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General/Misc. Optifine Causes Flickering Weapon Textures + Fix

Discussion in 'Resolved Issues' started by Aieee!, Aug 4, 2019.

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    While playing the game with Optifine, I found that I had some weird flickering textures. My friend (not using Optifine) did not experience the issue, so evidently it's an Optifine issue. It only happened with certain weapon models, usually ones with the spinning orbs. I managed to fix the issue, and wanted to present my findings.

    Here is what I observed:
    What causes it? Apparently Optifine doesn't know what to do when a face has no pixels in its UV Map.
    So I fixed it myself:
    It's pretty simple to fix too, only requires text editing. The re-texturing can be handled by one image.

    1. Create a 2x2 blank texture in `/assets/minecraft/textures/wynn/weapons` called blank.png

    2. Modify the .json file for the desired model to include the blank texture

    3. Modify the faces in the .json file that are causing the issue

    That's it. If you are using Notepad++ you can use this replace command to easily correct all of the faces to the blank texture.

    (Sorry for lots of edits, my images didn't embed properly so they're now just links)