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Quests/NPC The Realm Of Light Bug

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Vatonage, Mar 14, 2019.

  1. Vatonage

    Vatonage Travelled Adventurer

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    Precursor -- because this is a new account on the forum and I haven't posted 10 times, I can't post any links. Which is silly for a bug report area. All three links are in this pastebin below which you'll have to remove the boxes from to get it to work.


    I found two bugs -- one is directly related to the quest, one is not.
    The first is the same as this post from October 2018 (LINK1)

    Except, as you can see in my screenshot (LINK2), I had given it to the Exit NPC, been confirmed, and still had the error. I did /class to reload the area, and did /server to swap to another server, and the bug persisted. I then killed the Spider/Wither boss that drops the seed again (hence why I have two of the seeds) to check if the quest was checking for a dead wither being in an area, but that yielded no results either. I got past this point only by doing /kill, spawning at Gelibord a couple of light years away, going back through the portal, and walking all the way back to Heliorion.

    The second bug is the potion merchant at -1160 54 -7023 (LINK3). I did the class and server switch for this also, but I cannot open up the Shop UI.


    Edit: Oh, bonus bug.
    At the end of the quest, I went through the portal next to Gaclux at -366 59 -6733 and was teleported inside of a tree. I guess this quest may have been bugged with how you guys changed the trees for the crafting update.

    Boxified screenshot: prntscr.com/my1n2o

    Edit 2: I only have Optifine, and MC Version 1.13.2 (visible in every screenshot)
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  2. A Human

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    Try playinf in 1.12.2 because 1.13 is really unstable on Wynn and it causes tons of bugs.
    Say if it works or if the bug(s) persist.