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1.18 The Economy Update Changelog

Discussion in 'Major Updates' started by Salted, Dec 3, 2018.

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  1. Salted

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    Hello everyone! It is finally time for the highly anticipated 1.18 Economy Update changelog!

    We recommend you watch our 1 minute trailer before reading the changelog, it'll keep you in the loop as to what we are talking about.

    As the title state, this update will focus on the Wynncraft economy. It's been something we wanted to improve for a very long time. In fact, the profession and crafting system has been a plan of ours since the very beginning of development back in 2012.

    Of course, it's important to remember: this won't fix every issue with the economy instantly. It's a bit hard to know what will happen because the economy is ran by players, which are unpredictable. We have two main goals however:
    - Slow down the inflation
    - Allow players to acquire relatively good wealth without the need to get very lucky (like with mythics)

    Let's get started. (warning: thread is very image-heavy)


    We're adding professions to Wynncraft! There are two types: Gathering and Crafting. You can level them up by gathering resources (for gathering professions) or crafting items (for crafting professions)



    Let's start with gathering. There are 4 gathering professions:

    They work in a very simple way. Get a tool, find the resource, click to gather. You will then receive an unprocessed resource. Those are unusable, and you need to bring them to a refinery scattered around the world to transform them into usable resources.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Every unprocessed resource can get refined into 2 different types:
    Mining: Gems or Ingots
    Farming: Grains or Strings
    Woodcutting: Woods or Papers
    Fishing: Meats or Oils

    Refined resources get a random tier from 1 to 3 when created. Using high tier resources while crafting will give you higher quality items.

    "wait, copper gems? wheat strings? how does-" shhh don't worry 'bout it, it'll get even weirder later

    You get a new gatherable resource every 10 levels, same with tools. The time to gather goes up the higher level it is, so it's highly recommended you get better tools. These can be found in dungeon shops for very low prices.


    And that's the most of it. Pretty simple right? A few more things to note:
    - Unprocessed resources have weight, you can only hold so many until they need to get refined or stashed in your bank.
    - Gathering is completely client-side! This means if your friend cuts a tree in front of you, it'll still appear as if it wasn't cut on your side. Sorry to those who dreamt to cut down the entirety of Nivla with their guild, but at least this system allows you to gather with others without having to fight for every resources.
    - 99% of trees in the world can be chopped. "Well duh!" you might think, but I just wanted to highlight it because replacing thousands of trees into new ones that can be interacted with is a lot more work than it looks.
    - Refining a resource gives a little bit of XP in your profession too
    - The maximum level for each gathering profession is 130. However, after 115 or so, you don't really gain anything from leveling up, it's just for fun. We really don't think anyone will reach that level any time soon, but you guys surprised us before. We'll see.

    Now, what can you do with these refined resources?

    Now to the cool part, Crafting. There are 8 crafting professions:
    Weaponsmithing: Craft spears and daggers
    Tailoring: Craft boots and leggings
    Woodworking: Craft bows and wands
    Armouring: Craft helmets and chestplates
    Scribing: Craft scrolls (works similarly to potions, but affect everyone nearby)
    Jeweling: Craft rings, bracelets and necklaces
    Alchemism: Craft potions
    Cooking: Craft food (works similarly to potions, but generally more long-term with smaller effects)

    To craft, you must first find a crafting station. They are usually in towns and not very hard to find (compared to refineries)


    "Cool" you may think, "we'll finally be able to craft certain items instead of having to get them randomly from mobs/loot chests". Well, not really.

    We wanted to do something a little bit cooler: you can actually craft anything you want. Can't wear an armour because you don't have enough skill points? Just craft a new similar one with lower SP cost! Trying to make a rad build but an item you'd need just doesn't exist? Simply make it! Don't have enough money for a Mythic but you really want to try some funky builds? You know what to do ;)

    Here's how it works.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Refined materials you gathered create the base of your item. Using lvl 10 resources allow you to craft level 10-19 items, using level 20 resources allow you to craft level 20-29 items, etc. When you craft something, it'll look like so:


    *fart noise*

    Yea it's just a normal tier item with a different coloured name. That's what happens if you simply craft something with no ingredients. What are ingredients?

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Ingredients are items dropped by specific mobs (not on a global drop like most regular items). They allow you to add IDs (and more) to your crafted items. They go from tier 0 to tier 3. T0 ingredients replaces current junk items, they are very easy to find and aren't particularly strong. T3 on the other hand are very good, but also rarer.

    You may have noticed by now, but almost all of these ingredients have minus "durability". What is it?

    Crafted items are generally stronger than regular items, but they also come with durability. When you use these items, the durability will go down and you will eventually need to visit a Blacksmith to repair them. Worry not, items will never get destroyed, they just become less effective the more broken they become.

    "Wait, a Blacksmith?" you might ask. Yes, Item Buyers are now known as Blacksmiths. They still buy items for emerald, but now also allow you to scrap items for... scrap. Scrap is used to repair your broken crafted items. Generally, using low tier items (normal/uniques) is a good way to get scrap easily at low costs.

    Anyway, every ingredient has a durability (or duration) cost. You can create absolutely overpowered items, but you will end up with a durability so low it'll reach 0% after less than a minute of using it. You have to balance power and durability to create something good that is usable. It might get tricky at times.
    Each gathering job has been designed so they affect half of the crafting jobs. It's a very bottom-up way, so some crafting recipes might feel slightly strange.
    For example, helmets and chestplates recipes require paper, crops can be made into string, gems can be made out of any ore, etc. The upside is that it should allow each gathering profession to have their place in this whole thing, without being undermined by other, more useful professions. Here's a somewhat confusing image showing it, that I made about a year or more ago


    Few things to note:
    - Powders can be used as ingredients to add element damage/defense to your crafted items without taking powder slots
    - Some ingredients (we call them meta-ingredients internally) can affect other ingredients while crafting. It's one of my favourite part of this system: depending on where you place ingredients while crafting, they can get boosted by other ingredients. We'll let y'all discover those by yourself
    - The maximum level for a crafting profession is 130 like the gathering ones. Again, it stops giving you anything useful at 110 or so, so reaching that level is purely for fun and nothing else.
    - Using ingredients when crafting can give a lot more Crafting XP, we highly recommend you use your "worthless" tier 0 ingredients when trying to level up

    We hope you enjoy these new professions! It's been something we wanted to do since so long, and we wanted to make sure to do something interesting and unique with it. Just keep in mind a lot of balance changes will come after the update drops.

    If you're still a bit unsure about how it all works, worry not! The new King's Recruit show you how to use these new features. Oh yea, we worked on quests this update too! Let's talk about that.


    For this section, I'll let Grian speak, as he managed most of it.​

    It's me, ya boy - Grian. I get a section in this changelog, go me! So as many of you know, my main task used to be building the map and managing the content team, but my role has shifted over the years as the content team is pretty much self reliant when it comes to building and design. So now I'm more of a director for the talented team but mostly I take care of quests, working closely with each GM on their quest designing the story and gameplay to make them the best they can be.​

    Let’s start with the exciting quests:


    The Mummy’s Tomb (Hams, Phurple, Averine, Thomka, Pepinho)
    Nothing major here GM wise, but it should feel nicer to play with an upgrade to the temple build, the puzzle and the mobs. A group effort to improve the general gameplay of this quest, but at its core it hasn’t changed too much.

    Deja Vu (Dextral)
    This is “Technically” a rework, but basically we removed suspended flowers and wrote a fresh quest from the ground up. This quests shows the true power of time valley and how complicated things can get. We also have a guest appearance from the elusive old man Martyn. This was Dextrals first and only quest for this update, and I have to say it’s incredibly impressive.

    Frost Bite (Springvibes, Imaxelius)
    Again, rework in this case means a complete redo - It was started by Springvibes, however being a GM is not an easy job and not everyone has the time so unfortunately he had to drop the project - But the pieces picked up by the hero of this update for quests; Imaxe. This quest delves into Theorick’s past but more importantly the consequences of his actions. It’s a definite improvement from the mess that was the original frost bite.

    King’s Recruit (Tutorial) - (Tanti)
    The tutorial has seen many iterations over the years, but this time we had to make a big change to introduce a lot of the new mechanics Salted talked about. Since this was such an important quest to get right, it was left to our veteran GM Tantibus who really didn’t need all that much help from me and has made a fantastic introduction to Wynncraft.
    Note: You will be forced to redo this quest before you can explore the world again when the update comes out

    Star Thief (Howtozombie, Imaxe)
    This was originally undertaken by Howtozombie, but like spring, he also couldn’t continue - So once again our hero Imaxe picked up the small quest to get it done. This one talks a little bit about meteors and their power. Enjoy.

    Maltic’s Well (Imaxe)
    Now this one IS a rework, there have been some general improvements made to the story to make it a bit more humorous and fun to play. Imaxelius picked up this quest on the side because he was bored, he truly is a mad man.

    Infested Plants (Imaxe)
    A short rework of the old Spider Cave by, again, the amazing Imaxe.

    Miniquests (Cruuk_Yoondiink)
    Quests have changed a bit since their introduction years ago. They used to be more fetch-like, and overtime we made them a bit more like 20 minutes adventures instead. However, it can still be fun at times to simply kill generic mobs without having to go around the world on an epic adventure. These 29 miniquests go from level 5 to 99 and require very simple tasks from the player. They can usually be finished in less than 10 minutes or so. It might not sound like much, but making 29 of those and testing them properly is quite time consuming, all done by the one and only Cruuk.


    Quest bug fixes (Both by Pepinho)
    - Tunnel trouble
    - Meaningful Holidays

    And finally; the quests everyone has been overhyped for far too long: The Molten Heights questline; Dwarves and Doguns.

    Dwarves and Doguns Part I to IV (Imaxelius)
    I don’t want to spoil the story of this one too much; because it’s something people have been asking for. It’s not unfair to say that Molten Heights has been a bit over hyped - simply because it wasn’t completed all that time ago.

    That being said, Imaxe has worked tirelessly to put my story for Molten Heights in game and bring life to the war between Doguns and Dwarves, and aims to teach you a little of their history - without the use of flashbacks. This quest is quite good at keeping the player on the ground and experiencing the present and explaining history in a different way.

    There are some epic puzzles, lots of cutscenes (especially in the first one) and some brilliant fights, and Imaxe made this all possible. Without Imaxe, as you might be able to tell from reading the quest section we would only have 2 quests to release this update, so the fact that we have 9 rests solely on his shoulders.

    I firmly believe that Dwarves and Doguns are some of the best quests we’ve made, even if I think it won’t meet the extremely high expectations. If you do enjoy this quest, please make sure to tell Imaxe what a fantastic job he’s done. I personally still don’t believe how fast and well he put these together. Enjoy.

    Minor Quests Edits
    Not enough to call them reworks, but we've improved:
    Elemental Exercise - Lv. 10
    Mushroom Man - Lv. 12
    Pit of The Dead - Lv. 23
    Meaningful Holiday - Lv. 33
    Fate of the Fallen - Lv. 43
    Bob’s Lost Soul - Lv. 45
    The Worm Holes - Lv. 54
    Zhight Island - Lv. 55
    Taproot - Lv. 62
    Lost In The Jungle - Lv. 62
    Troubled Tribesmen - Lv. 73
    Murder Mystery - Lv. 74
    Finding The Light - Lv. 71
    The Ultimate Weapon - Lv. 75

    Reworked Builds
    Now, because of the new update content, almost everything in the entire map got improved visually, and the whole Content Team are to thank for that - However there are some bigger builds that are worth pointing out and who was behind the block when it was made.

    Here’s a ‘small’ list:
    • Mage Island (ConquistadorBob)
    • Zhight Island (FatCatBuilds, Bob, CutyDino, Aucorg, HoneyBlu)
    • Ternaves (CocoTheCorgi, Alphhaa, Malusi and CutyDino)
    • Elkurn (Snerp)
    • Lost Sanctuary Dungeon Bridge (Bob)
    • House of Twain area (Snerp)
    • Underworld Crypt Dungeon entrance (Bob)
    • Nesaak Terrain (Bob)
    • Jungle Terrain (Snerp)
    • A lot of Gavel Terrain (Snerp)
    • Half Moon Island (Snerp)
    • Bear Island (FatCatBuilds)
    • Detlas (Bob, Sanmarcosja, AfroSnail)
    • Leadin Fortress (Snerp)
    • Tree Village (Daveytje)
    • Efilim (Sanmarcosja)
    • Jofash (Alexdacube, Quintessee)
    • Ghost ship (Averine)
    • Old Relic Island (Various people)
    • Maex (Thalassophile, and many other people)

    Discoveries (CookedPelvis + Pepinho + Nicktree)
    Last update introduced discoveries, a popular addition to the game. We decided to continue with our goal of filling the entire world with them, region by region. This update we added discoveries to the desert, a place with extremely low lore in general. Hopefully through the discoveries, you can uncover with Dr Junes the history of the sandy land.

    The discoveries for this update were a bit of a side project, as you can tell from the sheer list of things done. Lead by CookedPelvis, he worked really hard to pick up this project from Headset_O and was determined to make sure some discoveries were added in this update, which I, and I know a lot of you will be thankful for. With help from the new and talented Nicktree and Pepinho, they were able to make this happen.

    Due to the nature of discoveries being secret I shall say no more - but happy hunting!

    Alright that’s it from me, I know there will be a large credits list at the end, but I want to thank everyone who i’ve worked with in the CT to make this update happen. They all worked so hard for this update and I am incredibly proud.


    - Improved some wands and mob totem models, fixed diamond boots model and updated accessory sprites
    - You can now hover over player's name to see their past username, or their tag to see their overall profession levels
    - Clicking on players username in chat will autocomplete /message to quickly message them
    - Dungeons Token hoppers have been reworked to be easier to use
    - Buffed CSST XP reward ;)
    - Updated SST and CSST to be more fun to play
    - Changed dungeons minimum level to enter from -15 to -5 from the dungeon level
    - Added a lot of mob models to existing and new mobs
    - Doubled the maximum bank space
    - Elevators added in Molten Heights and Ahmsord
    - Extended the Void region
    - Raised the level cap from 101 to 104. These 3 new levels don't give any skill points or anything, they're purely cosmetic (except for using high level crafted item which can go up to level 103). 101 now takes a regular amount of XP to reach, and Lv. 103 -> 104 takes as much XP as leveling up from Lv. 1 -> 103.
    - New update room
    - Improved Fallen Factory conveyor belt section
    - Improved a lot of paths and terrains
    - Added jumpads to Llevigar to reach the top faster
    - Increased all rings effectiveness
    - Added Corrupted Ice Barrows Dungeon!
    - Changes to XP requirements. Mostly affects mid-game, it straights out the curve slightly
    (not accurate, overly exaggerated for the joke. the actual amount is much smaller and subtle, don't worry)


    What? It's secret. Did you really expect the changelog to log all changes? You'll know what it is in due times.


    We're having a HERO beta for this update! It's likely gonna be a buggy one, you've been warned! Testing progression on 100 levels, on 12 professions on a huge map like this is pretty hard, so we'll need all the help we can get. We plan to have it ready for this week and we'll open a forum section for all the feedback you may have. Please let us know what you think of the update, it's a pretty big one!

    We'll post a thread in the news section when the beta will start! We'll also alert y'all on Twitter and Discord too. Stay tuned!

    As for the release of the update to everyone else, we still have no exact date, but it's getting pretty close! If beta goes very well, you should see it come out this month. We'll also keep you updated on that as we become more certain of the release date.​


    As always after every major update, we write out the list of everyone who helped make this update possible. We're not as big as other servers, so having help from passionate people is important to allow us to keep making new content. If you see them in game, tell them they're awesome, because they are.

    Special mention for Thomka, Imaxelius, Snerp, Aucorg and ConquistadorBob. These guys did so much for the update it's a bit unreal. The whole CT worked a lot on this update, but we felt like highlighting these ones.

    Salted (@Salted) - Game Design, management, ideas
    jpresent (@jpresent) - Lead Dev, management, ideas
    Grian (@Grian) - Quest Content, management, ideas
    Colin350 (@colin350) - Web Dev
    redx475 (@redx475) - Network Dev
    Jumla (@Jumla) - Emotional support

    Content Team (with top 3 of their work this update, in no particular order):
    Imaxelius (@Imaxelius) - Managed MH, Sky Islands & Nivla/Detlas region, MH questline and many other quests
    XavierEXE (@Xavi) - Rebalanced poison/LS IDs and rings
    Electrolysis (@Electrolysis) - Ingredients, Items
    Pepoo (@Pepo) - Fixed a dozen quests, event airship, mobs
    nicktree (@nicktree) - MH quest section, discoveries
    HoneyBlu (@JustDJplease) - Refineries area, boat reworks, grootslang resource cave
    Jbip (@Jbip) - Mobs
    ConquistadorBob (@ConquistadorBob) - Managed Nesaak region, reworked trees, caves and Detlas city
    DrBracewell (@DrBracewell) - MH CMDs, QOL changes
    Thalasophile (@Thalassophile) - Maex, upper MH terrain
    pogge5 (@pogge5) - Void islands, Zhight cave and other caves
    FatCatBuilds (@Fat Cat) - Bear island, Zhight island, lots of big trees work
    Daaazo (@Dazo) - Trees & more, cave decorations
    AscendedKitten (@Ascended Kitten) - Managed Olux swamp region, script and schematic work for Deja Vu quest
    _LeatherMan (@Jack Jackson) - Managed Cinfras county and upper COTL region, explorable content across the map
    PlasmaticStatic (@Plasmatic) - Boats, build reworks & terraforming
    Cruuk_Yoondiink (@Cruuk) - All mini-quests, mobs work
    Tantibus (@Tantibus) - New King's Recruit quest, script work
    R_md (@Rymd) - Maro peaks builds, other builds
    zeldahuman (@zeldahuman) - Resource pack, new economy sprites/models
    Thomka (@Thomka) - Dungeon QOL improvements, many cutscenes and puzzles
    pokextreme (@Pokextreme) - Item rebalance, ingredients
    Valaerys (@Valaerys) - Lots of CMDs
    Dextral1 (@Dextral Malin) - Deja Vu quest
    corpe_ (@Corpe _) - MH CMDs, general CMD work
    Stag2001 (@Stag2001) - Armour stand models, testing, barrier work
    Snerp (@Snerp) - Managed the Jungle, LF and DF regions, reworked terrains and mob work
    DaBlueTigerGirl (@DaPloo) - Lots of skins, removed trees and Maex builds
    aws404 (@aws404) - Model, SST/CSST CMD and scripts
    Alexdacube (@Alexdacube) - Rework Jofash, dernel houses/temples and ternaves builds
    Aucorg (@Aucorg) - Managed COTL lower, lots of armour stand models, refineries models, resource models
    Oculus27 (@Oculus27) - Reworked terrains and paths, other misc. requests
    Selvut283 (@Selvut283) - Managed the Ocean region, item rebalance, ingredients
    SilvahMirror (@SilverMirror) - Item making/rebalancing, managed community item feedback
    CocoTheCorgi (@CocoTheCorgi) - Misc. help
    jptheflip (@jptheflip) - Rings rebalance, ingredients
    Quintessee (@FanceDance) - Great bridge terrain, Taproot cave work, many caves
    Alphhaa (@Alphhaa) - Many houses and refineries build, armour stand models
    naybelline (@naybelline) - Quest QA, barriers, moral support
    Averine (@Averine) - Ghost ship rework, galleon near Corkus, reworked SST/Mummy's tomb entrances
    3a_ (@mistyfront) - Rings rebalance, ingredients
    sanmarcosjca (@Marco) - Efilim, Detlas airbase
    Major_Lue (@Major_Lue) - Made majority of all ingredients
    Dextication (@Dextication) - King's Recruit end area, cave, coastal trail improvements
    CookedPelvis (@CookedPelvis) - Managed the Nemract and Desert/Mesa region, Saint's Row rework, discoveries
    Ceciliya (@Ceciliyaa) - Ingredients, rings rebalance
    Lord_He1mchen (@Lord_He1mchen) - Lots of QA work, barrier placements, quests testing
    Ryuu (@Ryuu) - Logo art
    Hams_ (@Hams) - Managed Savannah, Black Road, Time Valley regions, oceans/corkus resources, general eco work in every regions
    Mergual (@Mergual) - Builds for desert ultimate discovery, Yahya's house
    12nebur27 (@12DaBob27) - Managed Corkus region, ingredients
    summitwei (@Hephaestus) - Item balancing, resources placement
    Phurple (@Phurple) - Mummy's tomb builds, dernel temples redo, trebuchet
    highbread (@highbread) - Items
    milieus (@milieus) - Skins for creatures and humans
    AfroSnail (@AfroSnail) - SST/CSST work, Detlas interiors
    Malusi (@Malusi) - Sky island boss cave, wynn terrains, waterfall redo near Thesead
    RLLL93 (@RLLL93) - Terraforming, caves/bridges/towers work​
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    This a pretty cool update :D
    I did a FUCK tonne of stuff all around the map!
    (Even got involved in mob making uwu)
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    Massive shoutout to the entire CT, it’s been awesome working with everyone - good work guys!!
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