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Bug Reports, Frequently Asked Questions (faq)

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by colin350, Sep 11, 2017.

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    This Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document will be broken down into two sections:
    • Section 1: The Bug Reports Section – What is it?
    • Section 2: Is my issue an issue?
    Section 1: The Bug Reports Section – What is it?

    » Question: What exactly is the bug reports section?
    » Answer: The bug reports section is where you, the player, reports an issue to the Quality Assurance team and Content Team managers regarding issues about gameplay, game mechanics, official tools, typos, world holes, etc. The list goes on! As said in Salted's message about the section, you should report important game-breaking issues directly to the Quality Assurance team.

    » Question: What happened to the old github issue tracker?
    » Answer: The Quality Assurance team discussed the advantages and disadvantages of github. While we did like a number of features github has, reporting issues on the forums is more accessible for the player. The old github issue tracker will stick around for now, but may disappear in the future.

    » Question: Who make up the Content Team managers and the Quality Assurance team?
    » Answer: The four CT managers are: @Hams, @Tantibus, @Imaxelius and @ConquistadorBob. The members of the Quality Assurance team are: @Moe_Ronickah, @Toy__, @Pepo, @A Human, @Altakar, @Jbip, @Nyam and @Locky1110.

    » Question: When are issues resolved?
    » Answer: There is no set time when issues will be resolved. It varies by case. If the issue is a typo or something map related, it'll be patched almost instantly. If it's code related, expect it to take time. The patch for the issue will become available depending on whether it's fixable by a CT member or by a developer.
    • Code issues patched by developers will be released generally in their own update or at their own time. Refactor, however, will be released as one update.
    • Map or Quest patches will be patched during the next map update.
    Section 2: Is my issue an issue?

    » Question: What's a good issue?
    » Answer: A good issue consists of a few items:
    • The title should be a brief ~5 word summary of the issue. The title: "Game Breaking Bug, Please Help" is a bad title.
    • The main text of the issue should be very descriptive and well explained. Poor explanation of the issue could cause it to get closed, deleted, and/or locked.
    • If possible, it should include examples and images.
    • You should describe the steps on how to reproduce the issue.
    » Question: I, the player, lost my item(s). This happened either by mistakenly dropping it on the ground or into a hopper, by throwing it into the trash, or by dying with little to no soul points. Should I report this as a bug?
    » Answer: This is not a bug. Wynncraft enforces a strict no-refund policy. What this means is that refunds of any kind, due to any reason, will not be refunded in any way. This policy applies to all players, including staff members and content team members. Reporting an issue of this kind will be closed, locked, or even deleted.

    » Question: I, the player, am stuck in a hole, a box, or the wall. I cannot get out. Can an admin teleport me out?
    » Answer: The short and sweet answer: No. To get unstuck, type /kill with 5+ soul-points. If you are stuck in a hole and can see the "sky", please disclose the coordinates of where you are in the report.

    » Question: I, the player, saw an item disappear from my inventory. This is clearly a bug. What should I do?
    » Answer: The no-refund policy, as described above, applies here, even though the issue reported is a bug. However, if you know the cause and can reproduce the disappearance of your items, please feel free to make a report. If the disappearance of your items is controllable by you (i.e dropping them or dying with them), please do not make a report.

    » Question: I, the player, need a quest item for a quest, but cannot find it anywhere. I have checked my bank and other classes to see if it is there. What should I do?
    » Answer: You should not make an issue. You have two solutions. You can either type /fixquests, but if that doesn't work, your only other option is to level up another class and transfer quest items via your bank.

    » Question: I, the player, have glitched/clipped out of the map somehow and found myself in a flat world. I see structures.
    » Answer: You can be banned for being outside of the map. My suggestion is to /kill immediately with 5+ soul points.

    » Question: I, the player, am having trouble with a purchase I made on the store. It's not updating in game. What do I do?
    » Answer: Please email [email protected] with proof of purchase.

    If your question wasn't answered in this document, please feel free to contact a member of the Quality Assurance team directly.
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