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World of Warcraft?

Discussion in 'Other Games' started by Chemplo, Mar 23, 2022.

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    Aight second post on the forums let's go!!

    Anyways, let's get this post started. The whole point of me posting this forum thread is to ask the question: What is the difference between WoW and Wynncraft?

    I've been playing wynncraft for about a year now. I have gotten all 5 different classes to max level and have now reached the point where I want to expand into new MMORPG games. I have heard many times that WoW is similar to wynncraft and many people who play wynncraft also play WoW. I just want to know what exactly is similar and different between the 2 so I could possibly play in the future if I like it.

    If y'all don't know anything about WoW, I would also appreciate it if you could recommend some other good MMORPG games that I can try out. Any type of MMORPG games are accepted (as long as it is MMORPG!!) and also please reference that cost of the game. I am currently still in school and I don't want to waste too much money on games so preferably free games first. But, if there is a really good MMORPG and it costs money, it's fine if you mention it, I'll just try it when I'm more financially free.

    Thanks in advance for all the suggestions (or none if no one reads this thread) and I am now going to go back to paying attention to my analysis course.
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    I’m going to gloss over the attributes of Wynn because you’ve played enough of it that it becomes your measuring stick.
    TL;DR at bottom.

    Wynncraft isn’t too similar to World of Warcraft, from what I noticed.
    Initially is the cost, where Wynn basically costs what your Mc account does. WoW is subscription-based, costing roughly €80 per 6 months (best rate).

    WoW is set primarily on the fictional world of Azeroth. It has 2 factions, the Alliance and Horde, each with 11 races (5 per are unlocked via questing in certain zones). The story goes that the two factions hate each other, enabling PvP for those that want to do that. These two factions live in separate cities and outposts, and entering the other faction’s outpost generally spells pain. There is also a language barrier that makes cross-faction communication more difficult. Each race has its set of racial bonuses, one (usually) of which is an active ability on a 1-2 minute cooldown.
    There are 12 classes, 10 which start at level 1 and the other two, “hero classes,” start at level 8. Each race has between 6 and 10 classes it can play as based on in-game lore, like humans being unable to be druids or shamans because they are relatively young and thus unconnected to the moon or elements, respectively. Each class has 3 specializations constructed from spells and abilities with a certain theme. More spells are earned with more levels.
    Every two years an expansion is released, and the two factions have to call a temporary truce to explore the new zone and fight the expansion perpetrator. These tend to be demons, eldritch Old Gods, or the previous Horde leader who committed one too many war crimes. There have been 8 expansions released.
    The world is huge.

    The story is played out over quests and through dungeons and raids.
    Quests rarely have multiple phases, though you generally complete 2-3 of them in parallel.
    Each expansion takes place immediately after the last, in-universe.
    Each expansion also adds something else to the story and scrambles the rest.
    The main story is probably this: Before anything else a great creating Light appeared. It spread, leaving the created cosmos in its wake. Sometimes the Light became too thin, and dipped into Shadow. The Shadow began to consume the things made by the light, creating the concepts of life and death. Something something First Ones (10.0 speculation) something something afterlife. The supreme god of death who judged the dead went rogue upon hearing about the Shadow (speculation) So he was banished and became “The Jailer (of the most evil souls).” He didn’t like this. So he somehow convinced the extrauniversal shadowy embodiment of shadow, the Void Lords, to corrupt the universe. For some reason unexplained. The Void Lords ejected uncountable numbers of Old Gods to try and corrupt the universe. Some planets created by the Light eventually became Titans, humongous humanoids that began searching for others like themselves. And fighting the void. And demons. One discovered a void-corrupted baby (planet) and killed it in a knee-jerk reaction to seeing all that void. The rest of the Titans said “why’d you kill it” to which the offender said “it was evil” and stomped off to end all life to prevent it from getting corrupted. Using demons. The remaining titans discover Azeroth but realise it had the misfortune of getting hit with not one but four Old Gods. They removed one but by doing so took out a large chunk of the planet. So they invented little versions of themselves to fight the Old Gods on the ground. Their homunculi got tainted and turned from rock to flesh. That’s where half of the playable races came from. Eventually the other three Old Gods are trapped under the surface to become Someone Else’s Problem. Before charging to their deaths elsewhere the Titans handed the never-before-mentioned dragons imitations of their power to watch the planet while the Titans were too busy dying. The other half of the world’s playable races got too close to the missing chunk of the planet and evolved instantly. The most ambitious of these new races were the Elves. They used the mana from the hole in the planet so much that they attracted the demon-wielding Titan to the planet. Then they blew up the hole splitting the world into a conveniently growing number of continents. Orcs were imported by a giant portal put on the southeast continent over the course of the Warcraft point and click games. The portal led to Draenor, which serves as another plot point. Then WoW takes place. First you went to the now desiccated Draenor. Then you go to the north to fight the endless amounts of non player zombies. Then you fight a dragon. Then you go to the south to fight each other with pandas. Then you go to Draenor but it’s the AU where everyone’s competent. Then you go fight demons on a brand new set of islands to the south. Then you go to a brand new planet to fight the demons there. You kill the planet. The demon titan gets mad and stabs your planet in revenge. Then you fight each other in even more new islands to the south. But wait! That was a diversion plotted by the original queen of the elves. Who creates a hole in the ocean. In the south. But wait! That was a diversion plotted by the queen of the elves’ patron, an Old God. From its lair in the south. Afterwards your faction leaders get stolen and you have to go to the afterlife to get them back. Then you kill The Jailer, the company-proclaimed true real absolute limit break requiem last word final antagonist of the whole series. Btw next expansion and bbeg in a few weeks.

    World of Warcraft is known best for its absurd level cap, reaching 120 before November 2020. It’s since been dropped to 60. It’s going to go up again. Wynn’s definitely more thoughtful about levels because it went 75-104-106, instead of 60-70-80-85-90-100-110-120-60. Higher levels means more spells, and a class’s ensuing spell rotation can get complicated at times.
    Gear is split into 8 tiers: poor, common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary, artifact, heirloom.
    While that’s the same number of tiers as Wynn gear rarity only matters for 2 achievements and never again. Gear power is instead measured by item level. That number changes based off of the current latest expansion, so it’s also unreliable.
    Stronger gear is gained by completing quests, crafting, dungeons, and raids. And it’s linear. Stats are always positive, so your choices for gear are more about “can you do without the bonuses” more than “how do you work around the downsides?” This establishes a clear “best in slot” that varies based on your class.
    You also wear from a specific armour type of cloth, leather, mail, or plate, depending on your class.
    All gear now follows the scheme “primary stat, stamina (max hp), secondary 1, secondary 2” with a chance for 1 tertiary stat.
    Lastly, each zone’s mobs will scale to your level if your level is within the zone’s range. So going into the 30-35 zone as a level 10 means the mobs are level 30, they stick to your level while you’re between 30 and 35, and revisiting it as a level 45 will leave the mobs at 35. This is useful for going into old dungeons/raids for cosmetics.

    Mounts have a speed determined by your character’s riding skill instead of the mount tier.
    Aside from this, mounts are cosmetic.
    Crafting is a chance levelup instead of incremental. If you choose the right recipes (the orange ones) you can level up 175 times with 175 crafts.
    You can only have 2 major professions at a time. There are 3 gathering professions, 9 production professions, and 3 minor professions.
    Spells and abilities lock onto your target. Their spells and abilities lock onto you.
    You can’t be a melee mage.
    Party Roles are established and the 5-player-band is the staple of dungeons and raids.

    other comments
    WoW has served as the gold standard for mmorpgs and has shaped many ideas of what a class should be.
    Filled with weighty themes like genocide, infanticide, mysogyny, panda, and blood feuds

    There really isn’t too much similar I can see between the two.
    Also someone else has to do RuneScape or Dofus.

    TL;DR: WoW costs money, has more player customization, more spells, larger world, wackier leveling, a storyline you have to read on the wiki because it’s 18 years in the making, no sidegrades/classbuilds, limited-but-easier profs, and mob scaling.
    Oh yeah WoW costs roughly 100 gb in space and also has funny promotion where you can play to level 20 free.
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    Classic WOTLK hype baby!!!!!
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    also, imagine not playing on a private server and actually spending money monthly to play WoW
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