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Connection Issues Bad Respawn Point [crash (be Killed) ► Stuck (/kill)]

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Endermity, Jun 8, 2019.

  1. Endermity

    Endermity Skilled Adventurer HERO

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    Hi! :3

    This bug existing since I'm on the server (So more than 1 year) and I decide to post a thread because it's really annoying for a long time...

    When you crash (A connection crash (Happens to me every hours)) on Wynncraft, especially when you're on a battle, I've the "Durt Screen" of Minecraft and I come back to the Server Selection.
    I login again on Wynncraft and I respawn on the nearest town because when we crash, the server consider I'm online for 15-30sec but I'm not moving and until this time, I'm disconected of the server...
    So at this point, I lose 2 Soul Points

    But when I respawsn, it's under this spawnpoint (Like 4-5 blocks under him) and I'm stuck...
    I try to change World and nothing change... Try to /class multiple times, nothing change...
    The only way it's to /kill and now, we lose 4 Soul Points

    The main problem is not the network issues (It's my network, you can do nothing), but it's the respawn after a crash : You need to /kill and you lose 2 Soul Points in a useless way...

    If you can fix this (With a command or just patch this), it's will be really great...! :3

  2. Altakar

    Altakar Bug Reports helper/Theorycrafter/IM Item Team

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    I've learned that /class and jumping can often let you gain height if you're stuck underground, and with enough patience, it can get you to the surface.