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Wynncraft, the Minecraft MMORPG. Play it now on your Minecraft client at (IP): play.wynncraft.com. No mods required! Click here for more info...

Comments on Profile Post by Retathrah

  1. SmileyAlec
    nothing beats wynn when it comes to content drought
    Oct 27, 2020
    Kahsol likes this.
  2. Antra
    Warframe: gets new open world update. Players: wow finally something new.

    Wynncraft players: you guys are getting updates?
    Oct 27, 2020
    Retathrah, ghoti0315 and SmileyAlec like this.
  3. ghoti0315
    (Not braindead) Warframe Players: oh you have idea how many bugs we have eh
    Oct 27, 2020
  4. Retathrah
    Either i was too naive to notice or y'alls gotten a lot more cynical. Either way, happy to keep an eye on here more closely again
    Oct 28, 2020