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2.0 Spellbound - Changelog

Discussion in 'Major Updates' started by Salted, May 9, 2022.

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    Hello everyone! We're bringing you a new major update called Wynncraft 2.0: Spellbound! It is quite massive, changing some fundamentals not touched since the Gavel Expansion and beyond.

    First, check out the trailer for it if you haven't already. It's only 2 minutes long and will explain what we're doing.

    The changelog will appear relatively small compared to previous major updates, but it's because the majority of our time was spent working on the new abilities, and there are too many to show them all here. You can see a bunch of them on the VOD of the 2.0 livestream here: https://www.twitch.tv/saltedsalmoooon

    Ability Tree

    2.0 introduces the Ability Tree! Each class has a collection of about 70+ unique upgrades connected together into a single tree. Abilities are displayed through multiple coloured tiers: White, Yellow, Pink and Red. White Abilities tend to be minor upgrades, whereas Red Abilities are very strong and often help define the archetype.

    You must spend Ability Points (AP) you gain by levelling to unlock them. Abilities cost 1 or 2 AP each. They also sometimes have an archetype requirement, meaning you can only unlock them if you've already unlocked other upgrades of that same archetype before.



    Classes now come with 3 archetypes each, bringing multiple gameplay experiences depending on which one you decide to invest your points in. Since abilities are all on a single tree, it also means that you can sometimes mix and match multiple archetypes if you wish to do so. Keep in mind that not all abilities work with each other and you won't have full freedom to pick everything you'd like at all times.



    • Fallen: Fallens can deal massive damage and become stronger when attacked. The main gimmick of this archetype is the Corrupted system. While Corrupted, you cannot heal but each % of health you lose makes you stronger and let you use powered-up abilities.
    • Battle Monk: Battle Monks are swift holy warriors who excel at close combat. They are the most mobile of the Warrior archetypes and can deal a ton of hits rapidly. In a way, they are somewhat of a hybrid of a warrior and assassin.
    • Paladin: Paladin can endure huge hits and support allies. They are unmoveable brick walls and incredibly resilient, by far the toughest archetype out of all classes.



    • Boltslinger: Boltslingers deal massive amounts of hits, and excel at close range. They are all about arrow spam and getting in enemies' faces to unleash a torrent of damage. Quite risky at times.
    • Sharpshooter: Sharpshooters excel at aiming and can deal brutal hits. They deal damage at incredible distances and become stronger when they don't miss, building up Focus for additional damage.
    • Trapper: Trappers can place exploding traps and use beasts. They specialize in controlling large areas and creating mayhem from a safe distance.


    • Riftwalker: Riftwalkers bend time and become stronger as fights drag on. While very mobile, their main gimmick is the Winded status effect. As you fight, enemies will receive more and more Winded which will increase your damage to insane levels.
    • Light Bender: Light Benders support allies and become stronger as they heal. Even with a lack of friends, you can summon your own Orbs which can be healed and let you scale your damage on your own. Very independent!
    • Arcanist: Arcanists cause destructive damage and chaos. They can save up mana and unleash it in a torrent of high damaging abilities. With enough skill, you can end up in an endless loop of spell spam that both enemies and yourself will struggle to control.

    • Shadestepper: Shadesteppers hide themselves and deal devastating damage at the right time. They are all about stacking huge damage boosts and one-shotting enemies with surprise strikes.
    • Trickster: Tricksters summon clones and confuse enemies with various tricks. They excel at crowd control and managing large groups of enemies.
    • Acrobat: Acrobats are agile and combo-heavy fighters. They generally spend more time in the air than on the ground.
    SHAMAN ART.png

    • Summoner: Summoners use totems and summons to overwhelm enemies. They can stay at a safe distance and buff their minions to deal great damage.
    • Ritualist: Ritualists create miracles through hymns and dances. Their main gimmick is the Mask system, where they can switch between 3 different states on the fly for different buffs and abilities.
    • Acolyte: Acolytes sacrifice their own health to support others and deal damage. Build up your Blood Pool and use it to enhance your abilities.
    Base Spell Changes

    We've made tons of changes to the existing spells as well! It may look like we just copy-pasted them to the new system, but they are in fact fully recoded. Almost every spell will feel ever so slightly different because of that, but here's a list of the changes we think are the most important:

    • War Scream now pulls enemies instead of pushing them.
    • Uppercut's vertical velocity has been greatly reduced.
    • Charge will not send you vertically before launching you horizontally anymore (you'll see better when you try it).

    • Archer's first spell is now Arrow Bomb.
    • Arrow Bomb's explosion will deal some self-damage.
    • Arrow Storm now has recoil and spread. Other abilities reduce this effect or nullify it.
    • Escape will not slow down your fall anymore.
    • Escape can now be cast mid-air, but you must land to be able to cast it again.

    • Mage's first spell is now Meteor.
    • Heal is not instant anymore and takes about a second to do its full heal amount.
    • Teleport now has much more leeway and will rarely prevent you from teleporting during normal gameplay.

    • Assassin's Vanish spell has been replaced with Dash. You can unlock the Vanish upgrade later on your tree. Dash functions the same way Vanish did before, only without the invisibility aspect.
    • Dash's vertical momentum can only be cast once and you must touch the ground to reset it (it used to be on a flat cooldown).
    • Vanish now has a cooldown.

    • Aura's area of effect is now a sphere instead of a circle. This makes it much easier to hit enemies that are above or under your totem.
    • Uproot now pushes mobs away by default instead of pulling. You can hold shift to pull instead.
    • Uproot will now knockback mobs even if you don't hit them directly.
    • Aura's enclosure upgrade has been removed.

    Again, these are only the big changes we think matter more. Almost every spell will feel different in various ways.

    We've spent a lot of time and effort on these new and improved abilities. There will be some rough edges during beta, but we hope you'll notice the care and polish we've put into the execution; from the more apparent shining animations in the Ability Tree GUI to the subtle improvements we made to the mob's idle behaviours to make the Backstab ability more usable. We wanted to bring something awesome and never-seen-before in a Minecraft server, and we really hope you love it.

    Damage System & Combat Changes

    We've recoded the entire damage system and made a few miscellaneous changes. This recode took a fair bit of effort (a whole month+ in fact), but we now have a much more clean and robust system that is easier to work with. Rest assured, the system is entirely different underneath the hood, even if it appears to function the same as before.

    This section may be partially confusing for some. Because of this, I'll be placing the more complex stuff into a spoiler. Feel free to skip it if you don't care about the damage system formula.

    • Spell Damage Conversion now applies to ALL of your damage types. In 1.20 and earlier, it used to only apply to Neutral Damage. So for example, if your weapon deals 50 Water Damage and you cast a spell that has 100% Neutral and 50% Fire damage, you will end up dealing 50 Water Damage + 25 Fire Damage
    • Spell Damage Conversion is also not a conversion anymore, but simply adds damage directly. Previously, 20% Water Conversion on a spell meant it would take away 20% of your damage and transform it into Water. In 2.0, it simply adds 20% more Water Damage. This change is to make spell damage easier to understand.
    • There is now a third damage bonus type, only found in Ability Trees called Additive Damage. It is added as pure damage not affected by your spell attack speed modifier before item bonuses kick in. Contrary to Raw, it is not modified by your spell damage multiplier. This means that fast attack abilities are more affected by it.
    • Raw Damage is now added proportionally to ALL of your damage types. Previously, it used to add the damage as flat Neutral Damage. In 2.0, it will be spread to all neutral + elemental damage you deal. So for example, if you deal 50 Neutral Damage and 100 Water Damage, and have +60 Raw Damage, you will end up dealing 70 Neutral and 140 Water Damage.
    • We've added new elemental-only Raw Damage as well. They aren't used on any item yet, but they may in the future. These raw damages only get added if you deal that particular elemental damage as your base damage. So for example, if you deal 50 Fire Damage and have +10 Water Raw Damage, nothing will happen. But if you cast a water spell, the +10 Damage will get applied.

    These last two changes were how raw damage was meant to work since Gavel, but the system wasn't flexible enough to allow it. Now, both % and raw damage work in a similar manner. While playing normally, you may feel like mobs' elemental defences and weaknesses matter more than they used to.

    • Mana Steal and Lifesteal are not triggered by random chance anymore, but on every Main Attack hit you deal. The amount they give is reduced or increased based on your attack speed or your attack "amount" (Like Shaman's 3 beam attack). This change makes them feel a lot more consistent.
    • Warrior's Base Resistance went from 120% to 100%. New abilities on its tree can increase it up to 110%.
    • Mobs will now knockback you when dealing damage.
    • Mobs will avoid getting into your face when attacking, making it easier to see while fighting.
    • Mobs will jump around randomly less often.
    • The compass menu damage calculation will now show accurate damage values.
    • Fixed a bug where multiple spells had a square-shaped area of effect instead of a circle

    Skill Changes

    • Intelligence will not reduce spell costs anymore. It will instead increase your maximum mana and increase your BASE mana regen. In a way, this is effectively a nerf to intelligence. However, with the addition of new abilities that charge your mana or use your mana for various new things, the nerf may not end up as dramatic as it originally appears.
    • Defence scaling has been reduced. The cap went from roughly 80% to 70%.
    • Agility will not fully nullify damage when triggered anymore. Instead, it will deal 10% of the damage to you and deal no knockback. Its scaling is slightly higher than defence, but they are both effectively equal.

    The Defence and Agility changes were implemented to account for the greater survivability that certain abilities give and to improve balancing. These changes will be most noticeable at higher levels.

    The new and improved character info menu

    Other Combat Changes
    • Updated the character info menu
    • Fixed a bug where the damage info shared in the character info menu was inaccurate
    • Damage Holograms will now bounce up and down instead of staying static.
    • Damage Hologram will ramp up on a single hologram instead of spawning a million of them for fast attacking spells (like Multihit or Arrow Storm)
    • Critical Hits Holograms will now be bolded
    • Fire Damage Holograms are now easier to tell apart from Neutral Damage
    • Poison Damage Holograms now have their own colour and icon
    • New Holograms will spawn when you dodge attacks and more
    • Items dropped from mobs will now spread in all directions with a coloured particle trail based on their rarity
    • Improved Pet AI, they'll try to stay out of your vision when following you
    • Mobs will now try to attack you even if you hit them outside of their vision range

    Now I'll let Imaxe & Lumia tell you a bit about the new upcoming quests and raid we've prepared for this update!


    Hello everyone!
    Surprise surprise, it’s not Grian this time. It’s me, Imaxe!
    Don’t be afraid, Grian is still part of Wynncraft, we are just switching it up a bit as he was unavailable when we were writing this changelog.

    Alright, so for this update we decided to rework the last half of Gavel. We are finishing what we started with 1.20. As per usual, some quests are completely different than they used to be and some quests only got minor reworks to match our current standard.

    All quests have been planned out by the respective GM and Grian. Implementing it in the game is all done by the GMs. Make sure to thank them if you see them around!

    Minor Improvements:
    • Murder Mystery (Brace)
    • Flight in Distress (weaselfan)
    • Bigger Picture (Brace)
    • From the Bottom (Imaxe)
    • Canyon Guides (Megido)
    • The Lost (Brace)
    • Beyond the Grave (Imaxe)
    • Enter the Dojo (Imaxe)
    • Fantastic Voyage (tealy)
    • One Thousand Meters Under (Brace)
    • Recipe for Disaster (Brace)
    • Royal Trials (Brace)

    Major Reworks:
    • The Ultimate Weapon Lv. 75 (Imaxe) - The same interesting idea, but with even wackier tasks…
    • The Hunger of Gerts Part I Lv. 77 (Brace) - This quest didn’t age well. Hopefully this new version should be a fresh breath of air.
    • Purple and Blue Lv. 77 (Jbip/Megido) - The meteors that crashed in Gavel have always been mysterious. It's up to you to investigate the mystery behind them.
    • The Hunger of Gerts Part II Lv. 78 (Imaxe) - After the events of the first quest, a new conflict appears to be on the horizon...
    • Fallen Delivery Lv. 79 (Imaxe) - While it's true that magic always has a cost, some forms of magic tend to be... much more extreme in this regard.
    • General’s Order Lv. 80 (Megido) - Get ready for a day filled with chores!
    • The Thanos Depository Lv. 81 (Megido) - Previously known as the Thanos Vaults. What lays deep inside Thanos?
    • A Marauder’s Dues Lv. 83 (Stag) - Who doesn’t love Volmor!
    • Canary Calls Lv. 85 (Glitch) - There's been a major accident inside of the Thesead Coal Mines, and only you and a random bird can stop it! It'd be in your best interest to make sure you've learned how to perform minecart tricks...
    • Cowfusion Lv. 86 (Brace/Leo) - Just as before, you are turned into a cow in an odd twist of fate. In an attempt to regain your humanity, you end up making your way to a secret society to ask an old friend for help...
    New Quests:
    • All Roads to Peace Lv. 64 (Lex/Auc/weasel/Selv) - Is the orc war finally ending, or will it just get worse?
    • Hollow Serenity Lv. 73 (oculism/Finn) - A horror story surrounding the Kander Forest manor and its inhabitants.
    • Aldorei’s Secret Part II Lv. 78 (Imaxe) - The Elves of Aldorei have remained immortal for as long as time can tell... but why is that? Join an energetic Elf named Olon in his quest to unravel Aldorei's most well-guarded mystery.
    • The Breaking Point Lv. 97 (Lex/Brace) - The Colossus has always kept its watchful eye upon the Canyon of The Lost... but what would happen if it were to suddenly malfunction?
    We have also decided to remove/replace some quests that we felt didn’t fit anymore.

    Removed Quests:
    • Belly of the Beast
    • The Fortuneteller
    That’s it for my section! I hope you guys will enjoy what we’ve managed to create!



    New Raid
    Hello, my name is Lumia, and I’m here to talk about the upcoming raid: The Nameless Anomaly.

    The raid entrance is located in the Silent Expanse and is now the highest level raid in Wynn (105). A party of 4 jumps into a monstrous void hole that takes them somewhere unlike anywhere in Wynn. A twisted archipelago of Blue Jungle Islands in the middle of an endless Gray ocean. Your goal is only to escape and hopefully bring down whatever otherworldly creature is generating all these holes.

    As the 4th raid added to Wynn, I felt the raid had to stand out in order to be justified. A lot of time was spent using our new scripting features to take room concepts like "Hold" and "Gather" from our other raids and giving them more depth, as well as developing entirely unique raid rooms, like a huge capture the flag type room.


    The raid boss in particular is my favourite boss I’ve ever worked on, and I’ve worked on quite a lot. The new scripting features let us go wild with custom spells without being limited to a stationary boss, or a static room.​


    Galleon's Graveyard Rework

    We've reworked the old Galleon's Graveyard dungeon into a completely new and improved version! You'll surely notice the power of our newest scripting tools that Pepo made sure to use to their fullest.

    Chunky Redbeard

    Other Changes

    • Fixed a bug where the Raid Party Finder would sometimes send parties to a restarting world
    • Fixed a bug that caused noteblock songs to be ever so slightly out of tune
    • Some items can now drop in limited regions (ex. Silent Expanse only, Sky Islands only, etc)
    • Fixed a bug where crates could sometime spawn inside blocks
    • Fixed a bug that caused resource nodes to be partially black in high versions
    • Projectiles will not be blocked by entities that cannot be hit anymore (merchants, npc, players, etc)
    • Improved endgame gathering profession spots
    • Improved multiple lakes texture
    • Reworked Galleon’s Graveyard Dungeon
    • Reworked Corkus Caves & Terrain
    • Reworked Canyon of the Lost Terrain
    • Reworked Nesaak
    • Reworked Kandon-Beda
    • Reworked Thesead
    • Added a new discovery
    • Added various new Guild Arenas

    We know this update has been a long time coming. This is by far the longest downtime between major updates we've ever done since Gavel. (Gavel's wait may even have been shorter!) We really appreciate the patience and support y'all have given us.

    HERO Beta

    We'll be having a HERO beta for this update! Anyone with the HERO or CHAMPION rank will be able to test the update at beta.wynncraft.com once it goes live. We plan to open it somewhere around June 18-19. Keep in mind this may get delayed, we'll keep y'all updated on twitter/discord if so.

    Expect bugs, crashes, and issues during the beta. We also expect the abilities to be extremely strong to start with. Once we have a better idea of the added power creep, we may do a blanket buff to all mobs to balance it out.

    Do not expect a fully balanced game even after the update is out. The goal is to get each archetype into a usable and fun state, even if not all will be equally powerful. We often hear people tell us to keep beta going for a few additional months to iron out more issues, but unfortunately, it is rarely feasible. The effectiveness of beta goes down exponentially as time passes. The majority of the feedback and bug reports are from the first week, and generally, a month is the best testing range for this type of update. Taking that into account, we will start the beta with only 2 classes: Warrior and Archer. The others will get added progressively with patches.

    Worry not, we'll keep updating and tweaking things after the update is out! The new ability system we have makes it much easier for us to update abilities.

    Please write your feedback in the beta section! We read literally everything you guys put there.


    As usual, this update is only possible because of the monumental work so many CT members have put out. If you've read the whole changelog this far, please take an additional minute and read the credits as well, they deserve it! It is months of work summed into only a few lines.

    Admins & Devs

    Salted (@Salted): Owner, Ability design, System design, Management
    Grian (@Grian): Owner, Quest design, Management
    Jumla (@Jumla): Owner, Misc Dev Help

    HeyZeer0 (@HeyZeer0): Ability development & design, Game development, Management
    Nepmia (@Nepmia): Website development & design
    Crunkle (@Crunkle): Misc Dev Help

    Content Team (mostly in order of who's fastest to reply to discord messages)

    Imaxe (@Imaxelius): Quests reworks, Content management & Design
    Hams (@Hams): Build management & design, CT management, Community management
    Lumia (@Lumia): Raid design & management
    LeoTheGymOwner (@leo): Half of cowfusion
    AfroSnail (@AfroSnail): The Nameless Anomaly Raid Entrance and QA work
    Deusphage (@Deusphage): Nameless Anomaly Dark Room, Fantastic Voyage modelling & building
    CarrotKign (@CarrotKing269): Boss arena & TNT run room for galleons graveyard
    nicktree (@nicktree): Nameless Raid, Modeling
    Volt7 (@Volt7): Parts of Aldorei's Secret II builds
    Toy__ (@Toy__): Testing, barriers, QA
    Altakar (@Altakar): Nameless Anomaly rewards, Pre-Light Forest/All Roads to Peace ingredients, ability tree testing
    fishcute (@fishcute): Structures and terrain, armor stand models, tons of spell particle effects
    King_Eggplant (@King_Eggplant): Aldorei Town, Nivla Woods Retexture
    Quintessee (@Quint): Professions Changes, Eco Cave Work
    Tonarn (@Tonarn): Nesaak rework, one Corkus cave and Ability Tree particles
    oculism_ (@ocu): Hollow Serenity Quest, tons of models/cosmetics, mobs
    DrBracewell (@DrBracewell): Remade The Lost, Hunger of the Gerts I, Cowfusion, The Breaking Point, Recipe for Disaster, Improved The Bigger Picture, Murder Mystery, Royal Trials, One Thousand Metres Under
    yetanotherday (@Lex!): All Roads To Peace, parts of The Breaking Point, Qira Hive Boss Spells, festival minigames & management
    Irony (@fey): Resource pack & models, new/revamped skins, post-quest content
    IceHorror (@IceHorror): Guild Towers, Professions Changes, Legendary Island Docks
    FinnDestren (@FinnDestren): Hollow Serenity story and planning
    xSuper_Jx (@xSuper_Jx): new items, other IM stuff
    IsabellaSky (@IsabellaSky): Skins for All Roads to Peace, Cowfusion and Galleon's Graveyard
    Pepinho (@Pepo): Galleon's Graveyard Remake
    TrekStone (@TrekStone): Various guild arena build help, helped with builds in Hollow Serenity and Canary Calls
    _SilverPhoenix (@_SilverPhoenix): Recoloring corkus and reworking paths
    _Unbeatable_ (@Wacer): Reworked Gateway Island, Massive Canary Calls cave, Made several buildings in or around the orc fort for the All Roads To Peace quest
    zimtcake (@Zimtcake): Reworked terrain/caves at Cotl and Aldorei
    MegidoGamerGod (@MegidoGamerGod): Thanos Depository, General's Orders, The Canyon Guides, helped with Purple and Blue
    weaselfan (@weaselfan): updated Flight in Distress, Helped with A Fighting Species, Helped with The Breaking Point
    Glitch496 (@Glitch496): The Canary Calls
    ReneCZ (@ReneCZ): The Megalodon model
    ImmaDonut (@ImmaDonut): Lots of builds in lots of places
    Tealycraft (@Tealy): Fantastic Voyage, Balanced enemies found in the Gateway Realm
    Aucorg (@Aucorg): First couple stages on All Roads To Peace, Particles for the new Ability Tree spells, Armor Stand Models and map art
    BetaBear (@BetaBear): some testing and quest scripts
    Hyp0__ (@Hypochloride): galleon's graveyard entrance, aldorei town, misc. terrain stuff
    Talgo (@River_Birch): Festive of Spirits Detlas, Smaller varriety builds
    Stag2001 (@Stag2001): A Marauder's Dues rework
    Chickenfinity (@Chickenfinity): Guild arenas and Galleon's Graveyard builds
    Snerp (@Snerp): Ability tree testing, Terrain, Moral support
    touhoku (@touhoku): Raid Buffs (new + rebalancing old), new items, misc IM stuff
    Oculus27 (@Oculus27): Miscellaneous building requests
    RadicalRavioli (@TheSpunkyRaven): Nesaak Guild arena arch, thesead guild arena builds, ragni guild arena builds
    Jbip (@Jbip): Purple and Blue, Misc. Stuff
    Minecars539 (@Minecars539): Inland Corkus quartz texture, various terrain and structure builds
    Yunified (@Aethyx): Kandon-Beda airbase and terraces, Thesead bank
    Korvey12_KH (@Korvey): Colt guildtower and Colt terrain rework
    oomy (@oomy): Terrains
    Sockmower (@Sockmower): Redid the DnD drill puzzle (sorry in advance), various minor bug fixes/qol stuff
    redwaller87 (@Redwaller): Cowfusion lab, trailer skins, skins and models for nearly every quest
    Maracs (@Maracs): Decorrupted the portal area, multiple smaller build requests
    HalfCat_ (@HalfCat_): Various builds
    NagisaStreams (@NagisaStreams): Ability Tree Testing, Quest Testing
    Selvut283 (@Selvut283): Hive script spells, new quest dialogue, All Roads To Peace quest
    IronHands (@IronHands): Tested the new quests, reworked quests, and ability tree
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    Sauna timeeeee!!!
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    Soul points still exist :sob:

    skill point reset cost removed :)

    check this thread out for a recap of the stream if you missed it
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    Wynncraft 2 CEO says. Wynncraft 2 will have DLCs
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    based changelog
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    Thank you Salted, very cool.
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    I love changes
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    lets gooooooooooooo
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    Can't wait to still play default mage because change and specialization scares me
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    its finally here

    crazy to think how the spells ive been used to for 8 years are now completely changing, everything looks really good and im excited to play around with this new system
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    longest credit line with 9 quests
    hope you guys enjoy them <3


    Quests PSA:
    Most quests have been reworked to varying levels, it's not super accurate to split them into "improved" versus "remade". The majority of them follow the same storyline they had before, with varying amount of stages having general updates in terms of playability, mechanics, etc.
    We think it's better to state this clearly here than to let you guys stumble around trying to figure out exactly what's changed, so here you go :D

    Replaced Quests:
    - Hollow Sirene -> Hollow Serenity
    - The fortuneteller -> The Breaking Point
    - Thanos Vaults -> The Thanos Depository
    - A fighting species -> All roads to peace

    Quests with completely new storylines:
    - Aldorei's Secret Part II
    - Hunger of the Gerts II
    - Cowfusion

    Quests that haven't been touched:
    - All quests that were touched in gavel reborn
    - The Qira Hive
    - Dwarves and doguns Pt I-IV
    - Star Thief
    - ???

    All other quests in gavel have been improved or remade to varying degrees - some such as The Lost and The Canyon Guides, which follow the same idea but with completely new sections and mechanics, and some such as The Bigger Picture and Royal Trials which have had minor improvements to help gameplay flow better.
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    swag meal update
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    Thanks for the stream guys! Can't wait for 2.0!
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    Very hype much wow
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    Hallelujah prayer emoji
    @Saya RIP square spin attack
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