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Guilds [250+ Supporters, 94.4% Approval] Improved Guilds [ Includes... Trailer...? & Detail ]

Discussion in 'General Suggestions' started by Novalescent, Aug 1, 2020.


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  1. Novalescent

    Novalescent Wynncraft Systematic Recreation Developer VIP+

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    This suggestion is sponsored by Raid Shadow Legends Wrath of Poseidon, Achte Shadows, Kingdom of Foxes, Paladins United, Titans Valor, and The Simple Ones.

    This is it. This is the last suggestion in this spree of suggestions.
    Personally for me, this is both a sigh of relief and a moment of anxiety. This required the most thought and the most work out of all of my suggestions because it means more to me than the others. I even added my own Personal Statement at the end of this suggestion, which may or may not be something that you will agree with. Then again, it’s just my opinion.

    Now I was supposed to take a long break after the Dungeon suggestion to regenerate my stamina and sanity, but when you’re at the tailend of your last suggestion and have had this script typed out for months now, waiting to finish all of the other suggestions, there is simply no reason to stop roping, and start coping.
    BUT ENOUGH about my draining sanity issues! Let’s get onto Wynncraft’s issues! And I’m going all out for this. It’s time to stop the fun time happy hour, and enter Go Mode.

    The final topic of Wynncraft that I am addressing for this suggestion spree is one of the most recent topics and debacles in the Wynncraft community: Guilds.
    Guilds are in a very awkward space right now. It has been a point of controversy and drama for a long time. But I’m not here to address the drama and politics of Guilds, as that is a subject that will get me burnt at the stake. I’m here to address the content of Guilds.

    As most of you know, they have been neglected for quite some time now, not only lacking fixes but also lacking features. For the past several months I’ve been researching guilds, asking questions, running tests, and developing suggestions and features that won’t cause me to be hunted down and executed by the Community. I will be using the knowledge I’ve gained and the ideas that I’ve developed to enlighten and entertain you on what my ideas are to Improve Guilds.

    And yes, we have a video, but not your standard showcase video. I aimed to eclipse every single other suggestion video I’ve made thus far, and I really went all-out for this one. I’m not joking around anymore. This is the most effort I’ve put into any single suggestion, and into any single video. If I get ranted on for how over-the-top this is, that comes with the territory. But this… is my personal Magnum Opus!

    Please don’t hurt me CT.
    So now that we have my arbitrary idea out of the way, let’s go over them in detail.

    Some Backstory

    You can skip this if you don’t care about how I went about doing this. I just like writing a short story of my experiences.

    As most of you know, I have very little guild experience, and have been a part of practically 0 guilds. My knowledge of them was minute at best, so naturally I needed help.

    Using my contacts that I have acquired thanks to my somehow-growing reputation, and various means that I’m legally not obliged to disclose, I managed to get a hold of various guilds such as Kingdom Foxes and Wrath of Poseidon to help me with this suggestion.
    To test the actual systems on Recreation myself, I had to create a test guild on Recreation (This is not an actual, registered Guild on Wynncraft). Now I could’ve named it something edgy or cool or royal, but no. That’s generic. Instead, I named my test guild Nywn Gludis Uksc. Don’t question it! It’s perfect. And I highly recommend someone make a guild named that before I take it myself.
    After having several long conversations with guild members from the various guilds that I had pulled into this, I had compiled enough information and observations to decide what had to be done, leading us to this very suggestion.

    First, Most Important Suggestion

    The first, most IMPORTANT suggestion to improving Guilds is a very well-known and simple one: Fix the bugs with Guilds.
    You may think I’m meming. To an extent I am, but for the most part I’m serious. Fixing the bugs with guilds is mandatory before you can start adding onto it. If you leave bugs in and continue adding features, that just piles onto the problem and possibly creates more bugs in the process.

    I’ll be listing off some of the bugs that I’ve learned throughout my research of Guilds that need to be fixed ASAP:
    • War timers being incorrect at times
    • /guild stats showing negative XP numbers and the wrong number of maximum members
    • More confirmations on important commands and events (Guilds disbanding)
    • Boss War mobs not always functioning properly (ex. Death not multihitting)
    • Negative XP
    • Incorrect display of information regarding member count
    Here is also a list of bugs that has been compiled by @Nitrogen2Oxygen.
    There are most likely other fixes that are needed, but these are just the ones that I’ve learned by word of mouth. Hopefully the major guild bugs get fixed ASAP so at the very least Guilds can have a stable experience.

    Improving Guild Wars


    Wars are the biggest feature of Guilds, and is probably one of the largest sources of endgame content. However, the mechanics of them have virtually remained unchanged since their inception. I believe after awhile, most hardcore Guild Warrers get tired of doing this over and over again.

    So, let’s change it up shall we?

    Firstly, we change the formatting of how mob spawning works in Wars to something a bit more strategic: Waves.
    The concept is simple: A Territory’s defense can consist of 5 waves of enemies. Each wave can spawn a maximum of 200 mobs, combining to make 1000 in total. You can specify which mobs you want to spawn in each wave, and the only requirement to use multiple waves is making sure you put at least 1 mob in the previous wave. So to use Wave 2, you need to place mobs in Wave 1. To use Wave 3, place mobs in Wave 2. This gives Territory Defenses some strategy to them. Determining what mobs you want to spawn in one wave, and how you want that to coincide with the next ones.

    Mob caps are global across all 5 waves, and some mobs such as Elite ones have a certain limit on how many you can have on a single wave (So you can’t spam all 50 Honor Guards onto 1 wave). Players will need to be wise to spread out all of a mob across all of their waves to use them effectively.

    The first wave has a 10 second countdown until it begins, with the rest of them being on a 5 second countdown. When it starts, the territory mobs will spawn at the edge of the territory. The mobs have a HUGE aggro range, so they will naturally converge inwards into the territory immediately, meaning that the attackers will have to constantly deal with mobs hunting them down. The spawnrate for each Wave is very fast, and scales more with the amount of players you have present, so you can definitely get swarmed if you’re not careful.
    A Wave will be considered “defeated” when the amount of mobs in the wave reaches 70, with the exception of the final wave requiring you to eliminate that wave’s mobs and all other remaining mobs.
    This also means that if that wave happens to start with initially 70 or less mobs and you kill a mob, then the next wave will immediately begin. This is so that way there is a continuous flow of enemies coming the guild’s way. This is both good and bad for them. They have a harder time catching a break, while also being able to keep up the flow of slaying territory mobs.

    I believe this could be used to create some possibly interesting wave designs, spawning high level elites and bosses on the first wave with 70 mobs or less, then the next wave swarming your enemies since the next wave will start its countdown immediately. “Clever use of game mechanics” is definitely a viable strategy here :).


    Now if you remember about a minute ago, Defense Mobs have a global cap and a wave cap, which seems ridiculous, as the current defense mobs in Wynncraft right don’t feel like they require that level of restrictions to them based on their difficulty. However, a measly change in how Wars are defended and played is not the only thing I had in mind.

    First we need to address the elephant in the room: Sniping.
    It’s pretty well known amongst those who war often that Sniping, the process of beating your enemies in server ping to start an attack on a territory first, is an annoying and unfair strategy, as well as incredibly game breaking and can screw up the Wynncraft API entirely. There was even a suggestion by @Ascended Kitten that demonstrated this.
    The problem with fixing sniping is that this is a player-made issue, so it’s very hard to devise solutions to fix a problem like this without adding another layer or two to Wars, which was previously considered. Therefore, we need something simple and easy to understand and implement.
    A possible simple solution would be Territory Exhaustion. The more that the territory is attacked within a certain period of time, the longer the grace period is for that territory, up to a maximum of 10 minutes. In addition, Territory Defense costs would start to become reduced the more that territory is warred upon. This means as the war goes on, it becomes more viable to place down hard defenses instead of filler defenses.
    The cost reduction starts to take place after the 3rd War on that territory, and the grace period timer starts to increase after the 4th War on that territory. However, the grace period timer accelerates at a faster rate than the cost reduction.
    Now this doesn’t entirely fix sniping definitely, however it lessens the amount of times and discourages such behavior.

    Next is a general buff to mobs, and new Guild War mobs to use. Based on multiple opinions from various War veterans, most of the current War mobs are fairly simple to defeat. A solution to this would be a general buff to Guild Mobs, perhaps in terms of damage and health, and add in more unique mobs.
    Based on what we’ve seen in Silent Expanse, the Wynncraft GM Team now has some sort of advanced mob spell scripting system that will allow them to create more unique mob spells. This would be of excellent use to making more unique guild monsters. Perhaps ones that buffs nearby allies, maybe one that casts a barrage of arcane bolts or an arcane explosion. Who knows?

    Another small, yet important change, to Wars is increasing the amount of money you earn when winning. Right now, for each mob you kill, you gain 1 Emerald, totaling up to 1000 emeralds for defeating a full defense of 1000 mobs. This doesn’t scale either with the cost or difficulty of a mob, so essentially you’re winning a territory for next to no monetary gain to spend on defenses.
    A decent solution would be to make it so that on completion of a territory, you gain a portion of the total cost for that defense, a sample number being 20%. That way you can gain more money from killing mobs, and at the very least have some reason to actually complete a war for some amount of emeralds.

    Finally, Guild Defense presets. It’s fairly obvious that this system will require some strategy. People may not remember how to fill out their Waves, what mobs to use, and in what order. And they may need different defenses for different territories depending on what they’re dealing with. So let’s fix that: Guild Defense presets, which will allow you to save presets of waves so that way you can instantly fill out your waves with a few clicks.
    This will come in handy on whether you want this territory to be filled with filler, weak mobs, or an actual territory you want to defend and use difficult, challenging enemies. If you don’t like anything else about this suggestion, then I think presets should be the one thing that would be good to implement.


    Now what does this all equal up to? Does it make Guild Wars better? Well, ya I’d assume so. I’d say in testing, this makes Guild Wars harder, but more fun and more strategic. It can bring in more fun and interesting combos of mobs, and would probably encourage more people to war for how fun and intense they can be. Rightfully so for how difficult these kinds of wars can be.

    Now does it fix the territorial imbalance with larger guilds owning all the territories? No, not really, but that isn’t the goal of this idea for Wars.

    It’s incredibly hard for Wars to be changed to be an “equal for all” type of thing, as its concept of “claiming land” is just a huge flaw for making it equal. Guilds are essentially kingdoms, and the Territories are essentially claimable land. Of course the larger “kingdoms” are going to be dominant in this type of scenario.
    Now of course, Guild Wars also happen to be one of the best ways to keep a guild active and leveled. That said, we need better alternatives for the guilds who are unable to participate in this activity consistently.

    Guild Showdowns


    (As you can see in this picture, my guild is fighting the guild name Kingdom Foxes. We had a fake grudge to settle)

    So remember that suggestion a while back I made? I think it was called Improved PvP? What did it have, a PvP Changelog? Ya well, this is where it comes into play.

    So Guild PvP and PvP in general are non-existent and hated respectively. So, let’s spice things up a bit and add even more competition into Guilds! (Like we need more…)

    Guilds have the option to assemble teams of their finest fighters and fight for glory, honor, and guild emeralds and XP in the Guild Colosseum, and partake in a Guild Showdown. Here, two teams from two separate Guilds can go head-to-head in a Team Deathmatch style of PvP. Each player who joins has their own life pool of 5 lives. When you die, you lose a life, and losing all 5 lives will put you out of the fight.

    The guild that expires all of the other guild’s lives wins. You don’t lose any of your items or Soul Points for dying. And if any guild decides to troll and extend the match, they can’t because there’s a timer. The ranking of each guild in terms of Leaderboard for Guild PvP will be determined by their total wins.

    You can also bring up to 36 people into a fight, 18 per side. Yes that’s a lot, but that’s just due to how many slots I could fit into a 54-slot UI.

    Both teams would have to acknowledge the size of the other team so they don’t get caught by surprise. So in theory you could be in a 5v12, where the lesser team comes out on top due to their superior team cooperation and class composition.


    Simple right? But what does winning a Guild Showdown yield us?

    Well, we can introduce the concept of money battles. These are battles where both Guilds will bet Guild Emeralds, and the winner takes all. The winners will also gain a large amount of Guild XP depending on how many players they were having to fight against. This gives Guilds a way to go directly head to head with something good on the line, and also gives smaller guilds another way to gain experience and money aside from trying to claim territories or spamming dungeons, and on more fairer grounds. Of course, you are allowed to bet nothing if you wish so you just have a fair battle without any risk or reward. Although if you do want to bet emeralds, once you do so you cannot back out without conceding some Liquified Emeralds to the opposing Guild.
    As a bonus, outsiders are allowed to spectate the fight to see who will win, providing a source of entertainment for players.

    So what does this provide for Guilds? Well firstly it’s another form of PvP, moreso directed towards Guilds obviously. I believe in general guilds will use this as both a source of fun and events between other guilds, and as a form of waging an actual war. It can go either way, as these kinds of battles don’t have to be for money or for settling a score.

    This also provides a newer, perhaps a bit weaker, alternative to gaining Guild experience and emeralds. Some guilds aren’t able to participate in Territorial Wars often, so this would provide another way to gain experience and emeralds if they choose to.

    Weekly Guild Objectives


    (Ya I couldn't think of anything for this one...)

    Alright, say you don’t want to do Territories nor Showdowns. Alright, understandable.
    In that case, it’s time for a simpler suggestion for guilds, which are Guild Objectives.

    Similar to the Daily Objectives that we have today, Guild Objectives serve to reward the guild for doing various tasks. These tasks can range from slaying guild mobs, winning Guild Showdowns, claiming territories, or even doing a dungeon with your Guildmates. Each guild gets 3 objectives to complete, each yielding rewards.
    These objectives will be hard to complete in one day, which is why a full week will be given for Guild Objectives.
    The rewards you can acquire from these objectives are Guild Emeralds and XP, and these scale differently based on the level of your guild:
    • You will gain more Guild Emeralds and less Guild XP the lower level guild you are. This will provide you funds to purchase Guild defenses, banner upgrades, and Guild Showdown bets. Leveling a low level guild isn’t difficult if you’re dedicated, but acquiring the funds to war and for other Guild activities is difficult for a Guild’s level.

    • You will gain less Guild Emeralds and more Guild XP the higher level guild you are. This will help with the insane amount of experience you need in order to level your guild, and in the later levels you should have a stable stream of funds from guild members and any territories you may hold.
    Every week, these Guild Objectives will refresh so you have new ones to do every week. This is designed with the purpose to help some guild members become more active to do tasks, and to also help active guild members find more tasks to do to benefit their guild. This also benefits lower level guilds, as it will help them get off the ground easier and a new way to acquire funds and guild XP.

    Guild Halls


    ("Oh boy, another Housing thread. Lemme just hit 'Nope' in the polls real quick...")

    Yes, you read that right.

    This idea for Guild Halls is derived off of the Instanced Housing suggestion I made awhile back. However, this one isn’t completely clientside, for reasons I will explain later, and is half-and-half: Part Clientside, part Serverside. In fact, this idea was partially inspired by @Yuno F Gasai's idea for Player Housing right here!
    I have a lot of ideas for these, but if I posted them all here then this thread would become extremely long, so I’ll try to keep it short and direct.

    Guilds that are level 41 and higher will have the ability to purchase their Guild Hall. This Hall provides a better social space for guilds, and small buffs based on the level of it. A Guild Hall can be upgraded in size and functionality, up to a level of 4.

    You are also able to choose what kind of theme you want for your Hall. This can range to a normal castle, to Ocean Seaships, to even Airships for those who want to be sky pirates! These Guild Halls are preset builds unfortunately, meaning you cannot change them.
    The big difference between Instanced Housing and Guild Halls is that Guild Halls are offmap and in a separate location. NOW WAIT! Don’t get riled up. Guild Halls only show players other members of their guild. So if a guild is using the same theme and on the same hall level as you, you won’t be able to see them. This is essentially Instancing players, but not the builds.
    Why is this the case? Well primarily, this allows for a lot more build potential, less technical complications, and much easier implementation of features. Implementing Guild Halls require them to be implemented on a massive scale, and a large Instanced Housing plot wouldn’t do some Guilds justice.

    So, what do Guild Halls provide us besides a place to practice our marching and ceremony lines? Not that those aren’t really good provisions of course...

    Well for one, better socializing! Guilds now have a space to socialize in private with other guild members. They don’t have to meet in Troms to hold meetings or ceremonies, and they can do this all within the confines of their epic Guild Hall.
    Secondly, to enhance the experience of socializing, we have Guild Minigames. These are small-scale games that you can play with the rest of your Guild members. How it works is you can choose which Guild Game to play, whether it be Tic-Tac-Toe or Laser Tag, and Guild Members can join in on the fun.
    Something that is extremely key about Guild Minigames are their customization. These games are supposed to have a plethora of options so that Guilds are able to create a variety of cool modes, such as turning Tag into a game of Hide n’ Seek, or Laser Tag into a team-mode shooter game.
    This would be helpful to improve the times of inactivity on Wynncraft when no Wars or events are occurring that require the Guild’s attention, and is just a small, yet fun quality-of-life feature for guilds to improve their events such as Game Night!

    (Pew pew!)
    Lastly, we need an actual incentive to have Guild Hall besides cosmetic and socializing features for those not caring about them. So the last feature Guild Halls should have are small Guild buffs and utilities. These buffs aren’t meant to give you advantages out in the open world, but more so for Guild progression as a whole. Buffs like +% Guild XP and +% Guild Emeralds, or even small buffs in the new and improved Wars (ex. +5% Spell Damage), would prove useful. As you level your Guild Hall up, these buffs will gradually increase.
    As a bonus, Guild Halls level 2 and higher will gain access to a Guild Territory Teleporter. What this means is that you can be in a part of your Guild Hall (Let’s say a Strategy Room), and when a Guild War is about to start, those players who are in the teleporter area will be transferred to the Guild War automatically.

    Oh but wait! What about your guild allies? Not to worry, as you’re free to invite any player, whether they’re in a guild or not, over to your Guild Hall! They can also join in on Guild Games and socialize with other Guild Members, and you can even lend them a permanent invitation. Neat huh?
    Keep in mind that invitations can only be sent out by Captains and above.

    (Me on my way to AIn’s Class Building school to show off my build)

    Now this may sound fine and dandy, but that doesn’t mean that it’s cheap.
    I’m ballparking numbers here, but to purchase your Guild Hall, your guild will need to be at least level 41. For each level, the costs are approximated:
    • Level 1 (Initial Purchase): 1 Million Emeralds (3.81 stacks)
    • Level 2: 3 Million Emeralds (7.63 stacks)
    • Level 3: 5 Million Emeralds (19.07 stacks)
    • Level 4: 6 Million Emeralds (22.88 stacks)
    Additional themes will cost 64 LE (1 stack), however they are persistent across levels, so once you buy them, you won’t need to buy them again. You can also select which theme you wish to obtain for free on the initial purchase.

    All in all, this gives Guilds a desirable and achievable goal for their Guild to benefit their community and their status. Guilds at the moment don’t have much progression at all besides levels, extra member slots, and banner upgrades, all of which aren’t that meaningful. I believe implementing Guild Halls or something on a similar scale like this for Guilds will give them something to push towards.

    Indirect Guild Content

    (The gates are open!)

    So far, this has all been direct improvements and suggestions for Guilds. But let’s be real: This is nowhere near enough to satiate Guilds desire for content, events, and activities.
    I had to think outside of the box for this one, and decided that the best approach to this is indirect Guild Content.

    Currently, there isn’t a lot of group content that would require 4 or more players to run it with you, with the exception of Legendary Island, Qira Hive, and Eldritch Outlook. And most guilds are usually suited for group content given their scale and community aspect. I believe that guilds need more outside challenges and content that they can run together so that way there is more to do than your average guild competition.
    This led me to develop the previous suggestions that you’ve seen thus far: Group/Field/World Bosses, Improved PvP, Improved Dungeons, and even that old suggestion way back in February Instancing Housing. These suggestions are designed to add in content that involves more than 3 players.
    • Field Bosses serve as small group bosses. You can grab a couple of your guildmates to do these bosses with you for a quest or daily objective. On the other hand, World bosses are there for massive groups. Now you can assemble a PUG (Pickup Group), OR get a full army of 12 or more players in your Guild to defeat this boss. This would help players become better at their classes, while also working in a team to take down a common--Non-player character--enemy.

    • Improved PvP is designed for the competitive and bloodlust side in guilds. Of course this brings in the mandatory PvP Changelog for the Guild Showdowns, but also other features. The changes to Hunted Mode encourages more World PvP and more World Guild fights, whether it’d just be for fun or to “settle a score.” Battlegrounds would encourage premade groups of Guild members, working together to conquer the battlefield and win the fight.

    • Improved Dungeons are designed to give Guilds more of a PvE challenge. It encourages more grouping up with players, whether it be with randoms, friends, or Guildmates, and going through the Dungeon to get XP and rewards. Of course, we can also have Raids, which would be a large-scale dungeon and fit for more than 5 players and rather be fitting 12+ players. This would give Guilds more PvE content to run through, and I believe that this would be more doable by guild members, as it doesn’t involve guild wars and conflict. Most players are comfortable with PvE and Dungeons/Raids, especially when running them with their guild.

    • Instanced Housing was the inspiring drive for Guild Halls, but less tailored towards Guilds as a whole. However, it is the precursor to owning a Guild Hall for smaller guilds for, as I doubt that many smaller guilds will be able to afford it so quickly, and could be used for communal Guild Housing. I think it also makes logical sense. All big things did start in a common place: A Home.
    Other Minor Suggestions

    These are minor suggestions that were thought of while developing the other suggestions. More low effort but just some base ideas that I didn’t think about developing further:

    • A command to transfer ownership of guilds safely. (/gu[ild] transferowner <player>). I’m not gonna go into it myself, but I suggest you check out BTK’s suggestion on it for what happens when you can’t transfer ownership conveniently, much less safely.

    • GUI change of the Guild Contribute menu to show the total amount of emeralds, and to allow more emerald deposit space (Credits to @WilliamLin0 for the GUI setup)


    • Banning crafted consumables and nerfing SP potions in Wars
    • Purchasable Guild TP Scrolls that can be used to teleport to the territory that your Guild is attacking

    Alright , we’re finally at the end here.
    As a final word, I’d like to leave my personal statement on guilds. You don’t have to read it if you’re not interested, as it’s really, really long. If you are though, feel free to open this spoiler.

    Alright, time to really get serious. And go on a rant. :)

    The following is my personal statement and opinion on Guilds. What I am about to say is my honest, probably controversial truth. It was in no way influenced by anyone outside of myself and people I asked to help fact check. I didn’t want this statement being influenced by concerns and complaints of others. This is my best attempt at coming from a neutral yet positive standpoint, and any other way would’ve scrubbed my truth. If you don’t agree with what I say, that’s fine. It’s just an opinion.

    I’m gonna drop the facade I have going here for a moment. If I’m being completely honest, it was incredibly hard to bring myself to do all 4 of these suggestions and the Guild Suggestion, due to the fact that I don’t want to let the guild community down, the amount of work to actually get guilds working in the Recreation plugin, and the problems with guilds are definitely not a simple fix. It drained me mentally and emotionally, and in the process of doing this I had doubts of whether this is all worth it or not. My reputation at this point in time is pretty decent, and the better my reputation gets, the more I’m watched and expected to please everyone. Of course, I can’t do that.

    I can also start to understand why some of the lingering Guild bugs haven’t been addressed: They actually may be more complex than what they appear to be on the surface.
    If you haven’t realized it, Guilds are probably the biggest feature that utilize heavy amounts of cross-server technology. Cross-server chat, timers & countdowns, sending player data to war servers, sending them back. There are quite a few technical complexities that come with this kind of stuff, specifically keeping everything in sync like timers across all servers. I’m even familiar with some of this stuff myself, and I can definitely say it’s not as simple as writing a few lines of code.
    I’m going to give the Developers of Wynncraft as of right now the benefit of the doubt and say they have probably looked into this stuff, and this may be something they are having trouble solving technologically. So, cut the developers some slack. This job isn’t easy and I really believe we are all underestimating what goes on behind the scenes of the codebase.

    Now to the main point. What I am about to say is probably going to be controversial, and perhaps make some of you may doubt what I say.
    My time of researching and working with various high level guilds has given me information, some I wish I didn’t know. After listening to both sides of the argument, both the Content Team and the Guild Community, I’ve come to a main realization that at the heart of all this strife, it’s somewhat due to a lack of transparency and communication. This in turn triggers a feedback loop. Let me explain.

    I’ve talked to both members of the Content Team & other guildless onlookers, and veterans of the Guild Community such as people from Fox, ANO, and PUN. Each side tells somewhat the same story.
    • Guilds argue that they have been neglected, which is true, and they are demanding for more content for Guilds, which I support. However, this looks much different from an outsider’s point of view, say the Content Team or perhaps even the Admins, who are the main directors and sculptors of the game. It’s not pretty to see the toxicity and competitiveness of Guilds due to territories, especially if it’s a system that you yourself created for your playerbase. Guild drama, major alliances, entire monopolies over territories, gigantic wars that can lag the entire network (Although that’s not really the Guild’s fault). Not to mention the rage that the CT sometimes has to endure. It’s not a good sight for anyone really.
      A small footnote regarding the Wynncraft Team: I believe there is a misconception that the Content Team members (ex. Jbip, Rene, Imaxe, etc.) are the ones that can change and add the features and fixes necessary to make guilds good. That’s not entirely true. They only have power to edit the territory regions and mob stats, and they aren’t allowed to do that freely entirely. The people who make the decisions and changes to the game and to guilds are the Admins and Developers. Salted, Grian, Jumla, Colin, all of those people have direct power over the game and the guild system. I kind of feel like people are pinning the blame on the Content Team when they really can’t do much themselves to fix it because they don’t have that power.

    • Members of the Content Team say that they do acknowledge the problem with guilds, the toxicity, and the absolute control of territories between multiple high-level guilds. I don’t doubt this has caused some distaste for guilds for a few of them and I can see why.
      However, I don’t feel like it helps when it feels like Guilds are ignored. From my understanding and research, there haven't been many solid signs that Guilds are still on the drawing board for improvements and major bug fixes. There have been guild members in the Wynn Dev Discord that have been able to conversate more directly with the Developers about this topic, but it feels like they are somewhat out of touch on what guilds and their communities are. We just saw Glowbulb get fixed to finally get moved out of range of its territory and that’s a step in the right direction, I’m glad. But that change wasn’t made for several months after SE comes out. From what I heard, even a CT Member who was on the team at the time pointed this out before launch, but no effort was made to change it. As far as I’m aware, Territories are something normal CT Members, not Developers or Admins, can tweak. So either it was put on the low priority list and initially seen as a minor flaw in the zone, or they ignored it completely because they didn’t see it as a problem for them.
    From these two perspectives, I feel I can say this conclusion: The lack of work, feedback, and transparency on guilds has been the primary cause of this issue. But at the same time, I feel like the rage towards the Wynncraft Team by the Guild Community is also an issue at heart. It doesn’t make them eager to fix it and demoralizes them, causing them to really say nothing on the issue because perhaps they don’t have plans to fix the issue. This causes nothing to be done, which in turn causes more anger and rage, which causes yet again more distaste and interest loss… You see where I’m going.

    From my small interviews with folks, I do feel like both sides of this argument could be better towards each other. I know that there are a lot of people who are strong supporters of guilds and want to see them improve, but I also know the trials and tribulations that the Wynncraft Admins have to get through to make this game better and functional for everyone. However, from my perspective it feels strange how Guilds have gone on for a long while now, seemingly in the same state that they were ever since they were first introduced.
    The Guild System right now is… old. It feels like it was made for another time and to an extent I believe it was. I want the Developers to improve on Guilds eventually, but it feels like it’s been forever since we had seen some major form of a Guild update aside from jpresent’s fixes and small additions. I don’t know why it’s taking a long time and maybe I’ll never know. However, I do feel like Guilds pestering the CT to improve them isn’t helping the situation either.

    There isn’t an easy solution to this, but at the heart it feels like a lack of communication on the state of Guilds and its future. It feels like they haven’t been talked about much amongst the CT. I could be wrong, but I think that’s what it feels like for most players, which is why it has caused so much uproar. With guilds being a major cornerstone for some of the most active and oldest players, one can find it hard to believe that Guilds haven’t been given new features or major improvements for a while now.

    Perhaps in the future, I’d love to see the Content Team be more open on Guilds and other features. Perhaps state what their conditions are, what the plans for them are in the future (if any), and more open to ideas from the community. From my talks with many guild members, old and new to this situation, I feel like some do have decent ideas and visions for the future of guilds. They may not be perfect, but using their ideas as inspiration would most likely be generally appreciated and still accomplishes the feeling of being listened to.
    In a perfect world, it would be awesome for the Wynncraft Team and some Guild Community Veterans to get together and have a 1-on-1 conversation with Guild members about the state of guilds, where both sides are completely open and not trying to hide stuff. It would feel like a great step towards improving guilds and hopefully we can get some answers and see some change.

    Now, why do I want to see Guilds be improved? If I’m being honest, I have very little incentive for them to improve. I’m not really a part of a guild besides a few Guild discords, nor do I really care about Wars and such. I don’t play Wynncraft actively like most other Guild Members do either so it’s not like seeing guilds change will somehow influence my gameplay in a major way.

    Well even with all of the problems guilds have, the difficulty probably managing them, keeping them active, relevant, AND dealing all of the crap that the CT gets from them, I stand by my opinion that Guilds are good. In fact, I think Guilds are legitimately one of the best features of Wynncraft, and they should be expanded upon.
    The amount of ways you can tie into guilds AND actual Wynncraft content is practically endless. Dungeons, Group Quests, Group/Field/World Bosses, Raids, PvP, Events, there are plenty of ideas to go around to improve guilds indirectly! Content and major updates don’t have to be spent making Guilds 100% better (Although it would still be a very nice update to see for many), but adding content that Guild members can do together, and possibly even REWARD the guild for doing, would be absolutely great. For me, this is practically a gold mine. Theoretically, you could take Improved Bosses, Improved Dungeons, Improved PvP, AND Instanced Housing, and serve that as indirect yet legitimate guild content. GROUP content.

    *Sigh…* @corpe _, ramp up Skystriker Skye over the next few paragraphs. I’m about to get serious.

    The limits of guilds and what you can do within not just Wynncraft, but in every RPG is almost boundless. While researching guilds, brainstorming ideas, and developing the systems, I found out not only how much potential guilds have, but also how much they actually provide gameplay wise.
    Now some of you may not know this, but in Wynncraft, Salted has stated that Guilds are NOT allowed to provide gameplay benefits of any kind to prevent guildless or smaller guilds a disadvantage. Now I’m probably on some kind of drug here while writing this, but this rule was broken the very first day that Guilds were created. There is a crucial gameplay benefit that Guilds in any game provide, probably THE MOST IMPORTANT benefit. More important than loot chests, gear, experience points, or buffs, a benefit that guildless players have a harder time to achieve!

    That gameplay benefit is being a part of a smaller, yet more involving community. No, I'm not joking.

    The endgame content of Wynncraft is definitely group oriented. The Hive, Legendary Island, Eldritch Outlook, Guild Wars, even the damn final quest, A Hunter’s Calling, to an extent is group oriented due to the difficulty of some of the fights. A new player who has just reached this point is most likely going to have a hard time finding a group for this if they don’t have friends accompanying them. However, a person who was in a guild and made it to the endgame has a higher chance of assembling some of their guildmates to take on these challenges and completing them. And considering some of the best loot can be acquired by completing these tasks, they are not something that can be easily ignored.
    It doesn’t stop there. The aid and advice you can receive from a guild or guilds is extremely important. Atlas Inc. is a guild consisting of some of the best class builders and people who know the item database like the back of their hand. Guildless players would probably hear little about them, and may never know about them until much later into the endgame, possibly the part of progression in the game where you do have to start getting serious about your build.
    But how is all of this relevant to a new endgame player? Some may assume that only the most dedicated players would join the guild, but you’re wrong. New endgame players, new midgame players, hell sometimes even players just starting to begin their journey do come to guilds and they do apply! You can go look on the Guild Forum Section yourself and find some mid level player or an endgame player who has never been in a guild before apply for one. They want to join a guild, and they want to be a part of a community and experience what guilds have to offer to them.
    Not only that, guild members can lend you items, or perhaps sell them to you at discounted prices. They can teach you how to play your class better, and help you get better items and gear. They can be a shoulder to laugh or cry on, or the next place where you meet a long time friend. Hell, in rare instances guild members can fall in love and become couples!

    Now I know I’m an outsider to all of this. I have very little guild affiliation. I’ve never truly been a part of one, and maybe I never will. Maybe you laugh at me and my idiotic ideas and say that I’m messing with a topic beyond my comprehension! I am a community member that appeared out of nowhere almost a year ago after all, and rose to prominence by writing a few plugin demonstrations and helping an unofficial event. What kind of credibility do I have to know what Guilds want!?
    But in the end, I seriously don’t give a damn. Even as an outsider to guilds, an outsider that doesn’t and has never expected anything in return from anyone, I want to help make them better. I want to see them be better. I’m not doing this because I want the fame, the likes, the approval of the Admins. I just genuinely want to see Guilds become better. I don’t want them to never see them flourish, and I don’t want them to be abandoned in development like Swarms.

    I want to be clear: Guilds are a pillar of the community because they are the backbone of the community. They are one of the primary reasons why Wynncraft is still alive today. Before their implementation back in the beginning of Wynncraft, Guilds were one of the most frequent suggestions. Players wanted them, and to this day they still want them to be more developed. If they aren’t cared for and appreciated, then this game could suffer dire consequences that may be unfixable by the time it has occurred.

    // RANT OVER

    I seriously believe in guilds. I hope the Wynncraft Team reads this and is at least moved by mine and the Community’s efforts to have guilds be revitalized. Hopefully one day we’ll see guilds be updated in the mythical Guild Update. Only time will tell.

    Now I know some of you will think that some ideas will only benefit the larger guilds or the large alliances. But to be honest, I think most of these benefit everyone (Maybe not the Improved Wars one, as that might just make small vs. large guilds harder). This suggestion was made with the perspectives of multiple group: Large active guilds, community-focused guilds, smaller guilds, and my own perspective: Someone who has had very few interactions and experiences with Guilds up to this point, and someone who has been watching Guilds for a long time from afar.

    With this thread marking the end of my suggestion crusade (for now), there are a ton of people I have to thank that made this possible. This suggestion would have been next to impossible to make on my own, and I’m so thankful that a large portion of the active community helped me out every step of the way. I’m going to do my best to list them off one by one:
    • Wynncraft Content Team - Thank you to those who allowed me to ask you a few questions about Guilds.
    • AlteredStars (@StarDraco123) - Guild ideas, brainstorming, testing
    • Godenn (@Goden) - Suggestion feedback, brainstorming, testing, guild information
    • TurtlePlaysGamez (@TurtlePlaysGamez) - Testing, guild information, suggestion feedback
    • photor320 (@Photor) - Testing, feedback, building the Guild Showdown arena
    • Spases (@Spases) - Testing, building the Guild Showdown arena
    • GalaxyDono (@Primed Suda) - Creating an awesome castle to use for a Guild Hall
    • PaladinSorcerer (@Pally) - Testing, guild information, suggestion feedback, creating this post which spurred me to make this
    • IsabellaSky (@IsabellaSky) - Testing, suggestion feedback, guild information
    • QuantumNep (@Neptune) - Testing, suggestion feedback, guild information
    • Vendenar (@Vendenar) - Testing, suggestion feedback, guild information
    • WilliamLin0 (@WilliamLin5) - Testing, helping create the GUI templates for many of the menus
    • XeraAndromeda (@XeraAndromeda) - Suggestion feedback, Guild ideas
    • AmbassadorArt (@AmbassadorArt) - Testing, suggestion feedback
    • Jabberdrake (@Jabberdrake) - Testing, guild information
    • Zinnig (@Zinnig) - Testing, suggestion feedback
    • _Tiger (@_Tiger) - Testing, suggestion feedback
    • Lego_DW (@Lego_DW) - Testing, suggestion feedback
    • pontosaurus (@Pontosaurus) - Testing, suggestion feedback
    • Nitrogen2Oxygen (@Nitrogen2Oxygen) - Testing
    • VovaTheEpic (@VovaTheEpic) - Testing
    • Knotheflo10 (@KnotheFlo10) - Testing
    • Electrolysis (@Electrolysis) - Testing
    • bolyai (@bolyai) - Testing
    • HV_Metal (@HV_Metal) - Testing
    • Viridian (@Viridian) - Testing
    • Window991 (@Window1432) - Testing
    • Seryzser (@Seryzser) - Testing
    • Bear_Force (@Bear_Force) - Testing
    • Tekenen (@Tekenen) - Testing
    • Glockroach (@Glockroach) - Testing
    • treebeard68 (@Treebeard68) - Testing
    • scorpionwiz (@scorpionwiz) - Testing
    • NagisaStreams (@NagisaStreams) - Testing
    • ThugFree (@ThugFree) - Testing
    • TheSast (@TheSast) - Testing
    • Dream96 (@Dream) - Testing
    • cartsinabag (@cartsinabag) - Testing
    • IncredibleBear (@IncredibleBear) - Testing
    • Verioth (@Verioth) - Testing
    • TravisNH (@TravusThaSlime) - Testing
    • yosteric5 (@yosteric5) - Testing
    • Oculism_ (@oculism) - Testing
    • _Leg (@Leg) - Testing
    • MagnumXD_ (@MagnumXD_) - Testing
    • _Dazzle (@_Dazzle) - Testing
    • Francis2qwasyx (@Francis2qwasyx) - Testing
    • shamos2000 (@shamos200) - Testing
    • BTK2000 (@BTK2000) - Testing
    • ThEpicFerret (@thepicferret) - Testing
    • H0Y0Y0Y0Y0B0Y (@H0Y) - Testing
    • Crokee (@Crokee) - Testing
    • Ben_Studios (@Bens_Studios) - Testing
    • two_of_wives (@two_of_wives) - Testing
    • wierdo1093 (@Spegg) - Testing
    • Nukewarmachine (@Nukewarmachine) - Testing
    • Fountainboy (@Fountainboy) - Testing

    • corpe_ (@corpe) - Moral Support, Being a homie
    • Neodymeowm (@Neodymeowm) - Moral support, Being an epic nerd
    • Sky_3 (@capefear11) - Moral support, Being a homie
    • Trizudora (@Trizudora) - Moral support
    (If I missed you, please message me and I will add you on. There were a LOT of people...)

    Also, a huge thanks to the following Guilds for their kindness and general support for this. If you’re looking for a Guild to join, then these guilds have my personal approval, and is a guild I would recommend joining:
    Thank you for reading my suggestions. And as always, feedback is appreciated!

    Finally… I can rest now…
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    Housing, -1

    I still think the fundamental limitations of mobs are the main issue with wars, but this massive suggestion is definitely worth of praise.
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    GG on completing this series of awesome suggestions!

    Only thing left is buffing Az yes.
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    Hoping that changes will happen sooner than we expect, because it is NEEDED. Epic suggestion!
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    h e h e
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    Everything that you make is so good, great thread and idea like always!
    It was so fun testing and I am sure that if people would experience those thing they would have a blast too!
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    good stuff nova! thanks for putting this together - had a great time testing this out!
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    guild suggestions guild suggestions

    but seriously, cool suggestion.

    i'm a little concerned about the heightening of toxicity that could arise from direct competitions, along with potential elitism/seclusion from the community (which can be seen as... current guild stereotype) that could come from having a place for the guild, since i'm assuming that when doing guild-related things they would either be warring or in their own private area.
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    This is incredible. It would add so much replayability and actually get me to participate in wars.
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    Please satisfy the guild community which is a big amount of the consistent player base on wynncraft and learn from this ;)
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    epic thread pog
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    poggggg I'm so glad I got to help with testing, amazing suggestion, love your work as always!
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    Regarding guild war mobs, customizable mobs could be interesting.
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    Just finished reading everything. Amazing suggestion!