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Any Class A Guide To Elemental Defenses. Do They Matter? -it's Complicated.

Discussion in 'Class Builds' started by wynncraftthings4, May 16, 2021.

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  1. wynncraftthings4

    wynncraftthings4 Travelled Adventurer

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    The reason I decided to make this guide is because I always keep hearing "Ele defs don't matter!" and "Ele defs are super important!", and neither of those are false. The reason why is because it depends on a variety of factors.

    So I am going to be splitting this short-ish guide in a few sections, covering each.

    1. How the hell do they even work?

    Elemental defenses are not multiplicative, they are a set amount. However, spells have multipliers that affect them. For example, if a mob deals 100 thunder damage and you have -30 thunder defense, you will take 130 thunder damage. However if a mob's meteor does 1000 damage, you will not take 1030 damage, you will take about 1250 because of the spell multiplier.

    Elemental defenses are applied before regular defense. For example, if you have 50% damage reduction and 30 fire defense, a mob's attack that does 200 fire damage will be reduced to 170, then reduced by 50%, making it 85. If it was the other way around, the attack would deal 70 damage.

    2. Why do people say "Negative elemental defenses can make a huge impact, but positives aren't very useful"

    This kind of ties back to the first point, element defenses are multiplied by spells. Both positive and negative will have a bigger effect on spells than on regular attacks. So let me explain this point as best as I can.

    Most mobs deal mostly neutral damage, for example Qira does 50% neutral damage and 10% of each element(that statistic about Qira might be false, it's just an example). Positive elemental defenses can reduce the damage of an element down to 0, however if you have more than required to reduce to 0, it won't heal you, it will always be 0. Negative elemental defenses can however increase the damage to infinity, meaning there's no cap.

    This is also the reason it's better in most situations to have 300 defense in all elements, instead of 1500 in a single one.

    3. Elemental defenses on mobs, and why faster weapons are walled way harder than slower weapons, and why slow weapons don't get a damage increase from weaknesses

    Super Fast weapons are both a blessing and a curse when elemental defenses are involved. Let me explain why. When going for melee, elemental defenses and weaknesses are always the same, unaffected by any multipliers.

    For spells, Super Fast weapons have low base damage, but it compensates for it with attack speed spell multipliers. However, elemental defenses and weaknesses take that base damage into consideration before the attack speed multiplier. I'll give some examples.

    If you have a Super Fast weapon that does 8k spin attacks, it actually does 2k by default, but because of the 4x multiplier for Super Fast it does 8k.
    If you have a Super Slow weapon that does 8k spin attacks, it actually does 16k by default, but because of the 0.5x multiplier for Super Slow it does 8k.

    So, keeping that in mind, if a mob has 2000 water defense, and you do 8k spin attacks with a Super Fast, it will do no damage. However if you have a Super Slow weapon it will do 7k, because it gets reduced from 16k to 14k, and the spell multiplier for Super Slow reduces it to 7k.

    So with -2000 water defense the stats are like this: 16k spin attacks with Super Fast, 9k spin attacks with Super Slow.

    As you can see, Super Fast is way more dependant on elemental defenses, can do from 0 to 16k, while Super Slow is more stable, doing from 7k to 9k. It's your choice which is the better pick, as the damage for both averages out to 8k, there's no mathematical way to prove which is better, it depends on the mob.

    4. For which mobs should I most care when it comes to elemental defenses?

    Currently, there's no official info on the damage of every mob, so everybody just has to speculate. But as I said, most mobs deal mostly neutral damage, so going for insanely high elemental defenses is a preety bad idea. 200-350 in every element should work in nullifying most rainbow mobs' elemental damage, and decently reduce most regular mobs' elemental damage.

    They are most important against mobs that attack really fast, mobs that spam weak spells, mobs with Burst Ranged AI type.

    5. For what playstyles are elemental defenses most important for?

    For glass cannons, it is better to try to increase your regular defense and HP, in order to not get one-hit killed, but not have them be negative. Having big negative elemental defenses in glass cannons is like a death wish, as the spell multipliers can increase the already deadly meteors/heavy charges.

    For any fire + air combination, it is generally better to build for more damage, however having them is still nice.

    In my opinion, elemental defenses are most important in tank builds with no agility, or facetanks. That elemental damage really adds up if you're taking every hit, and even just 50 can make you survive that much longer.

    For mid-health builds, aka builds that are not glass cannon and not tank, it mostly depends on class. The more range the class has, the less they matter.

    6. Is it worth putting powders on armor to balance out elemental defenses?

    I would say that it is worth putting spare tier 1-3 powders to patch a defense that's lacking. The only reason you should put tier 4-6 powders is for the powder specials, or if you have a lot of money and REALLY need to patch up an elemental defense.

    So this guide turned out to be longer than I expected, but it still covers most things. And if any Content Team member is seeing this, please put the official damage of some mobs on the wiki.
    Last edited: May 16, 2021
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  2. Qzphs

    Qzphs double mythic mana throttler VIP

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    is this calc correct
  3. 5hadowflame

    5hadowflame untrained unprofessional idiot VIP+

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    I’m 99% sure that its not, I remember relatively clearly that negative eledefs apply after defense sp, making it effectively true damage.
  4. epicwynkrafgemr

    epicwynkrafgemr Skilled Adventurer

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    Thanks for clearing that up, I was confused.
  5. touhoku

    touhoku heavy spell pioneer VIP+

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    Worth noting that across endgame content (the eye, LI, raids, etc), having negative air def tends to be least punishing, and having negative thunder is by far the most punishing.
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