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Lore/Story A Poem Of Loss

Discussion in 'Your Work' started by TwageTomato, Sep 19, 2017.

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  1. TwageTomato

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    Scarred hearts.
    They tell of a wound, of a broken past, of a loss
    of a relationship fallen to crumbled parts
    of sorrow, weeping, the other side of the cross.

    Scars, signs of openness
    in spite of the risks of love,
    in spite of past brokenness,
    of keeping spirits above,

    above the pains and regrets,
    the heartache and depression,
    hoping beyond all bets
    that they will leave a lasting impression.

    Scars show the will to live
    after surviving broken relationships
    the willingness to give
    your love, and create new friendships.

    Scars of different ages
    show that time after time,
    after deaths and torn pages,
    you'd choose love again on a dime.

    A scar cannot stop you,
    a loss doesn't define.
    It's up to you to
    choose the finish line.

    Scarred hearts are no more
    than a symbol of will;
    willingness to open a new door,
    and experience a new thrill.
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  2. RicochetfromtheD

    RicochetfromtheD 赵二

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    This is mad beautiful Twage, made me put on my turtle beach elite pro and load up relaxing anime music compilation #6 and read it again.
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