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Frequently Reported Bugs

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by JuicedBananas, Oct 15, 2017.

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    This is a thread to list bugs that players frequently experience and report. We are aware of all bugs in this thread, but they have not yet been fixed. Ways to work around them have been provided, if possible.

    I cannot start a guild war.
    Sometimes wars fail to start. You will need to try again until it works.

    I have lost a quest item.
    If the item you lost has the "Quest item" tag, type "/fixquests". If it was an untradeable item, you are able to get it again by going back to the place you got it before.

    I do not have the papers to complete the quest "The Lost".
    The "/fixquest" command does not work for this quest's items. If you lose the papers the only way to get them back is to start the quest on a different class, and transfer the papers to the class you need them on.

    Redstone or command blocks stopped working in a section of a quest and I cannot proceed.
    Try changing to a different server. If this does not fix the area you will need to use /kill and go back. If the area that broke has not been reported as a bug yet please post a bug report.

    A boss did not drop the item they were supposed to.
    If no items dropped at all, this means another mob dealt the killing blow to the boss, which causes no items to drop. You will need to kill the boss again.
    If items did drop but you cannot pick any up, it means you did not do enough damage to the boss out of the people in your group fighting it. You need to do at least 10%.

    I have hit an invisible wall in the middle of a path in a dungeon and cannot proceed.
    Walk backwards until you hear a tripwire click, then try again. Invisible walls are taken down by tripwires and it is sometimes possible to miss them if you teleport past, or if the wall reappears while the tripwire is still held down, in which case it cannot be triggered again to remove the wall until it is no longer weighted down. If this does not work, try changing to a different server.

    The bridge in the Sand Swept Tomb or Corrupted Sand Swept Tomb will not reset.
    Change servers. This can be prevented by staying in the room with the door to the boss until you see that the bridge has reset properly.

    I killed the dungeon boss and nothing happened.
    Wait for the boss to respawn and kill him again. On occasion the game won't register the kill.
    Exception: In the normal and corrupt Sand Swept Tomb, the boss has 2 phases. The first phase ends when the floor collapses after a certain amount of time. If this hasn't happened yet killing the boss will not do anything.

    When I logged in my items disappeared or fell on the ground and the server told me I did not have the skill points to use them.
    This can happen randomly to any item with a skill point requirement, usually accessories. It can’t be prevented, but if you keep as many open spaces in your inventory as you have items with skill points, you won’t lose any items because of this.

    I can't stack two of the same color and tier of powder.
    Try throwing them on the ground and picking them back up. If this doesn't work you can upgrade them at the powder merchant and the new powder will stack.

    I am over 100% XP and did not level up.
    All you have to do is kill any mob. If that still does not resolve the issue, feel free to make a report if there is not one already.

    I am stuck somewhere not mentioned in this thread, such as in a deep hole.
    Try changing servers and if that does not work type "/kill". (You need at least 6 soul points to not lose items) As well, please post a report about the location you got stuck so that we can fix it, if there is not a report already.

    I am stuck on the Seaskipper.
    Change to a different server and it will start it in most cases.

    More than one of the boss spawned.
    This occasionally happens to bosses with multiple forms. You only need to kill one of them to get the drop.

    My player or another player does not show up on the online map.
    The map sometimes fails to display players. There isn’t a way to fix it other than trying again later.

    I did not get something I bought from the Wynncraft Store.
    Email [email protected] about the issue.
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