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Connection Issues You Are Already Logged Into This Server

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by KeanuReee, Nov 2, 2019.

  1. KeanuReee

    KeanuReee Travelled Adventurer

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    The server just disconnects me at random, then, when I try to rejoin, it kick me out, claiming I was already logged into the server. It takes me at least a minute before I can reconnect. This happened to me TWICE in fallen factories, and everytime I rejoin, unlike in other dungeons where I would spawn back where I left off, this one sends me to the entrance with -2 soul points, as if I died.

    It took me 3 hours of searching to find a fallen factory guardian the first time I "died" to this connection glitch, and the other time, I searched for 1 week and a half and got so desperate that I bought the key from a guy for 25 LE. The guy was absolutely shocked as to why I was so willing to pay so much but my luck with these key guardians are so bad, I found my first sewer dungeon key guardian at lvl 34!

    So can you plz fix this glitch as well as increase the spawn rate of key guardians?
  2. A Human

    A Human Definitely not an alien. QA Builder

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    Hey! Can you describe the issue in a bit more detail? For example, what exactly happens when you disconnect? When does this tend to occur? What exactly does it say when you try to rejoin? Is the issue similar to this thread: https://forums.wynncraft.com/threads/you-have-logged-in-somewhere-else.256080/?