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Wynncraft, the Minecraft MMORPG. Play it now on your Minecraft client at (IP): play.wynncraft.com. No mods required! Click here for more info...
Oct 26, 2015
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July 24
In the land of the Garmoth
BabyMetal x Naruto


Be Mindful, Female, from In the land of the Garmoth


I’ve been away over the summer however not back at all. If you need appeals sorted, please contact other mods or Salkasm. Ty :) Nov 7, 2019

    1. 893759837245
      Happy Birthday!
      1. BeeMiner and Kahsol like this.
    2. SlyamPoetry
    3. ocu
      are you alive
      1. Alessio Pezzella likes this.
    4. Brutakah
      Where’d you go Bee?
      Tis a bit lonely without you~ (*´-`)
    5. BeeMiner
      I’ve been away over the summer however not back at all. If you need appeals sorted, please contact other mods or Salkasm. Ty :)
      1. Naraka00 likes this.
      2. Druser
        congrats on no longer being the alphabetically first mod!
        Nov 7, 2019
    6. Linnyflower
      how exactly would BABYMETAL and Naruto sound when patched together
      1. BeeMiner likes this.
      2. BeeMiner
        Why would this be a good match? Havent heard an official Naruto ST. Try BandMaid xD
        Nov 7, 2019
    7. Hunter468
      Can sometimes the wynncraft server make a unban of all banned accounts ?
      1. Salkasm
        Wynncraft has no intentions to do a global unban neither in near nor far future.
        Nov 1, 2019
        Maarcus likes this.
    8. CamRudd237
      So I ran across Wynncraft again. Man, some time has passed (4-5 years to be exact). Saw your post on my wall, the stacks of LE I gave away before I left. Just wanted to say I hope all is well with you Bee, I remember ya !! <3
      1. BeeMiner and Official store like this.
    9. Druser
      wow not being first mod alphabetically anymore
    10. itZz_Hero
      Hi BeeMiner You Banned Me in 2016 and i want you to unban me i cant do an appeal because he sayd to Me You dont have any banned in my account
      and when i try to join he sayd to me im banned Pls Help Me
      1. Alessio Pezzella likes this.
    11. YoshisWorld
      I guess I'll be the first :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY
      1. BeeMiner likes this.
      2. BeeMiner
        Thank you xD
        Nov 7, 2019
    12. zhyrn
      Hey, So i was doing the bigfoot quest and collected 2/3 items. Was fighting bigfoot and died but lost my 2 items from that quest, they were untradeable items so /fixquests didn't work. Is there any way for me to get those 2 items back so i can complete the quest?
    13. Lex!
    14. Jaakeeee
      Hello! I have an issue right now where in I can't log into the server since I'm banned for killaura (apparently). I tried appealing on the website using my current IGN and my old IGN but it won't let me create an appeal. I have created threads and they told me to contact a moderator for help. Hoping for your favorable response.
    15. Snorting FunDip
      Snorting FunDip
      Sorry for the inconvenience, but I'm currently stuck on the third phase of the quest "Frost Bite." I'm unable to complete it because of a bug. The NPCs for the quest have despawned, and I cant access the area I need to go to next, as the entrance closed off when the NPCs disappeared. If possible, resetting my accounts progress on this quest might work, as I would be able to just redo it from the beginning.
    16. Bella Reis
      Bella Reis
      Hello, I need help with something which is that I am stuck in a quest. I am stuck in a wall that was breaking and now built itself back up again and I cannot escape. I really need help please
    17. BeeMiner
      Lost your way? Too bad. You won't find any acceptance here.
    18. DucksAreScary
      Please help. I lost a quest item in the middle of a quest and can't get it back. /fixquests doesn't bring the item back either. It was the Darvens and Doungs part 1 quest and I lost the dragons bone thing. Any help would be much appreciated. I realized I lost it when Plario requested it.
      1. DucksAreScary
        Nevermind. I was just being an idiot.
        Apr 23, 2019
    19. ActualTrrash
      Hey can i have help I got my brother's account and it's banned and i can't make appeal because the name is different.
      1. Naraka00
        hi, have you tried to make a ban appeal with his previous names? and what is the minecraft name he currently has?
        Apr 21, 2019
    20. mouldy
      i kind of feel sorry for you since you’re the first member on the staff list and people keep coming to you for help
      1. Druser, BeeMiner and coolname2034 like this.
      2. BeeMiner
        It's not a problem. Other mods also get inquiries for help as well xD. Players might never have been onto the Forums before, besides having to send in a ban appeal for the first time.
        Jan 5, 2019
        Bear_Force and mouldy like this.
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  • About

    July 24
    In the land of the Garmoth
    BabyMetal x Naruto
    Yeh, it's still me .. Day & Night


    January 29, 2018 Slapped with an Avocado! Thank you for the invite to the QA team!

    December 2017 new Asus Strix laptop / Acer 144Hz monitor/ G203/302 mouse

    Jan 24, 2017 My PC set up: just found out that there is a thread to post pics and stats. Around November 2016 Bam helped me build a PC from CyberPowerPC, and move gaming from Macbook Air. It was to be comparable in cost if I were to buy an iMac with similar graphic power & memory capacities. I was tired of getting kicked from Wynn 20x a day, and not being able to have more than 2 apps open (Wynn/Safari). The day I became Mod, I resolved to get a better computer. There was no way I could have OBS, Google chrome with multiple tabs, Wynn, Skype & Discord open at the same time:

    My only wish now is to have +100 download speeds.

    The Thanksgiving/Christmas season is all a big blur. All I know is that when people are awake, I'm sleeping. When I'm sleeping, its daytime outside xD

    November 26, 2016
    Bee got a Bee


    11/26/16 I need a Hero! 1:1 Msg:Like Ratio

    November 8, 2016
    LEVEL 100 !! In an unexpected way ..

    October 28, 2016
    Passed my Trials! Full Mod in town ;p

    October 9/10, 2016: Completed Fantastic Voyage & Fortuneteller

    October 7th, 2016: Holy Smokes: I got invited as Trial Mod. Odnod is my compadre in this! Suddenly, I feel very nervous with such a big responsibility. I'll do my best learning from the best to be a great Mod! XOXO

    October 5/6th, 2016: Finally tried 70% of the new Altars with Bam. Thanks to Putrid on sound advice, and to the threads posted by the discoverers of these Altars!

    Sept 22, 2016 Visit to Rayshyroth:

    September 16th, 2016
    Mage 98 &

    ??? Quest Completed
    (Mucho thanks to Penguin7922, Bam7264, DarkTheDino and RottenEggz)

    September 3rd 2016 Mage 95 [​IMG]

    Ethnicity does not matter to me but if you look really hard in all my posts, you can discover mine! I grew up and travelled to many countries when I was a kid/teen and studied the "O" levels and then did my International Baccalaureate at an International school in Singapore. Did my University/College in Southern California. Community College in Photography. I love art, reading, dance, photography, cooking and traveling. I have a younger brother. I began watching YT Minecraft videos of Etho and CoeStar in MC Let's Plays in Beta and got interested in Minecraft - only in creative.

    Sept. 16, 2015: my first MMORPG - Wynncraft.
    Introduced to it by IGN ziyimonkey! The forums is my second family! I'm learning much wisdom, tricks of the trade, new languages, a shoulder to cry on, shared exciting finds and deals in trades. I wish i could spend every in-game moment with every friend I have made on this server, but I can't! So Forums is a way to keep in touch! Even trades have turned to some best friends. Huge hugs and kisses to YOU!

    I've always had this skin (clouds and sky for the head, sun trees lake and sailboat for the daytime torso) since i started MC early 2015.

    Favs ~

    Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy
    Monty Python
    Terry Pratchett - Discworld books
    Potter everything
    Hobbit/Lord of The Rings
    Scott Westerfeld
    William Gibson
    Neil Gaiman
    Game of Thrones
    Van Gogh Monet O'Keefe
    Klimt Klee Magritte Miro
    Cartier-Bresson Kertesz Nachtweh Lange McKenna
    Dark Chocolate & Raspberries
    Shrimp & Crispy Bacon
    Bavarian Weisswurst
    Pistachio n Coffee Ice Cream
    MC: Dark Oak Forest/ Blue Orchids
    Doctor Who - David Tennant & Matt Smith
    Torchwood - John Barrowman
    MC ~ Coestar Etho Guude VintageBeef kurtjmac docm77
    Chocolate Labrador
    Hadrien / Irises
    Rare find: Valley of the Pink Sheep




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