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1.16 Nether Only Survival

Discussion in 'Minecraft' started by Golurk__, Mar 21, 2020.

  1. Golurk__

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    Hey there, couldn't think of a better place to post this.

    With the new 1.16 snapshots, it is easier than ever to fully survive in Minecraft's nether biome without ever going to the overworld.
    Not too long ago, I made a new Minecraft world, went into creative, built a nether portal, went inside, broke the portal, set my spawnpoint in the nether, and began my game.

    With the new biomes, wood is accessible in the nether along with various foods. I found mushroom stews made from naturally spawning red and brown mushrooms to be the most reliable.

    You can get tools and armor, most of them will just be gold or wood though. You can easily get full gold armor by mining the new nether gold ore, which grants 3-5 golden nuggets per ore, and is mineable with any pickaxe. You can even get iron and diamond tools if you look hard enough, given loot from nether fortresses. In my 5 hours of gametime, I've only been able to make a single iron pickaxe however. You can also rarely get iron nuggets from bartering with the new piglin mobs.

    You can get plenty of useful miscellaneous items from bartering with piglins. Some of the more interesting have been tons of enderpearls, obsidian, fire resistance potions, leather, string, and iron nuggets.

    I have played for long enough to run out of ideas on what to do however. After converting a fortress into a base, mining away a large section of a nether fortress, doing some terraforming, making paths to 0, 0, etc. I have run out of ideas on what to do. I could fight the wither if I wanted, but my golden armor and lack of arrows for my bow would be hard, although I could make strength potions.

    Necessary materials to advance further into the game include cobblestone to make furnaces, paper to make an enchantment table, and more time spent toward finding iron and diamond in nether fortresses across the world.

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to get cobblestone to make a furnace? I was thinking of making a campfire at least, to cook hoglin meat, however the nether wood does not work in the recipe, and other than that, I have all other materials necessary.
    Enchantment tables are the same, I have everything necessary except the paper to make the book for it.
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  2. Gladion Altair

    Gladion Altair Tomorrow's calling for you, can you hear it too?

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    I believe nether wood might have been intended to work for things like campfires, maybe a bug?
    I haven't played the new snapshot much, but if you do finish this, I'm sure people would enjoy maybe a video on it. As far as I know you are one of the obly ones attempting this challenge. Good luck on the rest of your nether journey!