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Comments on Profile Post by The_Red_Moon

  1. Cami (But a cat)
    Cami (But a cat)
    Only with her burst though, as far as I'm aware
    Sep 20, 2021
    Kahsol likes this.
  2. MasterofEternity
    I'm gonna skip her, skip her good
    Sep 20, 2021
    Kahsol and The_Red_Moon like this.
  3. The_Red_Moon
    f2p pain... i would love kokomi but i got baal so no kokomi for me
    Sep 21, 2021
    Kahsol likes this.
  4. Kahsol
    I’d go for kokomi only if she was free
    Sep 23, 2021
    MineMasterRC and The_Red_Moon like this.