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Guilds Territory Resource Changes/suggestions Also Terr Connections!

Discussion in 'General Suggestions' started by Pally, Jun 7, 2021.



  1. Jungle changes

  2. Nesaak changes

  3. Corkus changes

  4. Desert changes

  5. SE changes (no Gate->Lutho)

  6. SE changes (Gate -> Lutho)

  7. Ragni+Wynn plains/Nether changes

  8. LF/Guild Hall+RoL changes

  9. Llevi+Molten changes

  10. Nemract changes

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Pally

    Pally Titans Valor [ANO]/Holders of LE [HoL] HERO

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    Inspired by @Crokee

    Hello all! I come to the suggestions yet again with another GUILD THREAD

    Today, it is not a mald-fest, but a genuine suggestion to make areas more bearable and more realistic.

    This has changed a total of 12 areas, one of them being semi-controversial, but we'll get to that when we get there :D


    As we all know, or at least warrers and territory managers know, Jungle is one of the worst places to defend. With it's weird territory connections, multiple cutoffs, and resource issues, Jungle is one of the worst places to war and manage.

    TOL: Ore because of massive Silver Mine behind ToL
    Dernal Mid: Fish because of the massive lake (Foutain of Youth) Had a couple of people suggest Oasis to me, and keep lower as Fish because of Wynnex being in Dernal mid, though I just decided to go with this.
    Dernal Lower: Oasis territory because of the Shaman town in this territory
    Jungle Lake: Fish because, it is literally a Lake territory, please wynn this has been suggested since territory maps for 1.20 came out
    Great Bridge Jungle: Ore because Great Bridge Nesaak is ore as well, it just makes more sense than it being a wood territory.

    Dernal Mid -> Jungle Upper: There is a connection between the Jungle Village and Dernal Jungle Mid.
    Herb Cave -> Jungle Lake: There is a path from Jungle Lake to Herb, though you can also do ToL to herb, because of the connection via the ToL Bridge.

    Nesaak, is one of the better of the worse territories, though it has multiple bad chokes, those are somewhat of a necessity and cannot really be changed, so Nesaak is just territory resource changes.


    Icy Descent: Ore because of the mining operation in the quest "Frostbite"
    Bobs Tomb: Oasis, since Bob's Tomb doesn't fit any of the specific territory resources, but neither does ToA and it is also an oasis.
    Nesaak Village: Fish, as it is a fishing village mainly.
    Nesaak Plains Mid North West: 2x wood, as a woodcutting factory is there, which we go to in the quest: "Underice"

    Corkus is one of the more difficult areas to keep ahold of, and has some of the most infuriating territory resource distrubution. This shall hopefully help with some of them:

    Fallen Factory: Oasis, since it doesn't fit any of the specifications of a territory for resources, just like ToA/Tomb
    Phinas Farm: 2x Crop, farm, and is also one of the only crop territories in all of corkus, this isn't as big of a deal though.
    Corkus Workshop: Ore, as it is a workshop area that takes place in the Feathers Fly questline.
    Corkus City: Ore, as it is completely landlocked.
    Corkus City South: Wood, as it is also completely landlocked and has quite a few bunches of trees within the territory.
    Road to Mine: Ore, read the name again.
    Corkus Sea Cove: Renamed to "Relos City" and given the city buffs *extra ems*
    Zhight Island: Not exactly important, you could also make it Crop/Fish, like Maltic Coast

    Zhight Island+Pirate Cove -> Corkus Statue: Theres no corkus docks where we land off at the start, so this is the best I got while being visually pleasing unless we wanna connect corkus castle

    PART 4: Desert
    Desert is one of the most landlockable claims in the game, and needs more entrances into the area, besides savannah.


    Rymek East Lower: Rename to "Rymek Town" and give city bonuses, self expanatory.
    Desert East Lower: Fish, as there are quite a few lakes as well as it being next to the desert's equivalent of the Nile River
    Desert East Upper: Oasis, see the explanation for FallenF/Bobs Tomb
    Savannah West Upper: Wood, as it has no crop areas within the entire area while having plenty of trees.


    Ternaves -> Rymek West Upper: There is a path inbetween the two to go there, it goes beyond the Desert wall.

    Abandoned Pass -> Rymek West Lower: This is a decent change that needs to be done. Though, I can understand why not as it is an ABANDONED PASS

    Here it comes, the worst area in all of Wynn to manage. Truly the horror is great. It is time to deal with Silent Expanse

    Worm Tunnel, Broken and Silent Road: Ore, as there are miner mobs in the area.
    Forest of Eyes: 2x wood, not as important but would be helpful. this could be on Forest of Eyes or Sinister Forest.
    The Gate/Sacrifice: Oasis, see explanation for FallenF/Tomb/DEU

    ADDED TERRITORY: "Outlook" as an Oasis

    Toxic Caves -> Void Valley: Simple, theres a path inbetween them.

    The Gate -> Lutho: There is a portal from The Gate, to Lutho. While this is controversial, it also makes SE actually defendable, because it gives a connection for half of the area to reroute in case a territory there is taken. There will be a separate vote for this.

    These are just small changes I'm not going to explain much, but are reasonable and do not need one.


    llevi entrance: Fish
    Pre-Light forest trans: City, changed name to "Buice"
    Aldorei Valley Upper: Oasis, could also just change name to "Aldorei"
    Added connections between Guild hall and cinf county mid upper, aldorei lowlands, and Gylia SW
    Otherworldly Monolith: Crop
    Nemract Quarry+Ancient Nemract: Ore
    Cath Harbor: 2x fish
    corrupted road: Fish
    Plains Lake: 2x fish
    Nether Gate: Ore (mining operation, could also be an oasis)
    added connection Elkurn -> Sanctuary Bridge
    Added connection: Road to Time Valley -> Abandoned Farm (could also just connect Road to Time Valley -> Time Valley
    Lava Lake and Lava Lake Bridge: Fish

    Those are all the changes I have!

    Thank you! :D sorry about the limited voting, Wynn only allows 10 poll questions sob
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  2. Toaster

    Toaster He/Him CHAMPION

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    lets gooo pog changes
    one of the things we discussed was having dernel jungle mid be ore because that's where wynn site d is, but I'm fine with it either way
  3. MysticStrider

    MysticStrider Emperor of Sindria HERO

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    Yoo Pally post Pally post, overall I think most changes are relatively sensible, though I can imagine opposition guilds won't exactly like the more sensible resource allocation due to it benefitting the guilds who currently have claims, but I'd argue that if the reason for a territory to produce what it should makes sense, it should rightfully produce that resource regardless of whatever's going on politics wise. Got my +1. However as just a small suggestion, why not also add a connection between Road to Time Valley and Time Valley? It's in the territory's name, after all. What's a road to a location doing not being connected to the location it purports to be a road to?
  4. Waiter1986

    Waiter1986 Supreme leader of delivering food CHAMPION

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    I don't war but this looks good :)
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  5. Pally

    Pally Titans Valor [ANO]/Holders of LE [HoL] HERO

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    That should be on the territory change misc
  6. _Eth3real

    _Eth3real Titans Valor [ANO] Staff Member Moderator QA HERO

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    Some of this is pretty cool stuff, but the constant 2x terrs and city terrs doesn't do it for me as most of that turns some areas from bad areas into op areas. The ore in jungle is just too much and should be a rarer resource. The changes in nesaak are unnecessary and the only one that sounds ok is nesaak village to fish terr. For corkus, the only changes that are reasonable is Road to mine as ore, maybe instead of a 2x crops terr changing another terr to crops and while I agree the terr should be called Relos, I don't think it should be a city. Desert changes are like perfect except for Rymek being a city. For SE, Id say to not have the extra terr added as that would provide xp problems and is just kinda useless, it has too many ores and that can easily be taken into Wynn province claims. That with the added connection to rymek would add like 8 ore territories all next to eachother which would be more than half the ore in Wynn. For Molten Heights maybe only one of the 2 being a fish terr and change the connection from rodoroc to entrance to rodoroc to, entrance to rodoroc to lava lake bridge. For the time valley, id recommend moving it to road to time valley to time valley. Everything in the central Wynn one around detlas is just way too op for an already good area of the map. For Nemract, way too much ore, just move the one ore terr to nemract quarry to be the only ore terr in nemract. The double fish could work here. Light realm works and the guild hall works. Aldorei Upper for rainbow is just too much as well. Bucie city is too op for a good area and entrance to llevi could work as fish. Alright those are all my opinions lol, I guess since there is a theme of making these kind of threads ill make one soon too lol.
  7. Toaster

    Toaster He/Him CHAMPION

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    the goal is to make bad areas less bad, and weird areas more story-accurate
    i'll admit i went overboard on cities but some of the changes you refute as unnecessary are ones that make the territory resources more accurate to the story
    also with cities, maybe if city rounding errors didn't exist we wouldn't be asking for more of them :)
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  8. Calluum

    Calluum Cal CHAMPION

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    conns from herb to jgl mid and tol make sense too as there are literal direct paths to them both from herb
    tol ore over wood makes complete sense i like as does jgl lake fish/wood
    dont think it should get 2x Oasis though dernel lower can stay feesh

    icy ore meh no
    2x wood on lumberyard I like npmnw sucks anyway
    bobs oasis no thats 3x oasis in not that many terrs
    Nessak fish, sure w/e

    Zight should remain fish, mfs fish aint got time for CROP
    Road to mine yes ore
    add a conn between cork countryside and avos workshop there is a path bigger than the existing conn and makes more sense to come in the FRONT ENTERANCE
    phinas even though its a farm its tiny, doesnt need 2x crop
    countryside though has no relation to fish, could be a third wood terr more balance
    ff oasis is gamer
    cork city south wood meh

    Dont like ternaves conn
    East lower has 3 ponds not FISH worthy, terr above has the gamer fish and can keep them,
    east upper no oasis ppfart keep crop croppy crop
    west upper ore yes the entire terr is a mine why is it crop, what are they growing??? SANDSTONE??
    second city gaming

    why worm tunnel ore and not grey zone/whatever its called now, literal only place in the game with dernic ore and it produces crop???
    yes slime VV conn
    yes gate oasis, no sac oasis, sac is ppfart dont do that
    problem with se is it was designed to be a line when it was made without any of this in mind so to actually be good you need to make up conns, such as frog town to lutho, Gatway to nothing to lutho, get rid of Bizzare, completely wtf *spits*
    worm tunnel is barren dont give it ore keep it crop for keeping it purposes

    LLB doesnt need to change sure LL can
    wtf is the abandoned farm conn they gonna fly ??? its abandoned anyway less conns means feeling of loneliness and emptiness and abandonment
    nem quarry ore pog, wynn has ore terrs???
    ancient nemract can stay malding it doesnt need ore >:C
    rol can stay mad without a crop terr just leave it with oasis
    aldorei no oasis
    aldorei bad
    alodrei bad because terr shapes bad
    literal squares
    poor foresight
    top airbase conn bad x dislike
    bottom is meh
    middle i like
    No bucie city, it is bridge with extra steps
    llevi ent w/e

    pally cool gamer thread
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  9. VovaTheEpic

    VovaTheEpic Well-Known Adventurer CHAMPION

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    these all make sense but they make the balance of the game literal dog water (this implies that it already isnt but sshhhh) like
    llevi plains doesnt need a second city
    nesaak area is good as is and doesnt need another oasis
    why are we making elkurn 7 links?
    the whole point of ghall is to hq cinfras but like that balance sorta went nowhere lmao
    desert doesnt need two cities, three connections to the outside, and the most balanced res in the game, like i wouldnt mind just adding miner base but everything else is flat out excessive
    se balancing lol
    while we do need more ore in wynn having three nodes right next to eachother is just sorta dumb (pigman ravines moment) i wouldnt mind if they were spread out
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  10. SnazzyBeatle115

    SnazzyBeatle115 calkuhsnazz warring HERO

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    dababy lesgo
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  11. Lev98bug

    Lev98bug Eden Chief HERO

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    This is probably the main thing I disagree with, since I don’t want this to be added and cause a wave of trade routes being added for every fast travel. This would nullify like half of the maps trade routes lmao.
    Last edited: Jun 7, 2021
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  12. 99loulou999

    99loulou999 ArchangeList VIP+

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    im gonna have to drop by sadly and put my 10,5 cents in, even tho I might be repeating what everyone else is saying

    im also just rushing through it eheh, dont wanna spent too long my answer

    at first ill give my opinion on if the area only is changed and after if all the changes are put into live

    makes sense, jungL is awfull and 1 new ore terr in Wynn won't be too harsh, jungle has access to ores from great bridge nesaak and pigman, altho it is too unreliable because of the conns problem of that area overall

    jungle has big ehp towers, it keeps the theme of it so seems fine to me

    please no, 2 oasis in 11 terrs is kind of too op in my opinion, also game balancing > game logic, for some areas like jungle lake its blatant, but a shaman..?

    nothing to say except yes

    game balance > game logic, I don't think adding 2 ores terrs with decent connections would be balanced, ToL is fine because it adds valor to north jungle where as it stands rn it only exists for Troms

    sounds good to me, conns buff is what jungle needs the most

    same as above, tho not herb to ToL plsss

    Nesaak time

    Nesaak doesnt need more ore, even less if you get your oasis on bob too, the challenge of nesaak is having 2 cities but not enough ore to max boost them in ems production, if you get access to both cities on max ems production, you have wayyyyy too many ressources at your disposition, even if they're behind chokes (easily 99k ores per hour) also having an ore terr dirrectly next to the HQ spot doesnt feel right in a province where each ore terrs are to be treated like a diamond (eheh)

    there's already 2 oasis for 15 terrs, its a lot tbh and the gimmicks of them is they're behind healthy chokes (twain lake and icy descent)

    sounds right, wouldnt hurt game balance and would buff the fact that you only have 1 fish terr and 2 oasis, seems good to me

    nononononoonononononono, this territory sucks ass and could use a buff individually, but not a double wood terr, double prod terrs are usually locked behind a choke point (dernel upper, mummy tomb, imp gate, etc.) but this one has a conn on one of your best terr (nesaak plains lower NW) so it rarely falls, also I don't think wood production is a problem at all in nesaak, even if you'd lose 10800 from nesaak, bob and icy

    Corkus hurt my head, so ill skip some of it but

    2 double terrs next to each others??? you don't even need a city anymore lmfaooo, thats a straight na for me, id rather see 2 crops terrs than a double crop

    its not because its a road that it is the mine


    also 2 cities in the space of 4 terrs, ehhhh

    oh and relos isnt that much of a city, there's not even a bank or a blacksmith iirc

    its HIGHLY logical, but I do believe there shouldnt be a new way to enter corkus, as it stands rn, you can play on closed terrs to give people from wynn/gavel bigger timers and thats a gimmick I think is really needed for people attacking corkus, adding a 3rd way sort of give everyone a new form of ez timers to mid Corkus and make that strat harder

    no it doesnt, otherwise, I present to you: THE Wynn guild! (it also sums up the whole desert change)

    86 territories
    5 cities
    2 double crops
    near unchokable throughout areas
    11 ore terrs in "the area that's supposed to not have a lot of ores" (5 of them being right next to each others)
    4 oasis

    yea, no thanks

    sure, if desert east mid becomes crops tho

    that would be one of the only terr I would accept to be ore/oasis, because its behind a choke (like mummy)

    nah, desert area's challenge is to cling up on any wood you can, its a good challenge at the moment because overextend too much and the chokes becomes dangerous, but will you have enough on 1 oasis and vanah east lower?

    overall, I really don't think desert needs a nerf atm, its one of the most solid claim of the game, the only problem is that pretty much everyone who tried to held it vanished at the time they were needed to shine or overextended deeply westward

    I almost forgot this one... no pls, same as relos, also personnal bias maybe but I fucking hate rymek, you can't even use the guild bank there

    >part 5, SE
    >day immediatly ruined

    Now, I believe SE needs to be hard af to hold, because its one of the most paying area in both prof and mob xp, maybe not as bad as it is right now, but it needs to be hard

    adding 3 whole ass ore terrs??? IN WYNN??? WHYYYY, it just sounds like an extra day of field trip for the mid Wynn guild (currently TNL) for extra ores

    this should be on neither, you don't just put in double terrs in random areas cause it can look nice, especially on a 2 conn terr

    3 oasis in a row, what the fuck..? im sorry but this is awfull game balance because "it looks good", also EO being an ore there would fit better, be in the end of the area so far of access and give a purpose to going balls deep into SE

    please yes.

    I want more connections, there is no other way I can think of to add connections, but it sure is whacky... verdict: sure lol why not

    in the end, I think SE need conns buff, not ressources, locking away ore (poor pvp damage :/ ) is a great way to play the high risk high reward area imo, not the conns tho thats for sure

    Part 6:

    Part 7:
    makes sense, would be balanced, sounds good to me

    please no more city, especially in one of the best claim of the game

    2 oasis close enough to cinfras, meh, that area is pretty bad but its bcs of the conns tbh

    nah, guild hall being choked by cinfras is the good thing to me tbh

    ye sure, sounds like a neat lil buff to light realm

    altho id be fine with quarry if nemract road becomes crop


    road maybe.

    but plains lake and cath harbour...

    2 double fish terrs kinda close to each others...

    a double fish terr on a 6 conn terr...

    a double fish terr right next to the best HQ spot in Wynn and mine base plains otherwise (oh and 4 conns double fish, no ty)

    double terrs needs to be locked behind a choke to make them high risk high reward

    its highly logical, but again more ores in wynn ehhhh, especially right next to nether plains upper

    we did it guys


    7 connections terr

    do I need to say more?

    not much to say except "sure I guess lel"

    why doe

    And now for the overall

    Wynn would have too much ores

    You can make THE Wynn guild

    Too much new cities in closely packed areas

    Too much new double terrs that aren't chokable

    Game balance > game logic

    ye I think thats all...

    bring back Qira Battle Room pls

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  13. Pally

    Pally Titans Valor [ANO]/Holders of LE [HoL] HERO

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    Thanks for everyone’s opinions and help, I’ll be editing the post sometime later today to fit in more with game balance > logic, was made at 1:30 am lmao
    Maybe the Wynn guild was the friends we made along the way.
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  14. IceResistance

    IceResistance Titans Valor [ANO] Leader CHAMPION

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    have u considered maybe they just don't want guilds owning areas like jungle? it could probably be just a harder spot to defend to incentivize other areas
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