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Discussion in 'Guilds' started by CalAnders, Aug 3, 2019.

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  1. CalAnders

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    The Mage Legacy was founded in October 12, 2016. Run by the faithful arch-mage CalAnders, we hope to incite wisdom into new recruits and teach them the ways of magic. Our guild’s foundation is a powerful spell of trust and respect, and years of growth have helped us solidify this foundation. Today, we are an active war guild, constantly growing in strength. Now, we look to grow in numbers, as we wish to develop what every guild should possess: a vibrant and unique community.

    Our guild statistics (such as members list, guild capacity, current level, etc.) can be found here

    1) Respect your colleagues. We are all friends in The Mage Legacy, and we will not tolerate any harassment or disrespectful behavior from anyone.

    2) Represent our guild well. While competition is expected among guilds, know your limits. Harassing or insulting other guild members in a way that negatively represents our guild is not tolerated.

    3) Activity is important within our guild. We will kick any members who do not login for 14 days without reason.

    4) Swearing is allowed and there will be no filters in chat.

    5) Discord is not required to join our guild if you wish to become a member of the community. However, discord is required for members of the guild's war division.​


    Guild Owner. Only CalAnders possesses this rank. Unobtainable. The arch-mage has completely control over anything that happens in both community and war divisions of The Mage Legacy

    Mage Council
    The Mage Council governs the guild, and consists of the Arch-mage and highly trusted members. We carry out plans for the guild’s war division, and decide the rules and how to regulate the guild. Only the guild’s most active and trusted members are invited to become a part of the council. The Mage Council is represented by the chief rank (three stars) in-game.

    Battle Mage
    Battle mages make up the war division. Battle mages show up frequently to war nights, are proven to be excellent fighters both on their own and in groups during wars. Battle mages have the ability to carry out wars on their own. In order become a member of the war division, specific requirements must be met. All members not in the war division are in the community division. Battle mages are represented with two stars (captain rank) in-game

    Community Mage
    Community mages are not capable of starting wars on their own. Rather, they are more about the community aspect of The Mage Legacy. Community mages are more casual guild members, focused less on guilds and more on their own goals. All novice members are community mages to start. Community mages are all represented with 1 stars (recruiter rank) in-game.

    Novice Mage
    New guild members. Represented by the recruit rank (0 stars) in-game. After proving themselves to be a positive addition to our guild, they will move on to either becoming a community or battle mage.​


    NOTE: You do not need to have a mage class to join the guild.

    If you wish to apply for the guild, please do so below: All applications are handled and to be sent on this thread. DO NOT send your application through a P.M.. We will notify you in-game or on forums if you have been accepted into the guild after you send your application.

    The main aspect we're looking for, whether you're a Battle Mage and war frequently or a Community Mage enjoying your stay, we'd like to see you as active and online as possible.

    We do not care about how you choose to format your application, but it must contain the information below:
    Highest level/class:
    Discord Name:
    Average server activity per week:
    Previous guild affiliation:
    Why do you want to join The Mage Legacy:​

    There is no level requirement for joining our guild! We welcome any members of Wynn, both new and veteran alike. However, please note that if you wish to become part of the guild’s war division (battle mage), a high-level class capable of soloing or assisting greatly in wars will be required.

    If you do get accepted, please contact @CalAnders or any Community Mage online.
    You will be invited to the discord server immediately after joining The Mage Legacy.

    If you get denied, we hope to see another application in two weeks showing growth!​
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  2. SinSoro

    SinSoro Newbie Adventurer VIP

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    Username: SinSoro
    Highest level/class: Lvl 42 Mage
    Timezone: Western European Time Zone (GMT)
    Discord Name: Puffy catto#0115
    Average server activity per week: usally minimum of 7 ish hours
    Previous guild affiliation: No previous guild joined
    Why do you want to join The Mage Legacy: I would like to join this Guild as i am a new (ish) player in the wynncraft community and after a while of playing solo i have decided upon the idea of joining a guild to increase my enjoyment of this server but to also meet new people in this community.
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