost dex req could make for some more usability with the new hive armors (agi req won't change a lot, spell air has high agi anyways)
    alka cometflinger: https://wynndata.tk/ci/476610202 str req change is big, can now be used way more freely (and a small base dmg buff as well, nice) [str req change still big]
    hellstrand: https://wynndata.tk/ci/426093719 lost thunder potential, but i guess that's fair with cluster now being thunder. mana regen is interesting, looks like a very nice fire spell bow (no water/fire option though, sad)
    return to ether: https://wynndata.tk/ci/164823098 even more obvious water/air than it already was, agi req change will allow for (probably) some neat quad usage (poison rte? poison rte?) [nevermind the req change i guess]
    plague: https://wynndata.tk/ci/196817605 hot damn, it was a more defensive version of hellstrand before and it now has even more utility with proper thunder support as well, i expect this to destroy with smth like anima cinderchain sine (reqs also a lot friendlier for getting high int i/o awkward high def req)
    zero: https://wynndata.tk/ci/690227705 almost meaningless buff but, still really meh
    torrential tide: https://wynndata.tk/ci/281600990 wasn't the best to begin with, has now lost its already very fragile endgame viability woops
    thanos siege bow: https://wynndata.tk/ci/562236673 light nerf, but you weren't gonna use this anyway
    spiritshock: https://wynndata.tk/ci/575178061 light buff, also more accessible which is always fun (don't know too much about lower level weapons sorry)

    black: https://wynndata.tk/ci/282525955 might be a buff, might be a nerf, but the sharp extreme edges were taken off of black which means we could go for mana regen black and high damage now which is a real e moment
    sitis: https://wynndata.tk/ci/283601626 mostly doing the same thing as big brother black, so i'm not really sure how- 5 extra negative walk speed? unplayable
    ivory: https://wynndata.tk/ci/131938710 but why
    flameshot hilt: https://wynndata.tk/ci/632756102 damage nerf, but the 60 def req means full or near full stacking might still be possble with some skill point magic even without thanos plate
    thrunda ripsaw: https://wynndata.tk/ci/984453677 probably still can't compete with black BUT can be used more freely than black and than before, which might lead to some near-black damage output which is very :ok_hand:
    manna: https://wynndata.tk/ci/433877107 the one mana regen is unfortunate, the slight damage buff is nice, but the str req change is huge for manna, and as such i will declare this a MANNA BUFF
    alazarin (alizarin sorry): https://wynndata.tk/ci/100958593 it's now a full rainbow weapon which is fair (i'm not a fan of it but it's fair), it still has 5 powder slots though so we'll see how long it stays rainbow
    brass brand: https://wynndata.tk/ci/519367472 it's a buff i think?
    thanos war sword: https://wynndata.tk/ci/797025804 does what it's supposed to a bit better than before, that is all
    visionary's vice: https://wynndata.tk/ci/818384425 nice and deserved damage buff imo, might make for some cool builds (even if thunder-powdered sitis exists)
    rewind: https://wynndata.tk/ci/419878134 it getting reqs was completely fair (never realized it didn't have them), but otherwise overnerfed imo

    tidebinder: https://wynndata.tk/ci/520282074 no longer cool 4 mr, that's gonna devalue some tidebinders (other changes don't really matter)
    quinque: https://wynndata.tk/ci/108754681 what what what what WHAT this quinque is looking incredible, probably biggest buff so far and maybe even overall
    harwrol: https://wynndata.tk/ci/664934001 another big buff, a big fan of it (dune storm gaming commencing..)
    ignition: https://wynndata.tk/ci/676667371 just in this list for consistency, def req change might allow for some interesting builds but it's still ignition
    zephra shredder: https://wynndata.tk/ci/685742745 agi req down, sounds very strong in my head.. air spear got readded? [ok 80 agi does make more sense]
    bedruthan: https://wynndata.tk/ci/603674500 damage actually got nerfed (less possible water damage for that juicy +39%), but still a nice earth/water spell spear i guess
    wick: https://wynndata.tk/ci/798297945 wow wick nerf.. how did this happen..
    tisaun's proof: https://wynndata.tk/ci/148962644 elem revamp tisauns is back, and it just looks like a really solid melee spear
    infidel: https://wynndata.tk/ci/105417235 i guess it got mana steal too easily? damage buff at least nice
    proxima: https://wynndata.tk/ci/410042279 proxima buffs :)) (still rainbow tierstack, but who knows..)
    rikter: https://wynndata.tk/ci/541897049 some more base damage, req lower, seems like rikter's going to be more useful than before (maybe still not much though)
    thanos warhammer: https://wynndata.tk/ci/195910691 i literally do not care about thanos weapons at this point please

    event horizon: https://wynndata.tk/ci/858592915 it's still event horizon, but the req changes could be really big
    cascade: https://wynndata.tk/ci/358022160 higher base damages is cool, but cascade still can't compete against mobs like qira or bob (or other mobs with general high defenses)
    morrowind: https://wynndata.tk/ci/371401006 we've had multiple big req changes, but this one is HUGE, morrowind is now prime quad material without losing anything else (normal builds will still have to use unravel/sagittarius, but there are now gimmicks to be had)
    phoenix wing: https://wynndata.tk/ci/881859834 fire and air damage will now be the same when fully fire-powdered so that's neat (otherwise still very much phoenix wing)
    peaceful rest: https://wynndata.tk/ci/591029178 minimal req changes, could be clutch with a hive armor quad (60 int req + 8 int is no longer) (that's fine though lol)
    nepta floodbringer: https://wynndata.tk/ci/767490058 i'm baffled it lost 2 mana, i've already been pretty disappointed in nepta performance lately but i think peaceful rest / morrowind is almost definitely better now (also nice -100 thunder damage)
    judas: https://wynndata.tk/ci/659246465 yeah that's funny, putting 2 mana steal on the wand you're never supposed to melee with (especially with the life steal change) small base damage buff is nice though i guess
    faustian contract: https://wynndata.tk/ci/290158517 not sure if it'll still be possible to fully stack it, but if it is, probably one of the best melee wands now
    thanos ironstaff: https://wynndata.tk/ci/688973540 maybe it's better for meteors now, but it is more defensive now so i'm not sure tbh
    bismuthinite: https://wynndata.tk/ci/460485847 poison is mostly earth/thunder, bismuthinite is now much more focused on it through reqs. still, very nice buffs.

    and those are the legendaries with some commentary/opinion on the changes. I'll see if i can add the rares later on (this took all day lmao), but there are definitely a few rare changes I'd like to complain talk about. (Oh, and if you find any wrong changes, please let me know, I feel like I made a few mistakes for certain)

    earthsky equinox: https://wynndata.tk/ci/337112994 better for tierstacking i suppose (still a bow though)
    anthracite ballista: https://wynndata.tk/ci/222018845 looks really powerful now, low reqs as well
    shajaea: https://wynndata.tk/ci/172542030 not quite sure i understand this nerf, shajaea already had a hard time getting good damage (health bonus on weapons only really matters on wands)
    the rainmaker: https://wynndata.tk/ci/197008813 new design looks pretty good, i'll miss painmaker though
    ensa's resolve: https://wynndata.tk/ci/139890645 to quote druser: "ensa's resolve got nerfed, what a meme"
    arc rifle: https://wynndata.tk/ci/370376943 never used it (like many other rares), but a buff is a buff
    stormcloud: https://wynndata.tk/ci/698278843 is now pure water, which is cool
    voidstone lensing: https://wynndata.tk/ci/403177779 cool, a life steal buff wait
    petrified horror: https://wynndata.tk/ci/643610401 i think it's a buff? never quite sure about porror though
    doubt: https://wynndata.tk/ci/276810981 got a second slot, can now quake OR use courage for the more defensive side it just got, looking real nice
    packet: https://wynndata.tk/ci/999640244 not sure if nerf or buff, it's still just packet though
    prismatic pendulum: https://wynndata.tk/ci/297641078 not sure why it's earth/water now, but it's not very strong
    comrade: https://wynndata.tk/ci/831083344 extra health and hpr is nice i guess, communism build when
    thundering wind: https://wynndata.tk/ci/331560000 hey, that's a buff, neat
    closure: https://wynndata.tk/ci/923196109 at this point i have no clue how good these weapons are anymore so i'll only put commentary where i actually have something to say
    djinni: https://wynndata.tk/ci/187772383
    tracer: https://wynndata.tk/ci/584371995
    composite shooter: https://wynndata.tk/ci/364739271 hello stormcloud what's up
    tundra strike: https://wynndata.tk/ci/709027736 earth/water :) (haven't tested it out yet though)
    thunderlock: https://wynndata.tk/ci/226585224
    sleet: https://wynndata.tk/ci/768855900
    pine bow: https://wynndata.tk/ci/697530731
    oktavist: https://wynndata.tk/ci/378185750 fire tierstack hehe
    aersectra: https://wynndata.tk/ci/251678053
    crwth: https://wynndata.tk/ci/379524488
    dragonspit: https://wynndata.tk/ci/700977621
    fyrespit: https://wynndata.tk/ci/221916859

    blur: https://wynndata.tk/ci/216431671 neat small buff, can appreciate that
    arakadicus' maw: https://wynndata.tk/ci/887587936 might be pretty good for spell now? maybe a bit of tierstacking a bit as well, looks interesting.
    noble phantasm: https://wynndata.tk/ci/426849701 really sad about this change, i've always liked the way you're supposed to make it water/fire using powders (and it had decent damage), but now it's just a very standard fire weapon without much of anything.
    fate's shear: https://wynndata.tk/ci/196999278 sick earth/water weapon
    silver: https://wynndata.tk/ci/845835050
    limbo: https://wynndata.tk/ci/696796460 even more powerful than before, plus req changes allowing more free builds, epic
    nona: https://wynndata.tk/ci/829295154 melee nona will nono you pretty hard i expect, spell nona probably a bit less
    voidstone esbald: https://wynndata.tk/ci/698776524 cool, a life steal buff wait
    shard of sky: https://wynndata.tk/ci/392713078 damage nerf has no real reason to be honest
    tsunasweep: https://wynndata.tk/ci/301986143
    gibyeong: https://wynndata.tk/ci/124196375 not actually a replacement for noble phantasm but i guess it's trying its best
    omega: https://wynndata.tk/ci/561448008
    liquified sun: https://wynndata.tk/ci/823104455
    desperation: https://wynndata.tk/ci/799017405
    big arm: https://wynndata.tk/ci/951168855
    darkweaver: https://wynndata.tk/ci/789433684
    pyroclast: https://wynndata.tk/ci/877417794 looks like a very nice tierstack weapon (even without thanos plate)
    thrice: https://wynndata.tk/ci/942721033 now with 33% less 3s
    solar sword: https://wynndata.tk/ci/374069521
    mountain spirit: https://wynndata.tk/ci/422649422
    evergreen: https://wynndata.tk/ci/122189802
    countdown: https://wynndata.tk/ci/659045491
    rapier: https://wynndata.tk/ci/173641774
    shale edge: https://wynndata.tk/ci/177464119
    agitation: https://wynndata.tk/ci/900875499

    ok i kinda forgot about this for a week or so but here are the other rares
    crack the skies: https://wynndata.tk/ci/769150761
    the parasite: https://wynndata.tk/ci/392107875
    ace of spades: https://wynndata.tk/ci/804805576
    praesidium: https://wynndata.tk/ci/985318084
    harbinger of fate: https://wynndata.tk/ci/530607997
    poison ivy: https://wynndata.tk/ci/370546021
    undying: https://wynndata.tk/ci/301895457
    voidstone arpes: https://wynndata.tk/ci/138166674
    charging flame: https://wynndata.tk/ci/758158119
    supernova: https://wynndata.tk/ci/835114649
    cuestick: https://wynndata.tk/ci/513962912
    brace of the ninth: https://wynndata.tk/ci/327455881
    cloud nine: https://wynndata.tk/ci/572880429
    bardiche: https://wynndata.tk/ci/514425780
    cardinal ruler: https://wynndata.tk/ci/338468869
    lost soul: https://wynndata.tk/ci/613009782
    brimstone: https://wynndata.tk/ci/714540346
    mystical lance: https://wynndata.tk/ci/940250520
    veantur: https://wynndata.tk/ci/886050172
    double-edge: https://wynndata.tk/ci/364139697
    cursed spike: https://wynndata.tk/ci/907800674
    tower: https://wynndata.tk/ci/552944285
    skien's madness (incomplete): https://wynndata.tk/ci/841991445

    the lethe: https://wynndata.tk/ci/871257269
    luto aquarum: https://wynndata.tk/ci/982388290
    manablast: https://wynndata.tk/ci/521629736
    king of hearts: https://wynndata.tk/ci/975660530
    overgrown: https://wynndata.tk/ci/110989949
    restorator: https://wynndata.tk/ci/944330322
    requiem: https://wynndata.tk/ci/809953874
    heatwave: https://wynndata.tk/ci/946869919
    voidstone recteps: https://wynndata.tk/ci/510102810
    icejewel: https://wynndata.tk/ci/897097671
    fragment: https://wynndata.tk/ci/954847276
    storm surge: https://wynndata.tk/ci/219095033
    whimsy: https://wynndata.tk/ci/202365172
    compiler: https://wynndata.tk/ci/515516834
    final compulsion: https://wynndata.tk/ci/404712145
    antipode: https://wynndata.tk/ci/529188906
    sigil of existance: https://wynndata.tk/ci/320845115
    starburst: https://wynndata.tk/ci/270966776
    squall's breath: https://wynndata.tk/ci/327828236
    fulminate staff: https://wynndata.tk/ci/608449259
    voidlight: https://wynndata.tk/ci/662164866
    genetor: https://wynndata.tk/ci/399678038
    ligfamblawende: https://wynndata.tk/ci/825293590
    tashkil: https://wynndata.tk/ci/967362189
    wishing star: https://wynndata.tk/ci/656814814
    niflheim: https://wynndata.tk/ci/461956670
    rot of dernel: https://wynndata.tk/ci/759136344
    plate shock: https://wynndata.tk/ci/366720629
    crystal thorn: https://wynndata.tk/ci/673623372

    as an extra please know that i have also put the above mythics as a custom item in wynndata but kurre never saw it haha
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    if it helps here are all mythics with major ids:

  4. Madkurre

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    if i'd have official details on each of the major ids i could add them to the thread
  5. SnapDoomy

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    Weathered - Roving Assassin - Vanish no longer drains mana while invisible

    Nirvana - Trascend - 50% chance for your spells to not cost mana

    Guardian - Guardian - 50% of the damage taken by nearby allies is redirected to you

    Pure - Entropy - Meteor falls significantly faster

    Hero - Saviour's Sacrifice - While under 25% maximum health , nearby allies gain 30% bonus damage and defense

    Ignis - forgot what's it called & what it does exactly, something similiar to hero and guardian
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    Ignis - Heart of the Pack - Nearby allies gain 30% of the health you naturally regenerate (lifesteal and health regen)
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    are these all the known ones or are these all the ones that are confiemd so far and their could be more?
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    added. thanks for the work bois
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    noob didnt tag me
    then again u didnt make a thread either
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    i want my cluster back!
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    Cluster kinda have it’s purpose as thunder bow for endgame now tho..
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    but cant be used as an earth bow anymore.. sad gaming for the 1k poison
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    how fast are you 0.o
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    Is there any other endgame fast neutral bow? (no quira)
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    Nope. (rip)
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    I hope ignis won't increase in price, I still want to be able to buy one once.
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    and these are now outdated as they just announced another patch of mythics changes. will fix up the thread today or tomorrow as soon as i have some time. thought i'd let u know
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    ok done
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    I don’t want this thread to die out...
    9 day isn’t necro right
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    Yep, not a necro

    Since I'm here I might as well add that this thread is pretty neat.
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