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Gabe Crocoduck
Jan 16, 2018
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November 20
Little shit

Gabe Crocoduck

Probably gone, Male, from Singapore

Holy shit I was genuinely a bit depressed for a bit when I found out jp left Jun 29, 2019

    1. OwlbearLord
      That's an alligator you fool
      1. H0Y0Y0Y0Y0Y0B0Y
        and thats not an owl its a fox
        Aug 31, 2019
        OwlbearLord likes this.
    2. nikolica
      are you back?
      1. Bowajility likes this.
    3. Oculism
      1. Gabe Crocoduck likes this.
    4. Gabe Crocoduck
      Gabe Crocoduck
      Holy shit I was genuinely a bit depressed for a bit when I found out jp left
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    5. Aarontti
      aren't you dead
      1. Gabe Crocoduck likes this.
      2. Gabe Crocoduck
        Gabe Crocoduck
        i came back to the forums for a week and am now forced to stay till the end of the memelord election
        Jun 27, 2019
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    6. Gabe Crocoduck
      Gabe Crocoduck
      Holy shit I just checked the prices of all the mythics and I have a lot of questions
      1. YoshisWorld likes this.
    7. Gabe Crocoduck
      Gabe Crocoduck
      The locking of the build server thread created such a great disturbance in the time-space continuum that it fucking woke me from the dead
      1. Bramblesthatcat
        Aka, I dm’d you on insta and I awoke you from your slumber
        Jun 23, 2019
      2. Gabe Crocoduck
        Gabe Crocoduck
        shh they’re not supposed to know that
        Jun 23, 2019
        Bart (MC) and Bramblesthatcat like this.
      3. Gabe Crocoduck
        Gabe Crocoduck
        in other words im back for like a week
        Jun 23, 2019
        tig and Bramblesthatcat like this.
    8. Mac N Cheese Man
      Mac N Cheese Man
      If you come back I'll give you Mac N Cheese
    9. ---
      We'll all remember you and your greatness!
    10. H0Y0Y0Y0Y0Y0B0Y
      Welcome, shoutbox isnt here yet.
    11. tig
      holy shit youre alive! :D:D:D:D:D
      1. Tsukina likes this.
    12. Captain Flavio
      Captain Flavio
      come back
      1. Gabe Crocoduck likes this.
      2. Captain Flavio
        May 25, 2019
    13. tig
      come back
      1. Gabe Crocoduck likes this.
    14. InfernoWraith
      1. Gabe Crocoduck likes this.
    15. MegaCoquin
      Gosh darn it you’re leaving in one of my busiest weeks this year I haven’t had time for a proper goodbye
      1. Gabe Crocoduck likes this.
    16. Comrade
    17. Stag2001
      We'll miss you dude. Good luck with whatever you're going to do next! Hope to see you here again some day
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    18. Nepeta Leijon
      Nepeta Leijon
      Farewell Gabe, I wish you success on your future endeavors. Hopefully you can look back on this place with happy memories of personal growth.
      1. Gabe Crocoduck likes this.
    19. Bramblesthatcat
      I’ll miss you Gabe. Keep in touch my friend. I hope to see you in the future sometime.
      Best regards,
      1. Gabe Crocoduck likes this.
    20. tig
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  • About

    November 20
    Little shit
    Henlo. If you’re actually reading this right now, you’ll probably get bored. It’s really just shit about myself.

    Yeah, so my irl name is Gabriel (as you can probably tell) and I’m from this little shithole underneath Malaysia. I have the worst eczema you’ll probably ever see, so stay away. I play the viola in an orchestra (if you’ve been checking my recent messages you’ll know that) and I just took my Grade 8 Exam. I also keep fish as a hobby. If you want to send me death threats or messages do so through Discord, my Discord is Gabe Crocoduck#5457 (I haven’t really gotten the grasp of discord yet). I only play Wynncraft, that’s probably why I have no friends. UPDATE: I unofficially quit Wynn. I don’t intend to do a giveaway. I still have no friends.

    Stuff about school:
    - I’ve left my actual age on someone’s profile page, I tried to fake my age on the forums. I’m much younger than some of you might think.
    - I fucked up my exams
    - I take English, Elementary Chinese, Elementary Math, Additional Math, Pure Physics, Pure Geography, Pure Chemistry, Elective History and Social Studies.

    Stuff about skills and talents:
    - I have none
    - Just kidding, I got 124 (merit) for my Grade 8 Viola Exam August 2018
    - I also attained my 2-Star Kayaking earlier this year in September

    Stuff about life:
    - I don’t have a life
    - I have really bad eczema which means my skin is super fucked up
    - I wear glasses
    - I’m 1.7 metres in height (5’6)
    - I’m 70.1 kg
    - I’m the tallest guy in my family

    Films (and film franchises) I like:
    - MCU (except tdw)
    - X-Men franchise
    - Raimi Spider-Man (including 3)
    - Jurassic Park (first two films and jw)
    - Middle-Earth (all of it)
    - Transformers (just 1-3, 1986 and bumblebee though)

    Stuff about Wynn:
    - My favourite class is Assassin
    - I use a Warp build on my Mage and a Sitis build on my assassin
    - My favourite mythics (for each class) are Warp, Divzer, Grimtrap, Nirvana, Weathered and Boreal.

    Mythics I’ve found:

    Mythics I’ve owned:
    Archangel (for sale)

    Likes from Admins:
    x2 from Salted
    x1 from Colin
    x3 from jp
    quite a few from Stag2001

    In 2007 I got some neon tetras and some guppies. They would die, I would buy more. Then in 2010 or 2011 I got a rainbow shark which is still alive to this day, exceeding the average lifespan. I also got a yoyo loach in 2009 which died back in 2016 (rest in peace Rob). For a while I didn’t get any new fish except for new neon tetras and guppies until my Sister came back from school with a catfish. I would feed it leftover meat and occasionally some earthworms I dug up. Then in 2016 I bought a silver arowana which I would buy crickets and goldfish for on a weekly basis. I also got a senegal bichir and a spotted gar.

    then I moved house

    All the fish survived except for the bichir and the gar; the gar got snagged by a stray cat and the bichir jumped out of his tank and crawled away (we found the body 8 days after we couldn’t find him in the tank). The catfish eventually had to be released in a resevoir because it attacked a lot of fish and snagged food (it’s a native species so I’m not damaging the ecosystem in any way). Shortly after this the arowana got snagged by the cat (I don’t really like cats anymore). Then I can’t remember the sequence of events but I got a longnose gar and a much larger barred bichir. Both got snagged by the cat. Around 2017 I also got a marbled lungfish but let’s not talk about that. Basically he died and that’s all I’m gonna say about him.

    In early 2017 I got a lot of fish. Here’s a brief list of them. Basically one of my dad’s friends is the owner of a fish farm and he gave my family fish for free.

    I got one NGT, three suckermouth catfish, one tilapia, one marbled goby and a tinfoil barb. All of them are still alive today.

    I also forgot to mention the fish I rescued from my grandmother’s house (she’s bedridden and the maid isn’t exactly taking care of the fish). I got 5 parrot cichlids and one oscar. Recently I also got a baby alligator gar, which I’m currently keeping in a separate tank. If you’re worried that I’m overcrowding my fish, I have a pretty decently sized pond to keep my fish in and all of them are pretty happy. The NGT is like a dog, he comes to you when he sees you around.

    Oh, and if you count this one as a fish, I have a terrapin I’ve been keeping since 2005. He’s still alive till this day.

    Here’s the shit I’ve kept basically:

    •A terrapin named Tonky (so basically my Cousin named it because it kept hitting the sides of the container it used to be kept in) (2005-)
    About a 100 neon tetras and guppies

    • A yoyo loach (2009-2016)

    • A rainbow shark named Bruce (2010-)

    • A catfish named catfish (2016-2017)
    • An arowana named ari (2016-2017ish)
    • A bichir which I didn’t name (2016-2016)
    • A spotted gar named gar (2016-2017)

    • A barred bichir (2017-2017)
    • A longnose gar named gar (2017-2017)
    • A marbled lungfish named lungfish (2017-2017)
    • An oscar named oscar (2016 [he was alive from 2016] -)
    • 5 parrot cichlids
    • An NGT named Stripey (2015 [see Oscar but one year back] -)
    • A tilapia named Red (2016-)
    • A marbled goby named Dinner (because marble gobies are considered food fish in Chinese cuisine) (2017-)
    • A tinfoil barb named Barb (2016-)

    • An alligator gar named gar (2018-)


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