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1.19 The Silent Expanse - Changelog

Discussion in 'Major Updates' started by Salted, Nov 7, 2019.

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  1. Salted

    Salted Game Design & Wynncraft Founder Staff Member Admin HERO GM

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    Hello peeps! It's time for another major update!

    We'll talk a bit more in detail about what's coming in 1.19, but before we start, I recommend you watch the trailer we released not long ago. We also have this convenient page for the update in case you don't want to read a long changelog.

    It's been a little while since we added a whole new area! It's a place we've talked about a while back, called the "Road to Dern" back then. It's not Dern itself, but an area of Wynn taken under its control.


    We're also adding (for the first time ever!) a whole new class: the Shaman! At the same time, we went ahead and updated the look of every other spell and balanced/changed some things around.

    Lastly, one thing we haven't mentioned much yet is that this update also comes with a lot of quality of life enhancements, a bit like the Gameplay Update we did a few years back. Exciting stuff!

    Alright enough talking, let's get started.



    The Shaman excels at crowd-control, wacky combos and controlling an area. However, it is the weakest class in terms of defence and it struggles a bit at escaping dangerous situations.

    The Shaman has a base defence of 40%, meaning all damage it receives deals more than double what it normally would. For comparison, Warrior is at 120%, Assassin at 100%, Mage at 80% and Archer at 60%. Losing control of a big group of mobs is very dangerous for the Shaman, you really need to use these crowd-control spells well.

    Using Reliks as its weapon, its base damage is 120%, meaning it deals similar damage as the Archer would. But contrary to the Archer, Shaman can hit multiple enemies at the same time very easily.


    Main Attack: When attacking, the Shaman throws 3 very fast projectiles in a cone shape, each dealing 33% damage. It is most effective at close range, but can also chip away at enemies from far away. It can be compared to the shotgun archetype you'd find in many shooters.

    Totem spell: The first and most important spell. When casting it with RLR, you will throw a totem in an arc in front of you. The trajectory of it does not change much based on where you are looking (like, for example, smoke bomb would), so you need to plan ahead and set yourself at the right distance when throwing it. The totem deals damage every second to enemies in its area of effect. It also buffs the caster's damage significantly and other players' damage slightly.

    Base spell:
    - 4 Mana cost
    - 20% damage per seconds (+20% air conversion)
    - +35% damage buff (+15% for other players)

    - Heal 4% of your max HP per second (bonus water damage from your items can buff that amount, like the Mage's heal spell would)
    - Deals 100% damage in an AoE when crashing down (+20% fire conversion)​

    Haul spell: This is the Shaman's movement spell. When casting it with RRR, it will throw you towards your totem. It will not work if the totem is not spawned. You can use that to anchor your totem around and climb a mountain, or just spam both totem+haul in quick successions to fly through the sky. This makes it one of the most flexible movement spell in the game at the cost of having to combo two spells.

    Base spell:
    - 3 Mana cost

    - 100% damage upon landing and slightly pull mobs nearby (+20% thunder conversion)
    - Slow nearby mobs by 60% when landing for 3s​

    Aura spell: The highest damage spell the Shaman has. When casting it with RLL, it creates a moving aura starting from your totem going outward. It also pulls mobs towards your totem and can even lock them to it for a short time when it's upgraded. Like Haul, it only works if your totem is spawned.

    Base spell:
    - 8 Mana cost
    - 200% damage (gets reduced up to 100% the farther it is from the totem)
    - Pull mobs towards your totem

    - The aura effect bounces back towards the totem
    - Creates a small prison around the totem for 3 seconds. Any mobs entering it cannot leave it until it disappears​

    Uproot spell: Shaman's fourth and last spell. Using RRL, it throws a fast projectile which explode upon contact to a mob and pulls them towards you. It also works with your totem, allowing skilled Shaman to be more mobile or do some wacky combos to look cool. Also very useful at grabbing far away enemies to use your main attack on.

    Base spell:
    - 6 Mana cost
    - 50% Damage

    - Becomes controllable by moving your head around
    - When pulling your totem, resets the countdown before it despawns​

    So that's the Shaman! A powerful CC heavy class who can also support allies. If you were looking for a more skill-based class, this one might be perfect for you. Lastly, everyone will also receive 1 free class slot so they can try the new class without having to delete anything. We hope you like the Shaman as much as we do!

    shamanweaponaa.png shamanweaponm.png


    Mage/Dark Wizard:

    Main Attack:
    - Lowered the casting location so that particles dont spawn right in your face​

    - Pulse effect used to heal 10%-10%-10%, now heals 20%-5%-5%​

    - Now gives a small forward push when teleporting. Holding shift disables that feature
    - Blind effect only lasts for 1s
    - Used to deal 100% damage, now deals 150% damage
    - Used to deal 400% damage + 100% from the burning ground effect. Now deals 500% damage + 125% from the burning ground effect​

    Ice Snake:
    - Freeze effect now only lasts for 1s
    - Used to deal 30% damage, now deals 70% damage​


    Main Attack:
    - Bigger area of effect, allowing you to hit multiple mobs with a single arrow​

    Arrow Storm:
    - Triple shot used to deal 15% damage per arrow, now deals 8% per arrow. The other upgrade damage is unchanged.​

    - Blind effect only lasts for 1s​

    Arrow Bomb:
    - Doesn't prevent mobs from jumping anymore
    - Bounce effect now bounces 3 times max​

    Arrow Shield:
    - Used to deal 250% damage when triggered, now deals 150% damage
    - Knockback enemies by default without any upgrades
    - Replaced the 2nd upgrade with a new one: Charges. Arrow Shield can now protect you up to three times.
    - Improved the Arrow Rain effect to be more consistent
    - Arrows from Arrow Rain now deals 250% damage
    - When active, your main attack and spells are cast a few additional blocks away in front of you
    - Used to have 30% water conversion, now has 30% air conversion instead​



    - Doesn't prevent mobs/players from jumping (but slows them down properly)​

    - Smash upgrade has been added to the main default spell
    - Smash upgrade replaced by Inspire: Gain +50% damage resistance when hitting enemies with Charge. Lasts longer the more enemies you hit​

    - Lowered the vertical throw distance
    - Players now jumps with the mobs, allowing you to keep combo-ing mid-air (hold shift to stay grounded)
    - When upgraded, Uppercut used to deal 200%+100%+75% damage. Now deals 300%+50%+50% damage
    - Elemental conversion changed to:
    1st hit: 20% earth, 10% thunder
    2nd hit: 40% thunder
    3rd hit: 20% thunder​



    Spin Attack:
    - Used to deal 200% damage, now deals 150% damage
    - Element conversion changed to:
    1st tier: 15% thunder
    2nd tier: 20% thunder
    3rd tier: 25% thunder​

    - Used to cost 2 mana, now costs 1 mana
    - Now only lasts 5s at all tiers
    - Stealth used to give +30% damage bonus when vanished, now gives +70% damage bonus​

    - The knockback before the Force upgrade has been lowered
    - Used to deal 30% damage per hit, now deals 27% damage per hit
    - Used to cost 10 mana, now costs 8 mana
    - Now has 50% water conversion on the Fatality hit​

    We've also updated the particles of all other existing spells, based on this great suggestion from @Novalescent. They were also nice enough to give us their particle configs, which saved us a lot of time.


    That's it for the spell changes! Now let's bring out Grian to talk a bit about the new content for this update!

    Woah, I get my own segment again? Thanks Salted, Very Cool!

    Hey guys it's me, ya boy - Grian. With each update we do the CT becomes more and more self reliant and this update has been particularly special as some of the more senior members have taken on roles of design as well as building and I have to say they have been doing a fantastic job. I wanted to mention that because I want to make sure credit is given where credit is due and the CT has been particularly amazing with this update. Under Salted and I's direction the team has managed to design and make a region chock full of content. My role this update, just as the last, has been on quests and discoveries. So, let's go over them!


    [Lv. 28] Misadventure On The Sea (Jbip): WOW, this was Jbip's first quest and it absolutely blew everyone out of the water. Ok I will try not to pun too much. This quest is a pirate based adventure with twists, turns and most importantly, easter eggs. This is one of two quests reworked in Wynn. This replaced Sister City as it became seriously outdated as time has gone on.

    [Lv. 25] Recover the Past (Abiswas & Imaxe): This is the second remake, replacing the tower of amnesia which like sister city has been made redundant by past updates. In this quest you will get your first proper mention and experience of Fruma as a mage tries to find out why people have no memory of their province of origin.

    [Lv. 100] A Journey Beyond #1 (Pepo): Ah, finally. Road to Dern quests or should I say - Silent Expanse quests. This is the first in a 2 parter which sees the player (that's you!) embark on a high level (Lv. 100) mission in Detlas to reach the end of the expanse. You will venture with 3 other characters into the unknown and unprepared hoping to fulfil your mission. Pepo put in an extraordinary amount of work into this so if you enjoyed it please let him know!

    [Lv. 101] A Journey Further #2 (Nicktree): The journey continues and the mission must go on! This is Nicktrees first quest after doing some work on the molten heights questline, and he delivered. There are some new mechanics shown here which you may (or may not) enjoy. Continue your journey to the end of the expanse and make your way to the highest level dungeon we have made yet!

    [Lv. 100] The Olmic Rune (Imaxe): A late addition to the update. This is a fairly quiet quest where you find something unexpected in the Silent Expanse. Should more quests be introduced like this? You will have to let us know!

    [Lv. 102] Point of No Return (Pepo): This is the second quest from Pepo in this update. It's vastly different from anything else in the game of Wynncraft. It's hard to talk about these quests without giving too much away - but this one in particular is one not to spoil too much. This is an adventure of the mind and explores how the silent expanse messes with the people in it.

    [Lv. 103] A Hunters Calling (Imaxe): Our GM hero Imaxe has yet again done more than one quest this update and this one is probably one of the biggest yet. It takes me about an hour and a half to just test this one (knowing where to go and teleporting around to save time). This is the quest that is offered to you at the end of your adventure. I don't want to spoil too much as it's different to other quests. This will take you on a trip down memory lane.. But not in the form you may expect.

    [Lv. 59] The Order Of The Grook (Imaxe): Have you ever wanted to know more about Magic in Wynn and how it works? Well this may very well be the quest for you! Unfortunately for you that means going to school. Literally, Grookwarts is a special school located on Mage island and is where many of the learned wizards graduate from. Grab your books and get reading! I think it's fair to add that this quest was so complex it took Imaxe months to make. Who knew school was such a pain? I have to add in here that there is A LOT of reading in this one, and I have to thank Selvut for writing such phenomenal dialogue for this quest. Those of you who love lore and info, this is for you.

    Miniquests (Cruuk_Yoondiink): Cruuk, in his insatiable thirst to become the #1 GM with the most quests made, went around and added almost 100 new gathering mini-quests to the game! Those will hopefully make gathering progression a bit faster (especially in the endgame). It's also mentioned elsewhere in this changelog, but to avoid spamming the quest book with tons of mini-quests we added a separate section for them in the quest book.

    Discoveries (CookedPelvis, Tantibus, LeoTheLeatherman, Abiswas, Jbip): This update we are adding discoveries to two new areas...

    Silent Expanse: Discoveries of this region are important as they are the best way to learn about the mysteries of the region. Although be warned, most things here are so deeply engulfed by darkness, they often exceed our understanding or tolerance. This area has been abandoned and hidden for so long it's history has almost been completely wiped out.

    Nesaak: Our favourite snow covered area has had a little more added to it! The Twains, Theorick's departure and how it all fell apart are explored in several discoveries spread across this region.
    If you enjoy finding the discoveries and understanding more about the world and it's history please let us know! We hope to release discoveries for regions every update, and who knows maybe one day maybe everywhere will have secrets to find! Alright, I think that's everything from me. I want to say a huge thank you again to our talented Content Team which without, we would have no updates at all. They give up their free time to make this stuff for you, so please respect the work they do and be constructive and appreciative of the things they do if you like them!


    We've got 2 new dungeons this update!

    DUNGICON overgrownsmall.png

    Corrupted Undergrowth Ruins (Jbip) - The corrupted version of everyone's favourite (eh) dungeon! We also took the time to improve both the regular version and the corrupted version to be a little bit more fun. Let us know what you think of it!


    The Eldritch Outlook
    (ConquistadorBob, Pepinho, Selvut283, with significant help from Aucorg, ptobey, corpe and Snerp) - This is the Silent Expanse's dungeon, which is unlocked after finishing the two main quests of the area. We tried something new this time, the dungeon itself is quite short (compared to others) and the boss itself is the main challenge. We've developed some new tools so we could create something special specifically for it. It's still only version 1.0, but it might give you a glimpse into what kind of bosses we're working towards for the future. We hope you like it!


    We've been talking about those for a little while now. This update, we're adding a new item rarity: Fabled. They are roughly 10x rarer than legendaries. In terms of power, they stand right in between Legendaries and Mythics.


    They also often feature a new type of ID: Major IDs. These IDs don't have any random rolls, and can give you unique powers never seen before in Wynncraft.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    We've also added 8 new regular IDs as well:
    - Spell Cost (in %)
    - Spell Cost (raw)
    (for every singular spell)
    - Max Sprint
    - Sprint Regen
    - Jump Height
    - Gathering XP Bonus
    - Gathering Speed
    - Loot Quality​


    - Added the ingredient pouch, which can automatically pick up ingredients for you (it also works in loot chests)
    - Following that, ironman players can put any item in their pouch
    - Added a 1s timer before you can purchase a new bank page to avoid accidental purchases
    - Added quick-jump to the bank separators allowing you to skip pages
    - Added a special boss bar showing the HP and defence of mobs you attack
    - Added a special section for the mini-quests in the quest book
    - No more refineries! When gathering, left click or right click the resource to select which refined type of resource you want to gather
    - Following that, it also means no more weight limit! To replace it, tools now have durability
    - Buffed the XP received when gathering. From +50% at low levels to +20% at higher levels
    - Some refineries will stick around near Detlas and Cinfras so you can refine your unprocessed resources. They might go eventually, so don't waste any time
    - Added a /toggle to disable the pouch subtitle text and the new boss bar
    - Improved inventory clicking dramatically (it used to sometime cancel your actions)
    - Unidentified items now shows up as coloured boxes to make them easier to differentiate unidentifieditems.png
    - Unidentified items now display their item type
    - New level cap: 105 (and 106 for the bonus level)
    - Since the level cap is getting increased, we've added a new excess XP feature. The excess XP you will have when leveling up won't be lost. It will be saved and (eventually, not right at release) show up on the leaderboard in your XP stats.
    - Buffed maximum sprint and sprint regen by +50%
    - Buffed the slaying post XP reward by +50%
    - Improved the Sky Islands quite a bit to make them easier to navigate
    - Everyone gets +1 free class slot so they can try the Shaman without having to delete another character
    - Many bosses don't regenerate health over time anymore
    - Bosses/mobs can now cast certain spells in a specific order. This allows them to do more consistent combos
    - Improved ingredient drop rate for boss altars
    - Improved boss altar fights in general
    - New materials for Lv. 103-105 recipes
    - Added a new resource tunnel in Molten Heights
    - New music!
    - Improved the world border near the Olux swamp and Llevigar
    - Fixed some issues with old quests (like frost bite, DnD, corrupted village, etc)
    - Fixed minor issues all around


    By completing the new quest "A Hunter's Calling", you will unlock a new feature: Hunted mode! By right-clicking your soul points, you can enable world-wide PvP (except in towns) against other players who also have it enabled.


    In Hunted mode, you risk dropping items anytime you die (even at 15 soul points!), but you also receive a significant combat & gathering XP bonus. Horses and mythics will never drop, so you don't have to worry about that. When killed, other nearby players can pick up your dropped loot, so be careful!


    After completing the quest, you also gain access to the Hunted challenge gamemode, which forces you to stay in Hunted mode indefinitely. You can select it when creating a new character.

    Now... it's a bit strange to say something like that when announcing a new feature, but keep in mind that Wynncraft is not a game designed around PvP. Some classes and strategies are a bit more suited for it than others. We think it can be a really fun gamemode, but you have to know what you're getting into when enabling it. Be careful out there.


    We will have a HERO beta running later this week/next week. It will last as long as it is necessary for us to fix all bugs/finish stuff. We'll give you more info about the beta when it goes live.

    As for the release itself, we're aiming for later this month if everything goes well (it rarely does). Follow us on twitter, discord or even reddit to be notified when it goes live.


    As always, here's the full credit list of everyone who helped this update. We say it everytime but it's worth repeating: We wouldn't have been able to finish this update without the help of all these people. If you see them in-game, make sure to tell them that they're awesome.

    Salted (@Salted) - Game design, management, ideas
    Grian (@Grian) - Content, management, ideas
    Crunkle (@Crunkle) - Game dev, being cool in general, ideas
    Colin (@colin350) - Website dev, testing, management
    Jumla (@Jumla) - Misc. dev help, emotional support
    redx475 (@redx475) - Network dev

    Content team (in no particular order):
    Imaxelius (@Imaxelius) - Hunter's Calling, The Olmic Rune, Discover the Past + The Order of the Grook quests
    Pepinho (@Pepo) - A Journey Beyond + Point of no return quests, dungeon boss, bug fixes
    Jbip (@Jbip) - Misadventure on the Sea quest, corrupted dungeon + rework, discoveries
    84v (@84v) - A ton of sky islands islands, revamped CUR and UR pallettes, mob models
    Selvut283 (@Selvut283) - SE dungeon, items, improved bosses
    Cruuk_Yoondiink (@Cruuk) - Gathering miniquests, Most rare/toxic area SE mobs
    Quintessee (@Comrade) - Toxic Biome, Eldritch Outlook Dungeon Rooms
    Thomka (@Thomka) - A lot of new dungeon token counters. New custom spells for high-level bosses
    LeoTheLeatherman (@Jack Jackson) - Silent Expanse discoveries & a sneaky surprise in the ruined city
    Hams_ (@Hams) - Management
    ConquistadorBob (@ConquistadorBob) - SE dungeon & caves, dungeon build
    Toy__ (@Toy__) - Barriers, testing
    nicktree (@nicktree) - A journey further quest, mob models, void hole region
    HoneyBlu (@HoneyBlu) - Boats, builds
    Averine (@Averine) - Emotional support
    Altakar (@Altakar) - Reliks, testing
    Snerp (@Snerp) - Llevigar plains/swamp border, Ahmsord improvements, Silent Expanse terrain
    milieus (@milieus) - Designed and edited many skins ranging from humans to creatures, designed a 3x3x3 giant rat
    Creecreeprs (@Creecreeprs) - Barriers, testing
    Chqrlie (@Mr_Philly) - Tons of Silent Expanse builds, lots of work in the Sky Islands (Bridges, terrain)
    lizthecatwoman (@lizthecatwoman) - Hidden Aldorei entrance archway and an eyeball forest biome
    Alexdacube (@Alexdacube) - Cathedral, Ruined City Plaza (market area), SE ruins
    DrBracewell (@DrBracewell) - Various command contraptions
    pogge5 (@pogge5) - Caves, builds for quests & discoveries and some structures
    Rymd_ (@Rymd) - Builds for the Eldritch Outlook, builds for Point Of No Return, misc Silent Expanse builds
    AfroSnail (@AfroSnail) - Entrance to Corrupted Undergrowth Ruins, archway leading to SE ruins, eye trees
    PlasmaticStatic (@Plasmatic) - Sky island terrain + bridges/paths, SE terrain + ruins
    Oculus27 (@Oculus27) - Miscellaneous SE and sky islands terrain work and builds
    Sockmower (@Sockmower) - Made UG / CUG escort more fun, lava minigame in AJB
    Major_Lue (@Major_Lue) - SE ingredients, fabled items, major id concepts
    FortniteGamerGod (@Corpe _) - SE Ultimate Discovery, Majority of SE songs, Eldritch Outlook Boss Theme
    Valaerys (@Valaerys) - SE builds, canyon terrain, lots of CMDs
    ptobey (@ptobey) - Some of the custom spells for the major boss fights and lots of animations
    Aucorg (@Aucorg) - SE boss arena, armor stand models
    Vercynthix (@Vercynthix) - Waterfalls, spikes, floating Islands
    raden3 (@raden3) - Most of Aldorei Town's renovations (all walls, all towers, some houses), some ruins in SE, reskinned towers and walls
    rblotsky (@A Human) - Lots of Grookwarts interior, first room of Eldritch Outlook, Rodoroc Slums for Hunter's Calling
    fongus (@fongus) - Terraforming, organics, ruins
    abiswas (@Abis) - Nesaak discoveries, songs, parts of Recover The Past
    Mergual (@Mergual) - Upper void holes area, Lutho interiors
    AscendedKitten (@Ascended Kitten) - Helped with GM apps/ trials, QA management discussions
    mr_goob_ (@mr_goob_) - Dern discovery
    aws404 (@aws404) - Re-Made some older contraptions (Less lag!), made some fancy new model
    FinnDestroyer (@FinnDestroyer) - Mobs
    Moshimoo (@Moshimoo) - Undergrowth Ruin's boss room & prison for quest
    ExertKarma (@ExertKarma) - Sky castle remake, general building in sky islands/SE
    Moe_Ronickah (@Moe_Ronickah) - QA management and game testing
    Tantibus (@Tantibus) - Discoveries, tutorial updates
    XavierExe (@Xavi) - 3 songs and half of the shaman weapons

    zeldahuman (@zeldahuman) - Shaman weapon models, resource pack updates
    Ryuu (@Ryuu) - Logo, spell and dungeon art
    Michael - Shaman art
    Novalescent (@Novalescent) - Suggesting and helping us with the new spell particles

    Also I want to give a shoutout to our QAs this update. Some of the new quests are pretty heavy and required a lot of testing. QAs helped a ton with them.

    That's it for this changelog! We've tried very hard to do things differently this time, we hope you'll like it. See y'all next time when the beta comes out!
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    woooooo changelog
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    You forgot to include the Big Yoshi boss fight.

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    From the depths of the rodent simulacrum of dregbog he emerges, the rodent beast.. raxodia.
    his 30 trillion brothers shall follow.

    Yop help us if the god of rodents is allowed to roam free..
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    Time for the swarms of shamans in ragni
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    All this time keeping an eye on the Wynncraft forum was worth it...

    So do I get developer karma now?

    I'm so excited! The new dungeon sounds fairly cool! And all of the boss and mob changes I recommended made it in in some way? My God they listened to my Improved Bosses/Combat mechanics suggestion too!!

    Yes, I did collaborate with Salted a bit on the spell effects. It was really fun knowing something the rest of the community didn't. Wow imagine if I could have fun like that all the time...

    Thank you to Salted and Crinkle for giving me an opportunity to work with them! Now I have to do it again for Shaman particles!

    And the particles weren't done in configs it was code. ;)
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    First Page HYPEEEE

    Okay so for the feedback:

    - Mage is finally gonna be OP af. This makes my heart beat faster. Thank you so much guys.
    - I'm guessing around 40% of the time I spend fishing wouldn't have been spend in this update? That's, according to my estimations around 120 hours. Great. I'm not complaining, the other 17 levels I need to 130 will be more doable and maybe I can get it before the update? Who knows ^^
    - Coming in clutch with the Hero beta this or next week :D This is why I bought Hero twice :DDDD
    - These new spell effects look awesome, I wonder who made them thanks @Novalescent
    I'm super curious on what the new undergrowth ruins is gonna look like, looking forward to the new bossroom especially. :o

    That's about it. Maybe I'll ad more later
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    Okay, this is awesome. Thank you CT for all your hard work!

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    epic gamer moment
    ok started reading
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    Woooo, let's gooo!! I hope everyone enjoys this update!
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