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Connection Issues An Connection Error As Occurred While Loading Game Profile: Subject Mage: Place "a Grave Mistake"!

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Xcelier, May 10, 2019.

  1. Xcelier

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    <title>Huh so how should I start?</title>
    Let's just say I was doing the "A Grave Mistake" mission and was entering some houses, I went and did one with the attic, after a bit I went to another house this time from my point of view I went east of the graveyard when entering and went into the first house nearest to me and walked in. I wasn't expecting anything to be in there and I was just walking in, then I Froze.


    When I froze I couldn't move anything I've tried going back to that class over and over repeating it the same time and I when I tried to go back I couldn't it froze as soon as I rejoined. Nothing else happened I just decided not to bother with it. But in the process of it, then disconnecting me from the server whenever I tried reconnecting with the profile. It also says
    "Packet 0/36 was larger than expected, found 1 byte extra whilst reading packet 36."

    and not knowing what to do, I came here to report my bug I found.

    If a Mod were to undo this or something, thanks :P, I've just started a new game(not too long ago.) and gotten far into it and I don't wanna delete the Mage Profile I've worked on.

    (Currently in 1.13.2)
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  2. Altakar

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    Switch to 1.12.2 vanilla