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Comments on Profile Post by CatFan105

  1. lemonalade
    Fight the Earth's core, annihilate the planet. Remove gravity
    Dec 26, 2022
  2. DungeonBee
    Or, you know, you could just mlg water bucket…
    Dec 26, 2022
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  3. CatFan105
    Makes me wonder if there are people using mage to get around and don't use double vision
    I tired moving around without lightweight by teleport8ng and you die very easily
    Dec 26, 2022
  4. lemonalade
    For some reason teleport is the only movement spell that doesn't seem to negate fall damage. Probably due to how overpowered it is otherwise (Warp moment)
    Dec 26, 2022
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  5. CatFan105
    I'd probably use double vision anyways, I enjoy the jump & sprint boosts
    Dec 27, 2022
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  6. DungeonBee
    Was thinking about why teleport doesn’t negate fall damage. My thoughts (could be COMPLETELY WRONG) is that every other movement spell affects your velocity. This could make it hard to code when fall damage is calculated from. Because teleport “blinks” you to the position admins didn’t care about negating fall damage.
    Jan 2, 2023
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